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Company Info ::::
Pap Pala 17
Subotica , 24000
Tel.: 024/622-136
Fax: 024/551-100
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  • Burberry
  • Bvlgari
  • Calvin Klein
  • Carolina Herrera
  • Cristina Aguilera
  • Dior
  • Elizabeth Arden
  • Gianfranco Ferre
  • Giorgio Armani
  • Hugo Boss
  • Kozmetika MIRJANA
  • LALA krema
  • Lancome
  • Naomi Campbell
  • Nina Ricci
  • Paco Rabanne
  • Roberto Cavalli
  • Salvador Dali
  • Versace
  • Yves Saint Laurent

service description:

YOU CAN DOWNLOAD YOUR VOUCER AT: www.interspedshop.co.rs

Dear friends,

In our assortment we have original perfumes of well-known brands, bags, purses, wallets, belts, gloves, shawls, scarves, branded alcoholic beverages, wines, coffee, sweets, chemicals for the household and many other little things, so come and visit us!

You are welcomed at our retail store with an exchange office, INTERŠPED SHOP, in the street Pap Pal no. 17.

Working hours of the shop:
Workdays: from 7 a.m.-7 p.m.
Saturdays: 08 a.m.-12 p.m.
Tel.: 024/622-136

What else do we have in our offer?
You can look at the part of it on:




Subotica, Pap Pala 17
Tel. : 024/622-136 Fax: 024/551-100
Tel. : 024/622-137 Tel.: 024/622-138
Tel. : 024/622-139

E-mail: interspedshop@gmail.com

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Calvin Klein
Carolina Herrera
Cristina Aguilera
Elizabeth Arden
Gianfranco Ferre
Giorgio Armani
Company Info

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Basic metabolic support for sexual activity of men with erectile dysfunction of various causes.

In order to achieve an erection, it is necessary that the endothelium of blood vessels of the penis is preserved.

Ezerex works by:
-protects endothelium against harmful effects of free radicals
-restores the integrity of the endothelium and its function
-improves blood flow in blood vessels
-allows relaxation of smooth muscle cells of blood vessels of the penis


Nutri-Mag prevents the formation and growth of crystals of calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate which are the most common form of kidney stones and urinary tract.

-Magnesium prevents aggregation (sticking) of calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate crystal growth.

-Nutri-Mag stops the growth and accumulation of crystals of calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate.

-Nutri-Mag leads to increase pH in urine which adversely affects the salt of uric acid.

Proxeed Plus

Proven success in male infertility and improve semen parameters.

Proxeed Plus
-Increases sperm count
-Improves sperm mobility
-...progressive sperm motility
-...sperm count and morphology

The only product that contains a form of acetyl L-carnitine in order to improve semen.


Proxana improves prostate health, and strengthens the antioxidant defense of prostate tissue and the whole organism.

Proxana includes:
- Lycopene
- Green tea extracts
- Pomegranate extract
- Selenium and zinc


Improves the integrity of the lining of the bladder

- It enhances the function of the bladder
- Improves the symptoms of chronic pelvic pain
- Improves the symptoms of chronic non-bacterial prostatitis

Cysta-Q is the brand name for a specially organized bioflavonoids. This complex is clinically proven, that it has a very successful effect on the disease of interstitial cystitis and bladder hypersensitivity.


Q-UROL helps in:
Chronic non-bacterial prostatitis
Pelvic pain syndrome
Lower urinary tract symptoms

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alternative methods of treatment
alternative treatment
Company Info
Rudić ulica 1.
Subotica , 24000
Tel.: 024/532-678
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  • Afrodita

service description:

Beauty salon "Toscana"

- cosmetics
- pedicure
- manicure
- massage, pilling, aromatherapy...
- solarium
- permanent make up

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cosmetics and hairdresser services
massage tables
permanent make up
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service description:


(For details click on the picture)

EURODOM is a family-run company that has been in the bathroom equipment trade for 20 years. The company was founded in 1995 as "Bathroom Trade". Since the beginning, the founders, Aćimović family, has endeavored to lay the foundation of trust, that the company enjoys today, first of all by high-quality products offer and good service.

The first 160 sqm, two-level ceramic tile showroom was opened in 1999 in Belgrade, 388, Bulevar kralja Aleksandra street. In 2004, Eurodom launched the second 160-sqm, two-level showroom in Belgrade, 16, Ruzveltova street, and since than the company has become not only a distributor of the renowned Italian bathroom equipment manufacturers but an importer as well.

(For details click on the picture)

Constant investments in the development of the company and the need to offer ever more to their clients and to provide them with ever better service, pushed the founders to launch in 2007 another showroom on 1000 sqm in Belgrade, 71, Nikole Grulovića 71e.

Beside a large number of architects and collaborators from the country and abroad, one of the guests at the Eurodom Showroom launch ceremony was Mr Paolo Pininfarina from the leading Italian design house Pininfarina. On that occasion he gave a short lecture on importance of the collaboration between designers and manufacturers in the process of creating products that satisfy even the most demanding clients.

