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service description:

Bometal doo from Nova Pazova deals with selling, production and developing of connective elements.
There are connective elements by the strictest DIN and ISO standards and special connective elements (screw, nuts, washers, rivets and others).
Bometal cooperates with renowned european companies for connective elements and cutting tools as MasterFix, HSS Tools ; Sicatech; MKT from Germany.
The main task is to give a product of high quality to the customers in a short time for affordable prices.

There is a wide range of anchors with and without valves for middle to high charged constructions, metal and plastic tipls, chemical ampoules and cement.

Drillers and carvers

There are many types of drills and other cutting tools from the production program of german company HSS Tools from Bremen: drills from alloyed fast cutting steel, drills from alloyed cobalt, titanium, for drilling all kinds of metal. There are also drills for concrete (standard drills for concrete, drills for concrete SDS-Plus, drills for concrete SDS-MAX), drills for wood, carvers (hand and machine).

Connective elements from stainless steel(Prohron)
There is a wide range of connective elements from stainless steel of all types, shapes and dimensions. These products are used as a part of constructions which are exposed to high corrosive environments. They are made of different types of materials from A2 to special types of stainless steel.

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aluminum screws puncturing
anchor for concrete
anchor screw
bolts for trucks
bolts washers rivets
buffer blocks
cage nut
chemical anchors
Chemical Capsules
chemical mortar for anchoring
chemistry for anchoring
concrete drill
Cutting wheels
device for puncturing
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"Apro-Met" is a metal processing company which was formed in 2005 in Ada. We deal with producing of all kinds of parts for presses.

We are in cooperation with services from Serbia and with neighbor countries.

In our offer you can find over 400 products as spare parts for presses.

Our motto is to make our customers and the market satisfied and to produce products with quality.

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Big Baler
Claas Quadrant
Company Info ::::
Kruševačka 18
Aleksandrovac, 37230
Tel.: 037/355-53-82
Fax: 037/355-53-84
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service description:


GRO-AS doo Aleksandrovac company for production, trade and foreign trade and services was established in 1993.

The production program of the company:

- Production of copper and aluminum seals in SRPS.MC4.500

Aluminum and copper seals are used in industries at all joint connections for sealing fuel, oil and air, in car industry and in other industries where are using oil, fuel and air.

- Production of spreader with conical and cylindrical screws in SRPS.MC4.613 and SRS.MC4.614

Seals are used in all parts of industries, they are used for lubrication of hinge joints, sliding surfaces, etc.

- Production of air connections

Ports are used in automotive and process industries.

- Manufacturing of wire springs fi3 - fi20 for industries, car industry and agricultural machines.

Springs are widely used in all manufacturing operations and overhauls.

Our company is cooperating with domestic and foreign partners.

We exhibited our products at trade fairs in Serbia.


-PPT Trstenik
-PPT Armature Aleksandrovac
-“Metalac” G.Milanovac
-“HCP” Kruševac
-“Galeb system” Beograd
-”M2M solution” Beograd
-IMK “14 Oktobar” Kruševac
-FPM “Agromehanika” Boljevac
-“Utva” Kačarevo
-“Rapp Zastava” Kragujevac
-”Sloboda” Čačak
-”Vatrosprem” Beograd
-”Henkel” Kruševac
-“Kruševac put”
-“La Vita” Aleksandrovac
- etc.

Tel.: 037/355-53-82 Fax: 037/355-53-84
Fax: 037/355-61-71

Aleksandar Tel.: 063/108-23-49
E-mail: groassrbija@gmail.com

Grozdan Tel.: 063/641-109

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aluminum seals
canal for aggressive fluids
canal for overheated steam
connections for hydraulic hose
copper gaskets
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service description:

PERFOM - production and processing of perforated sheet metals


is a family company with many years of experience in the production and sale of perforated sheet metals and related products.

Since 1942, we have been developing our company on the principles of healthy family and interpersonal relationships, while respecting all employees as associates on the same task. We fulfill the requirements of our clients by combining the latest technology and best experts from our workshop.

