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Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 10z/IV
Novi Beograd, 11070
Tel.: 011/6301-271
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Many years of experience in the area of phytopharmacy has made Kirka Pharma one of the leading manufacturers of phyto-preparations and dietary products.
Supreme quality and design of a vast range of products ensured consumers trust in Kirka.

Our inspiration
Natural beauties and wealth of our country.
Ecologically clean and preserved areas with plenty of sunshine, mountains, thermal and natural waters.
Richness in forest fruits, remedial herbs with high percentage of active substances growing wild and grown on plantations.
Very long and rich tradition of using tea and balm in folk medicine.
Belief in miraculous healing power of herbs and phyto-preparations.

Tea production:
a) Production of filter tea
b) Production of mono-component pharmacy tea
c) Production of herbal mixture
d) Production of not packed tea
2. Production of herbal extracts:
a) Production of tinctures
b) Production of composed oils
c) Production of essential oils
3. Production of cosmetic formulas and items of general use:
a) Oil-based cosmetic formulas
b) Herbs-based items of general use

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cough syrups
essential oils
herbal teas
medicinal herbs
medicinal herbs
medicinal teas
preparations of medicinal herbs
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Faraway from crowded cities and fast lifestyle, stopped in time and remembrance Ethno eco resort Vranesha is situated. Peaks of the mount of Zlatar with their endless forests, pastures, rivers and lakes keep that perfect peacefulness.

Complex Ethno eco resort Vranesha includes central three-level building KRUNA of 400 square meters, where restaurant with fireplace, kitchen, terrace, administration offices, conference room, reception, ethno shop are placed, an two exclusive apartments, as separate entities, five bungalows, Ethno Wellness and swimming pool.
Five bungalows, each of 40 square meters with two double rooms and fireplaces are perfectly incorporated into the ambient of ethno environment. Their position and contents provide extraordinary comfort and facilities in booking, from single room to the whole bungalow.
Service of quiet, unassertive staff will make you replace the concept of active vacation with a little bit laziness.
Ethno Wellness, 390 square meters, according its high standards and architectural style is unique in this complex. It includes Russian spa, Finnish sauna, ice cave, tapidarium, massage and light therapy rooms, vital bar. By special warm link Ethno wellness is connected with winter and summer swimming pool.
Ethno eco resort has its own water source, and for heating of all rooms three sources of heating: under floor heating, radiators and fireplaces are used.
Exclusivity of the resort is the small number of guests , only 26, professionalism as obliged, educational staff and high quality of service.
Other facilities includes: fountain, bakery, places for relaxation and socializing, paths of healthiness, ethno exhibition, parking, heliport.

Five bungalows, each of 40 square meters, comprise two double rooms, equipped with desks, wardrobes and other elements, common bathroom with hydromassage showers, stone sinks, fireplaces, underfloor heating and radiators. The rooms are separated from the hall which comes out on the porch.

The names of bungalows: Iva, Nana, Kleka, Glog and Neven hide the beauty of mountain flowers and trees from this area and the fragnances of awakening, introducing you into the new day.

Exclusive apartment White Nights of 90 square meters, capacity of four persons, is a separate entity in central building. It is positioned on the opposite side of all contents. There is a separate entrance in to it. It comprises two bedrooms, one with double bed, the other with two beds, living room and working space, large bathroom with Jacuzzi and hydromassage shower.

Apartment Romance, capacity of two persons, fully justifies its name according to its romantic look. In the unique unit of 48 square meters the bedroom, living room and bathroom with hydromassage shower are incorporated. Handmade furniture and unusual interior solutions complete ethno eco experience with a view to the decidous forests of the Black peak.

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catering and turism
catering services
conservationist park
ethnic tourism
ethno village
health tourism
hotel Zlatar
Hotels in Serbia
nature conservation
quarters Zlatar
Serbian cuisine restaurant
sport tourism
tourism Serbia
traditional Serbian restaurant
untouchable nature
vegetarian restaurant
village tourism 
villager tourism
villager tourism Serbia
Wellness and SPA centers
wellness SPA centers
wilderness nature reserve
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Our company is dealing with:

Sale of all kinds of wigs of 100% natural and artificial hair.

Artificial wigs have exceptionally natural look, easy to maintenance with the attached instructions, dyeing is not possible.

Wigs of natural hair you have to care about is like your own hair, you can wash it, style it and if you want dye it. The base of the wigs (artificial and natural too) fully allows the scalp breathing what means that you can wear it all the time.

Sales of all kinds of inserts for hair of 100% natural or artificial hair.

There are two kinds of hair inserts, for ponytail and for normal position, so-called clips which are made for measure and customers requirements.

Hair extension of high quality 100% natural hair.

This way of hair extension is imperceptible and easy to care it in home conditions.