(For details click on the picture)

Vast and well-organised central warehouse of Eurodom on 2400 sqm and a large stock of goods held by the company enable a fast and easy delivery in any part of the city.

Today, as it was 15 years ago, the core values of the company remained unchanged: full respect of clients and suppliers, provision of useful advice and help to clients, respect of agreed deadlines and high-quality service, the values followed by all employees in Eurodom. On account of that and under the guidance of a good management team, today Eurodom enjoys enormous trust among clients and collaborators and with good reason the company keeps the leading position in the bathroom trade.


Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 388, Beograd
Tel/fax: +381 11 38 08 393
E-mail: eurodom3@eunet.rs

Ruzveltova 16, Beograd
Tel/fax: +381 11 38 09 543, +381 11 38 09 544
E-mail: eurodom2@gmail.com

Nikole Grulovića 71e, Beograd
Tel/fax: +381 11 34 74 713, +381 11 30 46 463
E-mail: eurodom5@gmail.com


Nikole Grulovića 71e, Beograd
Tel/fax: +381 11 28 93 702, +381 11 30 46 462
E-mail: eurodom@eunet.rs


Nikole Grulovića 71e, Beograd
Tel/fax: +381 11 34 74 713, +381 11 30 46 463
E-mail: eurodom5@gmail.com
Tel/fax: +381 11 28 93 702, +381 11 30 46 462

Contact persons:

Bojan Vujičić +381 63 34 28 59
E-mail: eurodomsaloni@gmail.com

Goran Ivić, +381 63 11 65 035
E-mail: eurodomsaloni@gmail.com

Predrag Šarac, +381 63 11 65 037
E-mail: predragdjsarac@gmail.com

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Casa Dolce Casa
CP Parquet
Floor Gres
Florim Slim

 towel dryers
accessories for bathroom
bathroom equipment
bathroom equipment
bathroom furniture
baths shop
ceramic tiles
floating floors
glass shower cabin
granite ceramics
Hydro massage system
hydro massage tub
hydromassage mini pool
hydromassage shower
imported ceramic flat
italian ceramics
large format tiles
mosaic tiles
of sanitary porcelain
olasz fürdőszoba kiegészítők
sanitaries for bathroom
sensor douche
shower bathtubs
shower cabin
steam bath
swimming pool ceramics 
technical ceramics
tile sanitary sauna
turkish bathroom
wellness tools
zuhanyzó fülkék
Casa Dolce Casa
CP Parquet
Floor Gres
Company Info ::::.

service description:

Three new products volume 1000 and 1400 ml

¤ V/1000 round shape bottle volume 1000 ml, it could be used for vines, alcoholic drink, vinegar etc. New member of “vine family” together with V/187 and V/2000

¤ UG/1000-N round shape bottle volume 1000 ml with petal shape bottom which can “endure” carbonated drinks like soda, beer, kombucha tea etc.

¤ BO/1400 unusual bottle, volume 1400 ml. Its shape is look alike buoy with rounded bottom. It can lay only on side or in holder

"HemoTehna" Ltd Company from Subotica was founded in April, 1991.

We started the production of PET packaging in 1994, and modernized it with the purchase of new equipment in 2002. So we increased the capacity of the production, expanded the assortment and improved the quality of the packaging.

As a company we are committed to produce packaging for special purposes, in exclusive shapes and colors according to the customer`s demand. The concept of our production is based on strict control of each step of production, which enables us to meet the most rigorous demands.

From Sempember 2007 the management of the company established a sustainable directing system that meets the standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

PET Polyethylene terephthalate is our choice first of all because of the technical characteristics this material offers. It is an attractive material, has good mechanical features, transparency and gloss. It substitutes conventional materials because it is cheap, weighs little, it is resistant to hits, grease and emulsifiers. One of its most important characteristics is that it is reusable.

In the last few years, "Hemotehna" Ltd. focused research on the issue of physical deformities on PET bottles. The problem occurred after bottling content that have a tendency to react later, which led to retraction of the bottle. To solve this problem, we offer caps with ventilated liners.


PET packaging for Food Industry: this PET packaging has a wide purpose of use: to pack oil, vinegar, distilled water, drinks, wine and similar.

PET packaging for household chemicals: this PET packaging is designed to pack household chemicals, liquid window cleaners, liquid fertilizers for plants and similar.

PET packaging for energy drinks: this PET packaging is designed to pack energy drinks and similar products.

PET packaging for Pharmaceutical Industry: this group of PET packaging is designed to pack pharmaceutical products.

PET packaging for alcoholic drinks: this group of PET packaging is for alcoholic drinks, ethereal oils, different elixirs and similar.

PET packaging for Chemical Industry: this group of PET packaging is to pack chemicals for agriculture, and it is also designed to pack medicines nad powdered products.