Today, Perfom is the most technologically and personally-equipped company in Serbia and the region. We have our own tooling and development department, which enables us to respond in a fast, efficient and economical manner to the most complex requirements of buyers from the domain of production of perforated sheet metal products and other metal parts produced by plastic deformation.

Our production program includes:
• Sheet metal products using penetration, perforation and plastic deformation technology: cutting, bending, rolling, welding
• Perforated and embossed sheets and panels
• Perforated sieves and parts for recycling, mechanical engineering, industrial maintenance
• Sheet metal products for the HVAC industry
• Anti-slip treads and stairs for the automobile industry, machine building, construction
• Perforated floors
• Precise parts made of sheet metal for the industry and maintenance
• Sheet metal products at the customers request

Our products are used in the markets of Germany, the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Montenegro... Our customers are various companies from almost all sectors of the industry: agriculture, mining, shipbuilding, process industry, food and beverage industry, baking industry, HAVAC, machine building, car industry, industrial maintenance, etc.

In order to manage its business processes in such a way in the future, to achieve the satisfaction not only of customers, but of all who are interested and are expressing concern for the protection of safety and health at work and environmental sustainability, the organization has established and implemented integrated management systems in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, OHSAS 18001: 2007 and ISO 14001: 2015 and is dedicated to its continuous improvement.

For more information about our production program, visit www.perfom.rs

Perfom Požega
Tel.: +381 31 825 051
Tel.: +381 31 381 66 56
E-mail: office@perfom.rs


Dragan +381 65 825 05 14
Milivoje +381 65 825 05 15
Dejan +381 65 825 05 33

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anti-slip sheet
anti-slip tread 
bakery equipment
bridge perforation
building operations
cable carrier
cleaning means
electric netwok reticulation
electronic wire
equipment for agriculture
equipments in final construction
food industry
Lattice treads
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service description:

The company Elit Impex d.o.o. Zemun was established in 1991 in Zemun.
The main activity of the company is wholesale with products which are divided into four main groups:

1. Measuring and regulation equipment and supplies which are represented in analog and digital gauges, pressure regulators, temperature, flow rate, manometers, thermometers, solenoid valves, regulators, transmitters, and related equipment and accessories.

Calibration service for measuring equipment we do in an authorized laboratory with provided service.
All products has certificate.
In addition to well known manufacturers which goods we sell, we specially highlight the products of "Teleoptik" Zemun, who represents measuring and control equipment in our sales line.

2. Equipment for gas welding and accessories includes product placement "Teleoptik" pressure reducing valve for oxygen, acetylene, propane butane and nitrogen, sets for welding and cutting and accessories.

3. Spare parts for passenger, truck and agriculture program we sell I quality products of "Teleoptic" (FAP, TAM, Ikarus, IMT, IMR, Zmaj) which include pressure gauges, thermometers, tachometer, accelerometers, ammeters, voltmeters and other products.

4. Feeder-insulating material that includes klingerit, tekstolit, teflon, graphite and cotton gaskets, cork, plexiglass, non-asbestos board.

The basic principles underlying the operations of Elite Impexs products are quality and efficiency.
The above specified activities we do in our places with a team of people in the company since its inception.

Call us, and visit us in Zemun!

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 063/7751-287, 
  • Tel.: 063/7751-286, 

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combined instrument
counter hours of operation
equipment for gas welding
float for fuel
gas cutting equipment
graphite braids
insulation materials
intestine for digestion
klingerit non-asbestos
klingerit reinforced
legislator oil pressure
Company Info ::::.
Patrijarha Dimitrija 1a
Beograd, 11000
Tel.: 069 2202 967
Fax: 011/22-69-010
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service description:

After 10 years of experience in steel constructions in the company Argus Inzenjering l.t.d. and work in lots of projects for private person and public enterprises we have made a selected special program for urban and eco equipment.

The aforementioned production programs in the newly opened "daughter" firm Urbana oprema l.t.d. receive adequate treatment, which is reflected in the following:
  • product design is entrusted to the architects and designers,
  • the quality of the products is in accordance with the provisions of ISO 9001,
  • special attention to the durability of the product,
  • specific products and marquee elements of textile architecture will be optimized constructive and provide a low cost, durability and complete safety,
  • we use materials suitable for recycling.

