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Vetex toolroom deals only with construction and tool making by order.
We produce: tools for plastic injection, tools for wax models for micro molding, tools for tin cutting and shaping, tools for blacksmithing, models and tools (molds) for free metal casting, tools for tire repairing, forms for vacumization, complex mechanical parts and prototype parts, special parts, mechanical spare parts by and out of standards...

Tools developing, projecting and producing are made by contemporary CAD/CAM programs on CNC and classical machines by 2D, 3D drawings or patterns.

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cnc millers
CNC milling
construction design
machine industry
mechanical parts
metal industry
tool fabrication
tool fabrication 
tool room
tools and machines
tools for plastic injection
tools for plastic makers
tools for plastics
tools for spray plastic production
tools servising
wax models tools for micro casting
wire eroding
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CNC aluminum processing

Service of aluminum milling on CNC machine center HAAS TM-3PHE.

Characteristics of the machines 1016 x 508 x 406mm (xyz).
Warehouse with 10 interchangeable tools.

So far we mostly involved in producing components for high-end audio devices.

Making components from small to large series.

Low cost milling !!!

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CNC aluminium
cnc metal processing
CNC milling
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Beograd, 11000
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