Tel.: +381(0) 24-546-136
Tel.: +381(0) 24-546-176
Fax: +381(0) 24-547-658


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 plastic bottle
bottle of brandy
bottles for pharmaceutics
bottles of oil
cosmetic package
distilled water
industry plastic packing 
package from plastic mass
packaging for cosmetic products
packaging for fragrances
packaging sale
packing for pharmacy trade

service description:


Hotel "Gejzer" is a place with most capacity in Sijarinska B. It is a B category hotel and has 227 beds in rooms and apartments with one, two or three beds. It has TV halls, chess hall, living rooms, indoor swimming pools with mineral water, bathrooms with healthy water. Green environment is around.

In the hotel, there is a medical part with the most contemporary medicine equipment for hydrotherapy, therapy with mud, electrotherapy, inhalation and for hot cures with healthy water. The hotel and medicine space heating is performed with the existing hot water source. On the coldest winter days the temperature of the air indoors is over 20 degrees. Beside that, in Sijarinska Banja there is about 1500 bed places in a privat sector which does not supply all peoples needs through the whole year.

Healthy environment and mineral sources with different kinds of physical and chemical composition of the water and temperature, are very attractive for rest. There are also two geysers. Sijarinska banja is a place for curing stomach, kidney, ginecology, diabetes, psycho-psysical diseases.

Telefon direktora: 016/895-153
Recepcija hotela: 016/895-128

Tekući račun: 840-427667-49
PIB: 101465084
Matični broj: 07207883
Šifra del.: 85-141





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bone and wrist disease
health care
hydro massage
hydro massage pool
kidney disease
medical-bath medical center
medicine rehabilitation
neurological diseases
post-operative state - discus hip knee
post-traumatic conditions
rheumatic diseases
Serbian spa-s
spa accommodation
spa tourism
special hospital
special rehabilitation
stomach diseases
urologic diseases
bone and wrist disease
health care
hydro massage
hydro massage pool
Company Info ::::

service description:

AQUABAU Ltd. is a company which` occupation is distribution and installation of new family swimming pools, and their maintenance.

Within the firm, there is a retail store which offers all the necessary equipment for swimming pools and equipment and maintenance of water quality.

Our goal is to contribute to the culture of living with a beautiful swimming pool, with our professional help and advice. We do everything we can to respond to all questions and requests of future and current pool owners.

Pools are not a luxury anymore, but a part of everyday needs, decoration of our living space and improvement of of the quality of life.

In making decisions for the construction of the pool, it is best to consult experts in this field.

Pools that we offer can be divided into:
  • "europool" pools with plastic lining
  • concrete pools
  • polypropylene pools
  • hydro-massage pools

  • One way to improve mental and physical state after the daily stress and exhaustion is - a sauna. Saunas do not need a large area and can be easily fit into any interior.

    We devide them to:
  • Finnish saunas
  • Infra cabins

  • There is a wide range of accessories that can be installed into the pool but only underwater lighting must be installed during the construction of the pool, because subsequent installation can not be performed.

    Equipment can be devided into three groups:
  • Basic equipment
  • Additional equipment
  • Water conditioners

  • Kontakt
    Solunska 21
    Tel.: 024/530-690
    Mob: 064 / 307 - 9898
    Fax: 024/530-690
    Subotica, 24413

    Web: www.bazeni-aquabau.rs
    E-mail: office@aquabau.rs
    E-mail: subet63@gmail.com

    Eurokerex doo
    Braće Radića br. 63
    24000 Subotica
    tel/fax 024-552-088

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    assembly swimming pools
badu jet
cover pools
coverings for swimming pools
equipments for pools
europool pools
family swimming pool
filtration device
Finnish sauna
Geysers and waterfalls 
heating water in the pool
    Company Info ::::

    service description:

    We sell all necessary materials and equipments for casting and upgrade of artificial nails.
    We offer a wide selection of equipments and furnitures for manicure, pedicure, waxing and for cosmetic treatments.


    Petra Drapšina 2 A

    Subotica, 24000 Srbija



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    2M beuty
Arco Cosmetici
    Company Info ::::

    service description:


    - Custom shower cabins
    - Shower cabins made to measure
    - Shower Doors
    - Rectangular shower cabins
    - Sliding shower cabins
    - Folding shower cabins
    - Walk in models
    - Pentagonal shower cabins
    - Specific shower cabins

    For more information click on the picture:


    Michel D.O.O BELGRADE

    Michel D.O.O
    Ugrinovacka 155
    11080 Zemun
    Tel.: +381 11 316 75 35
    Tel.: +381 11 316 75 37
    Fax.: +381 11 316 11 33
    E-mail: marconio@eunet.rs
    Vat number: 100096567
    Registration number: 17144707
    Director: Boško Lukač
    Current account:
    LHB BANK Zemun 310-150488-90
    Web: www.marconio.com

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bath tube – acrylic
bathroom accessories
    Company Info ::::
    Milovana Glišića 5
    Novi Sad, 21000
    Tel.: 063/507-269
    Fax: 021/500-345
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    • MobilSistemi

    service description:

    "MobilSistemi" Ltd. is a company which deals with:
    1. maintenance, renting and sale of ecological toilet cabins and sanitary containers.
    2. production of containers, modular objects which are made of sandwich panel with polyurethane filling, and production of faucets, showers and boiler rooms.