    The production is located in Temerin, where we have 700 m2 of closed area and all kinds of machines necessary for production of urban equipment, eco equipment and wrought iron. In the modern office in Novi Sad, architects and mechanical engineers are designing products that will meet your surroundings with enthusiasm, and make you relaxed and happy.

    On our web site you can find catalogs and technical product details.


    Urbana oprema d.o.o.

    Novi Sad, Narodnog fronta 73

    E-mail: urbana.ns@gmail.com
    Web: www.urbanaoprema.rs

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arch lombkorona
awnings over doors
balcony awnings
benches for parks
bicycle racks
bus stop
bus stops shelters
cabinets for smokers
cargo containers
children playground
construction container
container production
containers for garbage
containers for paper
covered bench
eco equipment
eco storages
equipping children's playgrounds
garbage containers
lexan canopies
locksmith good metal construction
metal benches
metal containers
movable canopy
production of containers
refuse collector
shelters for bicycles
shelters for smokers
stationary containers
urban equipment
waste container
  • Company Info ::::.

    service description:

    Independent shop Mirkovic Plast is engaged in processing plastics since 1974. year. We started with the production of ping-pong ball, table tennis, table tennis rackets and fishing tackle (box of eats worms, the reel winder), and in that time we worked with the Kormoran and Schildkrote from Munich regarding balls and rackets for table tennis. After that expanding activity in the hoses and pipes of various sizes and purpose - for water, sewage, tires and more.
    Since 1994. was we cooperate with the Battery Factory Sombor, and only we worked case for batteries of 180 Ah and 55 Ah and associated parts for them, handles, plugs, kondenz receptacles and many other small items related to the batteries and the manufacturer of Sombor Black Horse!

    Injection is done on machines ranging from 50 g to 2.5 kg and the following products:
    • Ping Pong Balls - molded and ironed
    • Polyamide rings to the security of the screw nut M14 - M40
    • Anchor facade
    • Paper tube for thermo foil for the fiscal cash register
    • Rose for juvidur tubes (for building)
    • Plug the juvidur rose tube
    • Plug the inner drainage tube fi 50
    • Plug the inner square tube 30 x 30
    • Plug the outer square tube 30 x 30
    • Fridge magnet - transparent 60 x 40 mm, panorama 115 x 40 mm
    • Turn signal, Italian, round, 45 for South
    • Coffee Spoon 100 mm
    • Pail eats worms (the fishermen) with lid and handle
    • Toilet seat, Italian, corresponding to the shape of the Baltics - YU cup
    • Nursery container with 216 boxes - Grow Group, Holland

    Extrusion may be made for all types of materials and forms:
    • Pneumatic hoses (high pressure PA and low pressure PE)
    • Polyamide hoses used for brake systems and compressor systems that are suffering and pressures to 20 bar
    • Polyethylene is used for smaller pressures up to 6 bar
    • Hoses for water supply from ½ "- 2", and to order the larger size
    • Polyethylene also has wide application and can be used for other purposes
    • Pipes made ​​of hard PVC products for various purposes: for packaging, for aquariums, for use in agriculture, supply channels, the final molding tile in bathrooms
    • Hoses from soft PVC: Vagres hose, garden hose, tubing systems for fishermen
    • Sewer pipes are made of PP and from 50-250 mm fi
    • Flush pipe

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    abrasive material production
buffer blocks
buffer equipment
buffer material
buffer material sale
buffer tools
buffer tools production
emery tool buffer
extruded plastic
Extruder: crepe CO-EXTRUSION
flexible tube
hose for oil
hoses production
molded plastic packaging
package from plastic mass
pipe for fuel injection
pipes and hoses of polymer ethylene
    Company Info ::::.
    Pavla Vuisića 64
    Zemun, 11080
    Tel.: 011-414-04-55
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    • Tagex

    service description:


    Agrar-belt is a firm which deals with importation of all kinds of belts.
    Besides the trade mark "Agrostrong", we are also importers and authorized distributors of the German trade mark "Tagex".