    "MobilSistemi" GIVES FOR RENT:
    - mobile toilets, toilet cabins
    - VIP mobile toilets, VIP toilet cabins
    - mobile toilets for people with special needs
    - mobile showers
    - shower cabins
    - sanitary, housing, construction, office, concierge, storage, backstage containers, as well as service facilities: shops, workshops, scaling houses, etc.
    - mobile, building fences
    - Anti-climbing fences
    - mobile urinals
    - faucets
    - showers

    You can rent all these things for hours, days, weeks, months, years or longer... You need to know what You need, the amount, for how long would you like to rent it, the delivery deadline and the place of the delivery. More details: www.mobilsistemi.co.rs or www.pi-pi.rs

    Besides giving for rent, "MobilSistemi" also deals with PRODUCTION of containers according to Your measures, needs and intentions. Sanitary, housing, office, construction, concierge, storage, backstage containers which can be made in standard sizes of 6mx2, 40m or you can order the dimensions you wish. Containers can be connected to each other, building complexes which` surface area can be over 1000 m².

    MOUNTABLE - DEMOUNTABLE building fences. We sell them or give them for rent for construction sites, concerts, fairs, events, orchards, vineyards, etc. Besides building fences, you also get orange colored stands, filled with concrete material, and are characterized by stability.
    - Fences have anti-climbing character, ideal for the needs of musical and other events.
    - The height of a fence panel construction is 2 m, length is 3.5 m.
    - They are characterized by easy moving, mounting, demounting. They are also easy to transport. In addition, they are resistant to corrosion.
    - Possibility of branding mobile fences, mounting screens for the needs of visual protection.
    - You can rent mountable-demountable protective construction fences with stands for building sites for 0.90 euros per meter, plus transportation costs.

    CAMPING EQUIPMENT - We give for rent a complete camping equipment. By this is meant: a mobile toilet, sanitary containers, tents, mobile camp kitchen, showers, faucets, urinals, mobile fences, boilers to provide hot water. In addition to the mentioned equipment, we offer tanks for clean and waste water.

    Hotlines are available non-stop for:
    Mobile toilets - Tel.: 060/500-34-61
    Containers - Tel.: 060/500-34-68
    Fences - Tel.: 060/500-34-76


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Assembled removable fence
back stage
camp equipment
camping equipment
chemical toilet
chemical toilets
community utilities

    service description:


    In Strasbourg, on April 6th, 2017, an international jury of the European Landscape Convention awarded the manager of SRP Zasavica - Exploratory Movement of Sremska Mitrovica, an award of the Council of Europe`s achievements and presented them to the public as a source of inspiration. For more details visit: www.zasavica.org.rs

    Respected visitors,
    The PROTECTED NATURE RESERVE "ZASAVICA" informs You, that we are completely prepared for your visit.
    Read more information at: www.zasavica.org.rs

    GASTRONOMICAL PLEASURE from the special nature reserve of Zasavica in Serbia! Here is the most expensive cheese in the world, called "PULE". To make just one kilogram of cheese, it takes up to 25 liters of donkey milk, so the dizzy price goes up to 1000 euros! This unique cheese has the name "PULE", after a donkeys offspring, and can boast its position at the top of the ladder of the five most expensive cheeses of the world.

    You can look at the rest of our product range, among which are the donkey milk liquor, soap, day and night cream for the face, and our services at: www.zasavica.org.rs


    In the area of northern Mačva, east of the river Drina and south of the river Sava, in the municipality of Sremska Mitrovica and Bogatić, the Reserve "Zasavica" is located.

    The total length of the watercourse Zasavica is 33.1 km, width up to 80 m and a depth of 2 m. There is an area of 1,821 ha of the Reserve, which is under protection.

    Zasavica has numerous rare plant and animal species, some of them are on the verge of their survival. There is a total record of over 600 plant species, 198 bird species, 27 species of amphibians and reptiles and 23 species of fish.

    The main feature of the aquatic vegetation of the area provides an abundant composition of water lilies and underwater forests of seaweeds.

    Camping Zasavica - Serbia, auto camp

    "CAMPING ZASAVICA" has again entered among the 100 best ones in Europe!

    "CAMPING ZASAVICA" has entered among the top 100 in a competition as one of the best web sites for Camping in Europe, www.camping.info, for the second time, competing with 24.595 camping destinations. www.camping-zasavica.com

    Auto camp is categorized with three stars.

    GPS coordinates of the entrance gate of the Visitor Center:
    440 57, 32,2,, N i 190 31, 32,7,, E

    GPS coordinates of the entrance gate of the Auto camp:
    440 57, 38,0,, N i 190 31, 23,0,, E

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boat ride
car camping
Cheese of donkey milk
children's trips
class trip
Corporate Trainings
dairy-produce milk
    Company Info ::::

    service description:

    "Miniplast" is a family company, which deals with plastics processing since 1983.
    In 1991, we acquired the technology of molding plastic with blown extrusion. Over the years, we have become specialists for this kind of plastic processing.


    Plastic pharmaceutical bottles and boxes
    Plastic canisters
    Plastic jars and small jars
    Plastic cosmetic boxes
    Plastic bottles with spray nozzles

    - Bottles, jars, balloons and canisters
    - Pharmaceutical packaging, PE bottles and boxes, bedpans and geese for sick people
    - Packaging for cosmetics, bottles and boxes, powder bottles
    - Packaging for cologne, bottles
    - Packaging for chemical products, adhesives, temperas, inks...
    - Packaging for chemical products, bottles for toners and bottles for oils
    - A program of toys, bowls and balls
    - Production of plastic packing material
    - Production of other plastic products
    - Equipment, pharmacy

    More contacts:

    • Tel.: 060/031-3235, 

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    archival product
blown packaging
cosmetic package
industry plastic packing 
package and packaging
package from plastic mass
packaging for cosmetic products
packaging for fragrances
packaging sale
packing for pharmacy trade
pharmacy packaging
plastic canister
plastic fabrication
plastic fittings
plastic good
plastic kettle
plastic manufacture
plastic package production for cosmetic products
plastic spray
plastic toys
plastic wrapping 
plastic plastic ware
production of plastic
production of plastic drums
production of plastic packaging
production of plastic packaging
production of plastic packaging for food indutry
production of plastic subjects 
products from plastic mass
PVC balloons
spray packaging
tools for spray plastic making
archival product
blown packaging
cosmetic package
industry plastic packing 
package and packaging
package from plastic mass
packaging for cosmetic products
packaging for fragrances
packaging sale
packing for pharmacy trade
pharmacy packaging
plastic canister
plastic fabrication
plastic fittings
plastic good
plastic kettle
plastic manufacture
plastic package production for cosmetic products
plastic spray
plastic toys
plastic wrapping 
plastic plastic ware
production of plastic
production of plastic drums
production of plastic packaging
production of plastic packaging
production of plastic packaging for food indutry
production of plastic subjects 
products from plastic mass
PVC balloons
    Company Info ::::.

    service description:


    Center for a balanced and quality life

    In solving problems and situations, which in most cases are neither simple nor pleasant, we try to consider all aspects of the person, physical, psychological, mental and spiritual, so we would not look the problem ad hoc and / or tried to be solved separately from the whole.

    Honesty, rich work and life experience in many areas, helps us on our way to value human life through its highest value - HEALTH.

    We hope that many people on the path of spiritual and physical transformation, will realize that the power of our conscious mind is immeasurable, but it does so much, that we can change our life for better, for common joy.

    Set ATLAS and improve your life

    Back pain, lumbago, dizziness, fainting, migraines ... are your past.

    Life without pain

    Mushrooms for a stronger immune system and health

    Use mushroom products and improve your immunity, speed ​​up your metabolism, help the pancreas.

    Vocational guidance

    Vocational guidance helps to us and gives us support in making vital decisions like choosing a school, college, profession.
    It can resolve many dilemmas of many parents and children.
    Vocational guidance answers the question whether a person has characteristics that are recognized by the leader, artist, scientist, solo player, a media personality.

    Strengthens and stimulates the immune system
    Beat the flu and colds

    FACE LIFTING Beauty without scalpel
    (Acupuncture FACE LIFTING)

    The most modern methods

    Treatment with leeches to rejuvenate and revitalize the body. For the glamorous look of Demi Moore are used leeches.

    Beauty - naturally

    Beauty in a natural way means natural regeneration, as a process or part of the process that affects to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. The aim of natural rejuvenation is to be successful, happy, positive, and to radiate with optimism. To relaxed express your feelings of wonder, worry, fear ... enthusiasm, cheerfulness, happiness... That is why we are with you to live your life fully, joyous.. NATURAL.

    Physiotherapist for feet.

    More contacts:

    • Tel.: 011/322-68-26 , 
    • Tel.: 064/551-50-50, 

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alternative branches of medicine
alternative medicine
alternative methods of treatment
alternative treatment
antistress programme
    Company Info ::::.

    service description:

    Our Web Shop: www.omegacor.rs
    Also look at:

    Energy based way of life

    All at one place

    - Tesla purple plates and discs

    Tesla inspired energy plates have been used for over 40 years all over the world.

    Purple plates and purple disks create a positive energy field around themselves that will penetrate any living thing - plant, animal or human.

    Those free energy generators raise the vibratory frequency of user’s life force energy and neutralize the harmful one, support physical healing and shield you from electromagnetic sources.

    The plates are not the replacement for the medical therapy and in that way they are limited to the applications, which do not need medical intervention.

    - Dr Hulda Regher Clark based Zappers and Frequency Generator

    Zapper basic
    Zapper plus

    Dr Hulda Regher Clark books in Serbian:

    - The Cure for All Disease by Dr. Clark is used by people all over the world as a manual to recognize their disorders and diseases. Which parasite, bacteria, virus, solvent or metal is found in which disease? All this is discussed in this book including treatments with the zapper, cleanses and clean-ups.

    - In her book The Cure for all Cancers Dr. Clark wrote: This book is intended as a gift to humanity. I make a plea to the public and private sector of the medical community not to suppress this information but to disperse it regardless of embarrassment or liability from the simplicity and newness of the cure, provided only that it meets your standard of truth.