    Agricultural belts:
    - WEDGE
    - FLAT
    - PJ

    Belts for cars and trucks:
    PK belts
    ● AVX10
    ● AVX11.9
    ● AVX13
    ● XPB

    Toothed belts have longer life than a classical belts because of the internal gearing that contributes to better cooling and because of the special material used in production.

    - WEDGE
    - GEARED
    - SHAPED

    Accessories for belts:
    Additional accessories
    - Meters for belts up to 3.5 meters

    AgrarBelt L.t.d.
    Adress: Pavla Vujišića 64
    Zip code: 11080
    Town: Zemun/Altina
    Country: Srbija
    Telephone: (011) 414-04-55
    Mobile: (064)12-97-033; (063)808-79-49
    Fax: (011) 414-04-56
    E-mail: agrarbelt1@gmail.com
    Web: www.agrarbelt.rs

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agricultural belts
automotive belts
belt pulley
belts for tractors
gauges for belts
harvester belts
industrial belts
toothed belt
Truck straps
wedge belts

agricultural belts
automotive belts
    Company Info ::::

    service description:

    PVC and PU conveyor belts

    Conveyor belts with guides

    Conveyor belts with profiles are intended for transport goods and materials at certain angles. Profiles and guides are depending on the diameters of the cylinder and working conditions. In our offer we have form "K" - guides and forms T, TW, L, F - bearing profiles. Profiles are made of different hardness, color and figure depending on your needs.

    Rubber conveyor belts

    Rubber conveyor belts are used for continuous transport of various materials in mines, saltworks, brick factories, cement factories, logistics, in chemical and food industries. For rubber belts and wipers we have certificate of compliance with the international standard system ISO 9001: 2000.

    Poly V with upgrade

    For customers request we can deliver Poly V belts with upgrading. Depending on your needs, the upper bearing layer can be made of various materials, as well as timing belts, but commonly used material is Linatex.


    In addition to PU belts for transportation we can offer belts made of polyester. Polyester belts are made ​​specifically for certain conditions where is very high or low temperature. Because its characteristics the working temperature can be from -30 to +100°C.

    More contacts:

    • Tel/fax
      Tel.: 021/510-178, 
    • Tel/fax
      Tel.: 021/510-180, 
    • E-mail: gumabelt@eunet.rs

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agricultural belts Optibelt
belt pulley
conveyor belt
conveyor belt Serbian
conveyor belts with profiles
ekstramultus belts
ekstremultus belting
foam rubber
galvanized chains
heveder Upgrader
narrowly profiling belts
Optibelt belts
poly V-belts
polyurethane conveyor belt
PVC conveyor belts
running tracks
stapler clam
toothed belts
    Company Info ::::

    service description:

    "AUTO LINE" Ltd. has been active for more then 15 years on the Serbian market. Thanks to its professional relationship with the customers, which is based on mutual trust and professionalism, the company, "AUTO LINE" Ltd., has become a reliable partner in providing spare parts for cars in many retail stores around Serbia.

    Basic activities of the firm "AUTO LINE" are wholesale and retail sale of spare parts for Opel, VolksWagen, BMW, Audi, Skoda nad Seat. Trough distribution of certain brands "AUTO LINE" offers spare car parts for the following brands: Mercedes, BMW, Ford, FIAT, Renault, Citroen, Peugeot etc.

    The product range, quality and the affordable prices of the products, the professional staff are all directed towards the needs of the customers, the car spare parts retail stores, services and the ultimate consumers - buyers.

    We are equipped with original parts for various brands of cars with high quality parts, OE - Original Equipment, from renowned European manufacturers which produce parts for factory installation.

    "AUTO LINE" offers spare parts of high quality from known European manufacturers, parts for the first installation:

    - Febi-Bilstein
    - Mahle
    - Elring
    - Filtron
    - Huco
    - Topran
    - Sachs
    - Ate
    - Bremi
    - FTE-FAG
    - Wahler
    - Bosch
    - Gates etc.