    - The Cure for All Advanced Cancers - In her second cancer book Dr. Clark mapped out the many steps from a healthy individual to a person with cancer. It includes more information about tumors, low immunity and how to shrink tumors. The "21 Day Program" is laid out in this book.

    - The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers – This book contains dr Clark’s latest

    research on cancer, revealing that cancer is not a one-cause disease, but rather is formed by a "cancer complex" that includes various partners that act together. Find out about this and more in her newest book entitled "The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers, Copyright notice)


    - Neutralize electro-smog and geopathogenic radiation
    - Effective protection of human space
    - Transforms negative energy
    - Russian technology system by Dr. Alexander Roshin


    - Electrochemical colloidal silver kit
    - Home made production of silver and activated (live and dead water)

    Eco Life Program:

    - Green Clean Washing Ball - eco-friendly, no washing detergent needed, easy to use, chemical free

    Uses germicidal UV light technology

    Eliminates E.Coli, Salmonella and other harmful miscro-organisms

    Kils germs by destroying the DNA in bacteria

    Doubles as a sanitizer & storage system

    Chemical free

    - Active Sonic Toothbrush and Ionic Toothbrush – advanced oral hygiene
    - Shower Filter – eliminates chlorine from the shower water
    - Home Water Filters – easy bulit in protection against bio and clemical water pollutants

    Tourmaline program

    - Tourmaline Eye Mask
    - Tourmaline detox foot plaster
    - Tourmaline Comb

    Research has shown that tourmaline crystal is the only natural mineral which possess a constant electric field and, at the same time emits infrared rays, anions - "the air vitamins". The anions are specific cell activators capable of balancing the biofield, as a source of micronutrients.

    In Chinese medicine, tourmaline activate energy meridians expands blood vessels, improves blood circulation and lymph circulation, increases oxygen in the blood, activate the energy responses of cells, regulates the activity of the nervous system, strengthen the immune function of the cells.

    Simultaneous interaction of several active ingredients: negative ions, infrared radiation, microcurrents, secretion of trace elements, torsion field. The products ensure good health and long-lasting effect.

    Magnetic Therapy

    - Aquamag: magnetic wand for water magnetization
    - Magnetic elastic bandage
    - Magnetic ear clips
    - Anti stress rings – easy massage and stimulation of acupressure points

    Aromatherapy Brooches

    Natural essential oils of medicinal herbs in the form of a brooch strengthen the immune system, eliminate stress, alleviate heart problems, allergies, health problems caused by menopause, fears, high and low blood pressure. No chemical additives.

    - Bronchi sinus
    - Anti-stress
    - Healthy hart


    Dowsing pendulums and dowsing rods:

    - Classic pendulum
    - Isis pendulum
    - Karnak pendulum
    - Dowsing rod - classic
    - Double dowsing rod
    - Double dowsing rod - handles

    Tourmaline program

    - Alkaline water stick:


    - MAGICO-Magnetic Water Conditioner:

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alternative energy
alternative methods of treatment
alternative treatment
filter for purifying water
filter for water
flasters for detoxification
frequency generators
health without chemicals
magnet therapy
radiesthesical instruments
silver colloid water
silver water 
Tesla purple plates
water filter retail sale
Zapper devices

alternative energy
alternative methods of treatment
alternative treatment
    Company Info ::::.
    Vase Stajića 25
    Novi Sad, 21100
    Tel.: 021/6614-664
    Fax: 021 421 892
    on the map

    service description:


    Special controls for skin and venereal diseases - dermatitis, bacterial, viral infection of skin, allergies, acnes, rozacee and skin curing.

    Dermoscopy - Early recognition of melanom. Painless and non-invasive diagnostic method that is used for deeper and more accurate view of not clear changes on skin.

    Acne - inflammatory changes that are often seen on the facial skin during puberty, we treat it with the most advanced lasers, which have no side effects.

    Pimple - inflammatory skin changes, often seen on facial skin of teenagers, we treat it with lasers to neutralize inflammation and regenerate skin.

    Acupuncture - it works as needle method or we use laser to stimulate acupuncture points. We usually treat with acupuncture lumbago, migraine, weight loss...

    Atheroma - roundish formations localized under the skin, we remove them surgically with local anesthesia.

    Botox - used to control excessive sweating

    Cellulitis - it looks on the skin like "orange peel" on womens skin. There are different treating methods.

    Laser depilation - removal of color hair. Lasers do not damage the skin, it acts only on the hair roots which it ruins.

    Dermatology - treatment of dermatological and aesthetic problems

    Epilation with Lumenis Duet laser - it removes hair from the body and face permanently.

    Er Yag Fraxel laser - innovative and powerful method for removal of scars, stretch marks, wrinkles

    Facial skin aesthetic - rejuvenation, stimulation of collagen in the skin by various methods: with laser, radiowaves, with microdermabrasion...

    Physical medicine and rehabilitation - physical therapy treatment of pain in the spine, joints, muscles...

    Patches - we remove them with laser and radio waves (in the face, hands ...)

    Hemangioma - red skin lesions, we remove them with lasers which are operating red color: V beam, Nd Yag laser, radiowaves, surgical

    Capillaries - on the face and body we can remove with Nd Yag and V beam laser on several occasions.

    Collagen - lasers and radio waves have a direct effect on collagen and thus influence improves skin tone.

    Laser hair removal - with the latest diode laser Lumenis Light Sheer.

    Lifting - lifting of skin with laser and radio waves has a direct effect on wrinkles, rejuvenates the skin and slows aging.

    A new method of skin rejuvenation
    Elastic threads which are drawn through needles are injected into the skin and remain there. They initiate the origination of new collagen around them. This strengthens the skin tone, and that`s why those parts of the body are being treated like this where the skin isn`t tight enough. The effects of treatments last for 2 years or more, and may be combined with other methods of rejuvenation if necessary.

    More contacts:

    • Tel.: 063 585 000, 

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aesthetic surgery
hair removal with LUMENIS Duet laser
laser epilation 
Light Sheer Duetlaser
Lumenis Duet laser   
Mezoniti - Skin Rejuvenation
plastic surgery
    Company Info ::::.

    service description:


    It is a special hospital for plastic surgery, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. It is located in a beautiful and urban territory of the city, on the sunny slope at Banovo Brdo in Belgrade.

    The concept of the hospital is based on modern surgical developments that complement regular role on the world and our congresses, symposia and other lectures. All this makes us in step with the world. At this point of course, and our results are at a high level and we are proud, and which on the other hand we undertake to respect confidentiality.

    The first thought as always occurs when you find a problem.
    Where and what to do? Which hospital and which operation?

    The next thought is always be linked to the price-quality ratio.
    Therefore, you should check the price and the professional staff.

    Three important words

    ... you will feel it in contact with the staff of our hospital.

    Trust ... We have acquired with many years of work and training, as well as many satisfied patients.

    Satisfaction ... we have - because we can do something for you, and it can be yours. So come on free preview.


    • Face lifting

    • Nose correction

    • Correction of ear shells

    • Eyelids

    • Correction of wrinkles

    • Lip enlargement

    • Eyebrow lifting

    • Breast augmentation

    • Breast lifting

    • Breast reduction

    • Breast reconstruction

    • Gynecomastia breast

    • Abdominoplasty

    • Liposuction

    • Shins

    • Buttocks

    • Lip and palate anomalies

    • Skin tumor

    • Hair transplantation

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aesthetic surgery
aesthetic surgery lasers
breast augmentation
breast enlargement
breast lift
breast reconstruction
breast reduction
corrective surgery
ear Correction
enlarge lips
    Company Info ::::.

    service description:


    Solaris Resort is a new modernly equipped object in the touristic offer of Vrnjacka Banja. The ambience exudes comfort and artistic charm, what will not leave indifferent our guests. The hotel has 56 accomondation units. Luxurious suites and family rooms with elegant and comfortable interiors. In the hotel is a restaurant called "Biber", a bar, a seminar room, a private parking area. There are also sports and recreational activities, tennis court and an exclusive wellness center with Wellness, Relax, beauty and fitness areas.

    It is located in a peaceful part of Vrnjacka Banja, near the promenade. It is an ideal place for rest and relaxing. Friendly and professional staff provides service measured by the highest standards.

    The wellness offers makes Solaris Resort unique. Plenty of facilities and professional staff allow guests to spend a memorable and relaxing moments cherishing your body and spirit.
    The offer includes: outdoor pool, indoor saltwater pool, jacuzzi for 10 people, salt cave, Russian bath, gold bath, relax canopy, tropical rain showers, Finnish sauna, tepidarium. In Relax zone guests can take various massages, relax room and tepidarium.

    Offer for seminars

    In addition to all the features, Solaris Resort is the perfect choice for business guests. Our seminar room has modern audio and video equipment (projector, screen, plasma TV, sound system, microphone, flip chart). Capacity is 60-80 seats and it provides an opportunity for organization of various events (seminars, presentations, lectures, conferences). We are making a new congress hall up to 250 seats.

    Solaris Resort

    Relaxing and enjoyable moments in our lobby bar or on the terrace with a nice cup of coffee or a wide range of drinks. Recently the hotel has a new restaurant called "Biber" which has capacity of 140 seats. The restaurant offers wide range of national and international dishes, it is for the guests of the hotel and in addition because of its "a la cart" offer it is open for external guests too. With the refinement of this area you will find out what can be known through food.