    Sale of spare car parts for: FIAT
    E-mail: office@autoline.rs

    Beograd, ul.Severni bulevar br. 5v
    Radno vreme: 08-19, subotom: 08-15,

    Sale of spare car parts for: Opel i Chevrolet
    E-mail: office@autoline.rs

    Belgrade, Višnjička 34
    Working hours: 08-19, On Saturdays: 08-15,

    Sale of spare car parts for: VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat.
    E-mail: office@autoline.rs

    Severni bulevar 5v
    Working hours: 08-19, On Saturday: 08-15

    Sale of spare car parts for: BMW and Mini
    E-mail: office@autoline.rs

    Belgrade, Višnjička 34
    Working hours: 08-19, On Saturdays: 08-15

    Sale of spare car parts for: Peugeot and Citroen
    E-mail: office@autoline.rs

    Severni bulevar 5v
    Working hours: 08-19, On Saturdays: 08-15

    Sale of spare car parts for: Renault
    E-mail: office@autoline.rs

    Severni bulevar 5v
    Working hours: 08-19, On Saturdays: 08-15

    Prodaja delova za vozila: Ford

    Višnjička 34
    011/361 88 28
    011/297 92 00
    Radno vreme: 08-19, subotom: 08-15

    Car service for passenger and freight vehicles:

    Fiat, Mercedes, VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Opel, Chevrolet, Bmw, Mini, Iveco
    E-mail: servis@autoline.rs

    Belgrade, Jovanke Radaković 33a
    Working hours: 08-18, On Saturdays: 08-15

    For less demanding customers "AUTO LINE" offers more cheeper car parts for Opel and other brands, which are imported from Asia and the firm guarantees for them.

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    Company Info ::::.
    Maršala Tita 133.
    Dobanovci, 11272
    Tel.: 011/846-5283
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    service description:

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    agricultural belts Optibelt
ekstramultus belts
ekstremultus belting
Optibelt belts
toothed belts
agricultural belts Optibelt
ekstramultus belts
ekstremultus belting
Optibelt belts
toothed belts
agricultural belts Optibelt
    Company Info ::::.

    service description:

    Large selection of spare parts for sprayers and atomizers

    Accumulators for electric bikes

    We offer a large number of quality batteries for electric bikes at affordable prices and suitable chargers for the same. A long battery life will provide a safe and long-lasting ride without fear that you will remain without energy on the road. The battery pack for electric bikes can be easily mounted. If you have any questions, feel free to call us in order to determine with certainty which battery or charger meets your needs.

    REPROTEC Ltd. deals with sales of spare parts for agricultural machinery, distribution of sprayers, atomizers and mineral fertilizer spreaders.

    In our product range you can find:

    ¤ wedge belts
    ¤ gear belts
    ¤ variation belts
    ¤ flat belts

    and spare parts for agricultural machinery:

    ¤ Belts for "roller" balers HESTON, IMT ...
    ¤ parts for pickers ZMAJ, SIP ...
    ¤ roller chains for agricultural machinery and industry
    ¤ bearings for agricultural machinery and mechanization, passenger and goods transportation program

    We can also offer accompanying accessories that go with bearings:
    ¤ semerings
    ¤ paper tubes
    ¤ housing
    ¤ fuse sec
    ¤ balls of lubricants and others.

    ... there are also ANTIFREEZE
    ¤ and cardan shafts of various dimensions
    ¤ batteries for agricultural machinery, passenger and cargo programs.

    In addition to distribution of spare parts, a large part of our offer includes sprinklers, which are intended for the protection of crop, fruit and vineyard crops from weeds, diseases and insects.

    ¤ crop sprayers
    ¤ axial sprayers for orchards, atomizer

    We distribute all our items for wholesale and retail.

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agricultural machines
agricultural tire program
alkatrészek mezőgazdasági prések
All types of batteries
    Company Info ::::
    Laze Lazarevića 12
    Novi Sad, 21000
    Tel.: 021/646-72-90
    Fax: 021/646-72-99
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    service description:

    The company "Petro-Mont" Ltd. needs new workers due to increased workload.
    More information on
    PetroMont zaposlenje

    ¤ „Petro-Mont“ is a private family business, founded on May 5th, 1989.