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    accommodation Vrnjacka Banja
exclusive accommodation
hotel hotels
Hotels in Serbia
lux quarters
medicinal spa
organization of conferences congresses
relaxing Vrnjacka Banja
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    VISIT OUR ON LINE SHOP: www.hobby-dvesmizle.rs

    "Dve Smizle" is a brand established in 2002. We are dealing with wholesale and retail of jewelry of Swarowski elements and materials for making jewelry.
    Creative design, quality and affordable prices contributed to the rapid popularity of "Dve Smizle", experience, impeccable taste and innovative style have led the brand in a position to dictate fashion trends. We are cooperating with many stylists, fashion designers and TV stations. Our jewelry you can see on fashion shows, TV series, movies and theater performances.
    An important part of our company is the production of jewelry. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets are made of the finest materials such as Swarovski elements, semi-precious stones, glass, and we use only nickel-free metal elements, so there is no possibility of allergic reactions.
    "Dve Smizle" is successfully engaged in franchising. A number of franchise operations in Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, speaks in favor of it, and constantly expanding network of franchises.


    Franchising is the practice of using a successful business model of another company. It can be defined as a right granted to an individual or group that distributes products and services company that provides franchise under certain rules within the agreed areas using its name and logo.

    The main advantage for the franchisee to enter into standardized trade deal worked out in a successful business system.

    Franchise form of business has proven to be very successful. Leads to positive business results than in the case of an independent approach to the market.
    It is a cost effective and safe business cooperation between the franchisee and the franchisor.

    The main reason to take the franchise instead of starting your own business, is that you minimize the risk and increase the chances for success. The survey found that 80% of newly created companies fail within the first year of operations. The reason for such a high failure rate is primarily the fact that the owners need to learn how to run a particular type of business, what means that he have to learn from its own mistakes. On the other hand, the franchisee can immediately make available to their many years of experience.

    "Dve Smizle" offers the following forms of business cooperation:


    Benefits of joining the franchise system of "Dve Smizle":

    - developed technology business and the market has already won
    - reputation and distinctive quality
    - rapid return on investment and safe installation and expansion of the business
    - margin - the difference in price between the purchase and the sale is sufficient for the payment of all expenses and profit
    - training on methods of sales and operations, and training vendors
    - support in the work and management of retail facilities in the expansion of retail business and the opening of new stores
    - most favorable conditions for procurement of goods
    - No seasonal items - the whole range is sold throughout the year

    In our stores and franchises there is no stock of unsold goods. "Dve Smizle" design team is constantly producing new models what makes the offer dynamic and interesting.
    Welcome in our team!


    In the hobby shop of "Dve Smizle" you can find everything what can be necessary for making jewelry, tools, glass and acrylic pearls, hooks for earrings, chain, buckles, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, decorative packaging.. The diversity of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS certainly attracts attention.

    Retail stores:


    Nemanjina 40 - Slavija
    tel+381 (0)11 365 0007

    Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 26
    tel +381(0)11 324 56 31

    Banovo brdo
    Požeška 118a
    tel +381(0)11 254 15 41

    TC "Banjica"
    Paunova 24, lokal 8,
    tel +381(0)11 367 48 18

    Čumićevo sokače, lok 65
    tel.+381 (0)11 33 41 528



    Tržni centar "Bazar" - Novi Sad
    Bul. M. Pupina 1, lokal 1.7
    tel + 381(0)21 42 35 56

    More contacts:

    • Mobilni
      Tel.: 065/300-2-125, 
    • Telefon
      Tel.: 011/35 42 843, 

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bizuterija beograd
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dve šmizle
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Swarovski elementi
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bizuterija beograd
components for jewelry
dve šmizle
elements of Swarovski crystals
exclusive jewelry
fashion imitation jewelry
fashion jewelry
imitation jewelry
imitation jewelry Belgrade
imitation jewelry production
imitation jewelry retail
jewelry production
jewelry sale
jewelry imitation jewelry
leather wallets
original jewelry
original jewelry collection
semiprecious stones
swarovski cristal
swarovski crystal wholesale
Swarovski elementi
    Company Info ::::.

    service description:

    What is Ajur-veda

    Ajur-veda is the oldest, comprehensive health care system which is still used around the world. In India ajur-veda still has an advantage over allopathic medicine and it is studied in state schools and universities. World Health Organization, at its congress in Almaty in 1977. has officially recognized Ajur-veda sciences and recommended its implementation.

    Our goal is offering the best Ajur-veda products in the field of herbal and mineral supplements, cosmetics and personal hygiene. We want to represent some Yoga Techniques, Meditation, Breathing, Physical exercises and all other theoretical and practical knowledge what offers Ajur-veda for creating harmonious, healthy and long life.

    Why Ajur-veda?

    As the heat is close to fire, so close is ajur-veda to humanity.

    • Because ajur-veda is the oldest, most complete and most accurate system for health, beauty and long life.

    • Because it is 100% natural and harmonized with nature at every point of the globe.

    • Because it is scientifically proven, systematic and efficient.

    • Because it does not produce any harmful side-effects (treating one problem, dont creates a new one).

    • Because it has been verified thousands of years of practice (documents on which the modern ayurveda old are up to 5000 years).

    • Because it is a logical, understandable and easily applicable in every climate, every human being regardless of gender, race, religion and psycho-physical characteristics.

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alternative treatment
dietary preparations
floral medicines
herbal-based cosmetics
herbs products 
natural cosmetic product
natural cosmetics
natural cosmetics
natural products for health care
natural therapy
preparations of medicinal herbs
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