    From „Petro-Mont“ comes ☼ PetroSOLAR


    ¤ Making of technical documentation from the field of thermotechnical installations, high-rise buildings, civil engineering, water supply, sewage, all according to the Law on Planning and Construction and other by-laws.

    ¤ Professional supervision and technical control services


    ¤ Thermotechnical installations

    > air conditioning facilities
    > airing and ventilation
    > air heating
    > central heating
    > removable heaters, DN32-DN1000
    > alternative energy sources
    > primary and secondary natural gas pipelines
    > pumping stations for TNG gas
    > central and local boiler rooms
    > compact heat pumps with a capacity of 15kW-1500 kW

    ¤ Isolation works
    > insulation of the internal distribution of the pipeline in aluminum sheets
    > insulation of hot water installations with "lebit" mass

    ¤ Hydrotechnical facilities and installations
    > outdoor water supply installations
    > external sewage:
    - fecal
    - rain
    > hydrant networks
    > water supply and sewage installations and sanitary facilities

    ¤ Construction works
    > infrastructure works on the construction of hot water, water supply, sewerage, gas pipelines


    > production of steel constructions
    > production of steel locks


    > transport of goods in road traffic
    > rental of machinery and equipment for construction


    ¤ Highly qualified: 5 employees
    ¤ Higher education: 3 employees
    ¤ Secondary education: 3 employees
    ¤ VKV installers: 10 employees
    ¤ KV installers: 10 employees



    Tel.: 021 646 72 90
    Tel.: 021 636 90 77
    Tel.: 021 636 94 39
    Fax: 021 646 72 99

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    air conditioner
breaking piping
building Industry services
building objects
building operations
building trade ending works
building trade machine work
building trade tillage preparation
civil engineering
civil engineering
conduit and sewerage
    Company Info ::::

    service description:

    Beniš Alexander entrepreneur from Subotica, for more than 11 years, offers:

    - Vehicles transport from abroad
    - Goods transportation to 7.5 tons in the country and abroad
    - Customs service

    - Construction works with a construction
    - Land Works
    - Demolition of buildings, debris remove
    - Working with construction machinery, such as
    cranes, several types of excavator (excavator for stone digging, excavators for channel digging, etc.)

    We have no region limit!


    Our company imports and sales agricultural machines, such as: tractors, harvesters, equipments, etc. from famous manufacturers:


    Services with all kinds of construction machinery
    Sand and gravel are available at low prices with transport
    Forklift services with a capacity from 2T-16T
    Telehender services - 4T capacity at a height of 9m
    Crane services of 30T, 40T and 60T
    Arrangement of parking space
    Stone crusher (service and sales of stone from stock)

    Contact: Tel. 065/258-02-58 and 065/520-06-11
    E-mail address: benisa@ymail.com

    More contacts:

    • Tel.: 065/258-02-58, 
    • Tel.: 065/520-06-11, 

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building Industry services
building operations
building trade machine work
building trade machine tool equipment
building trade machines
building trade tillage preparation
    Company Info ::::

    service description:

    Agrogas Ltd is a private company. It was formed in 2000.

    Our company deals with:

      Traction machines and machines:
    • TAFE tractors as the main program

    • Tractor Yagmur - fruit-growing, as an additional tractor program

    • Cultivators Valpadana

    • Connecting machines to tractors and power cultivators
      Spare parts and components:
    • IMT and IMR - motors and tractors

    • Lomardini -motors

    • TAFE - tractors
      Service and maintenance:
    • TAFE - removal

    • TAFE - and after warranty period

    • Power cultivators - warranty period

    • Terminal Machinery
    • Design, installation and customer training

    • Program drop by drop

    • Program nozzle

    • Program Typhon

    For this program Agrogas is an agent for the Indian company AQUA and for company from USA and EU.
      Grain silos for grain:
    • Silo cell from 23 to 3450 tons of wheat per cell

    • Equipment for silos

    • Design of foundation and silo

    your images:

    IMR Rakovica
IMT Beograd (Massey Ferguson)
Sun Spares

agrarian machine and equipment
agricultural irrigation
agricultural machine
agricultural machines
agricultural mechanical engineering
agricultural mechanization
automatic irrigation
    Company Info ::::

    service description:


    New generation of water-based paints

    The main characteristic of the water-based paints is - as its name says - that we don`t have to use expensive and harmful chemical paint-thinner materials to dilute the paint, only water.

    They have more benefits:

    - It is cheaper and more simple to use, compared to other products
    - The technology protects the environment
    - It can be applied to surfaces even in bad weather conditions

    If you are interested in these products, please contact us!

    We are looking for new Partners, who would join us to create a mutual base to develop goals and projects for tenders.

    Representative for Kosovo: RAL COLOR

    Representative for Montenegro: BORDO Ltd.


    More contacts:

    • Proizvodnja
      Kralja Uroša I - 32, Prokuplje
      Tel.: 018 / 4694 - 114,  Fax: 027 / 331 - 783
    • Mobilni telefoni
      Tel.: 063 / 582 - 064,  Fax: 063 / 427 - 374

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    acrylic colours
boat coatings
coatings with aluminum pastes
color-based polymers acrylic
colors for interior walls
colors for metal
colours and lacquers for cars
concrete colour
lacquer for parquet
manufacturing of paint
manufacturing of paint for envelope
    Company Info ::::.
    Tošin bunar 188/a
    Novi Beograd, 11070
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    • EXCIDE
    • Landport
    • Tesla
    • VARTA

    service description:

    The company Velko promet doo is dealing with sale and repair of accumulators and batteries from all known worldwide and domestic manufacturers.

      In our offer you can find accumulators and batteries for:

    • passenger cars

    • commercial vehicles

    • agricultural machineries

    • forklifts

    • motorcycle

    • boats, speed boats, yachts ...

    • electric vehicle

    • solar systems

    • delivery vehicles

    • work machines

    • wheelchair

    In addition to accumulators and batteries we offer a wide range of battery chargers for home and professional use, voltage stabilizers, inventors..

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12V batteries
6V batteries
All types of batteries
batteries for motorcycles
battery service
battery cell
Import and sales of batteries
industrial batteries
ordinary battery chargers
    Company Info ::::.

    service description:

    Devices and equipment for the operation of motor vehicles on the installation of the renowned Italian company "Lovato".

    Long years of experience of "Lucar" SZR has shown that the equipment of "Lovato" are ideal solution for vehicles powered by LPG.

    Name and reputation of the factory and years of experience behind us, hundreds of satisfied customers are what separates us from others.

    In addition we offer a wide range of related products like reservoir for LPG, copper pipes and water pipes, reducers, branches and other supplies (filters, membranes, etc.)

    For Lovato devices we give warranty for 36 months.

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Auto gas appliances equipment
auto gas Lovato
car gas Novi Sad
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    service description:

    FILA PRINT is an agency from Šabac which` main occupation is solvent print services. It has the capacity to provide a full range of services, starting from design and prepress, through printing and the installation, to the delivery of the finished product.

    Thanks to our fair business, for a short time we gained a great number of well known clients and had many successful business realizations of different characters.

    Our basic activities are car branding (car graphics), shop- and business premise branding, printing billboards and mega-boards on paper, plastic foil and tarpaulin canvas. We also print smaller formats on high quality poster paper or canvas. Labels can be printed in various sizes and shapes with a cutting machine according to your requirements. If necessary, they can be covered with polyurethane resin.

    When digital printing is not the best solution for you, or if you need a large amount, we do offset printing (for fliers, catalogs), screen printing or tampon printing (for pens, lighters, planners...) and laser etching.

    If your needs require, through cooperation with our team of designers, you can make projects which are completely adjusted with the visual identity of your company or product.

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advertisement area
advertisement banner
advertisement foils
advertising and business materials printing
agency for marketing
car branding
car graphics
graphic preparation and design
graphic service printing
graphics of outside wall
lightening advertisements 
marketing agency
marketing service
nyomtatás járműkön
showcase branding
vehicle advertisement
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