Making locks for hair extension with keratin.
Keratin is transparent, new generation easy to remove without hair damaging.

In our offer we have natural and artificial hair for the western market, wide range of models and colors to your specifications.

In our shop we have a wide range of jewelry and buckles.

Decades of experience is the guarantee of our quality.
Visit us and devote attention to yourself and your appearance!

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artificial hair
fashion accessories 
fashion imitation jewelry
hair extension of artificial hair
hair extension of natural hair
hair for supplementing
hair supplement
hairdressing services

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REN is constructed strictly on the basis of physics, falls into the group of tehnical inventions and does not require any external power source ( batery or electrical ) as it has its own, natural power supply based on the difference of potentials of the human body and the in-built oscillatory circuits.

REN is used for protection from:

1. Geophysical radiations ( underground waters, ground fissures, geological faults, ore and mineral deposits),
2. Hartmann and Carrey’s global network,
3. Cosmic rays (solar spectrum and galactic rays that pass through ionosphere ),

TECHNICAL-ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION caused by power lines or high and low frequency, power stations, electrical installations, electrical machines and apparatuses such as household appliances, radio and TV sets, computers, cellular telephones, wireless and fixed telephones etc. which all together create a saturation of enviroment with electromagnetic fields, also known as “electrosmog”.

RADIATION OF SHAPES of different objects which may be intensified by the combination of shape and material.

COMBINED RADIATION, such as combinations of harmful geological radiation and knots in Hartmans and Carreys global network.

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alternative methods of treatment
alternative treatment
elimination of negative energy
energy balance
harmful radiation
health from nature
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AD “MENTA” Padej was founded in 1978 with the aim to do production, processing, and sale of medicinal, seasoning, and aromatic herbs.

The idea of establishing facilities for the processing of medicinal herbs came from the awareness that Coka municipality has always been known for the production of medicinal and seasoning herbs and that it has significant natural resources, mainly due to the existence of ecological conditions for the growing of the aforementioned plants. More and more attention has been paid to medicinal herbs and to the skills of treatment with them developed by traditional medicine.

By industrial drying, process, finishing, distillation, and extraction of medicinal herbs and spices, finished products of high quality are obtained. AD “Menta” Padej has directed its production programme towards the production of preparations based on raw materials of natural origin.

Using our products you will realise new things and experience various surprises; but we would like you to discover them. Let our products be essential part of your everyday life!

Apart from constant control of raw materials and products in our microbiological, chemical, and process laboratories, constant control has been done in the Institute for Pharmacy of Serbia, in Belgrade.

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alcohol free drinks
dried vegetable
dried vegetables
fruit teas
herbal teas
medicinal herbs
medicinal herbs
natural balsam
natural cosmetics
natural therapy
processing of medicinal herbs
production of balsam for burns
production of balsam for face and body care
production of balsam for sunbathing
production of medicinal herbs
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Follow us also on FACEBOOK!!!!!

JASMIN is a 100% domestic (Serbian) company. We have been faithful to our tradition for 58 years, all generations buy at Jasmin perfumeries, - from those who are attached to classical tested products, to those who want the newest innovative products. The confidence which had been created for decades resulted old and new "jasminoholics".

With a retail chain of 29 shops (19 in Belgrade and 10 in other towns in Serbia), on the most elite urban locations, with a recognizable exterior and interior, Jasmin perfumeries are available to everyone, all products are for the customer and they are "at your fingertips".

Besides all the well known, accepted and prestigious brands, you can also find the most sophisticated brands at Jasmin perfumeries, so that shopping abroad becomes history. For the customers of Jasmin some of these brands became a synonym for JASMIN.

Professionally trained, competent, kind and sophisticated service staff works at a modern, creative environment in which the customers feel welcomed and relaxed, just like at home. This is the reason why JASMIN has been getting the highest grades from the customers for years.

There are constant discounts, price reductions, gifts with a purchase, promotions with an assistance of trained promoters and consultants, special opportunities during "Happy Day", the paying conditions are harmonized with the possibilities of the customers....these are the features of Jasmin perfumeries.

The always open connection with the customer - through a high-quality free magazine, website, advertisements in the most popular mediums, phone and SMS communication, - is responsible for a well informed customer who is a faithful and satisfied "jasminoholic".



JASMIN tel:011 26 22 940 Knez Mihailova 18

JASMIN tel:011 30 65 682 Terazije 26

JASMIN tel:011 26 23 531 Čika Lubina 7

JASMIN tel:011 30 35 428 Makedonska 16

JASMIN tel:011 30 35 513 Nušićeva 20

JASMIN tel:011 30 35 420 Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 48

JASMIN tel:011 30 86 196 Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 180

JASMIN tel:011 24 40 012 Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 164

JASMIN tel:011 30 16 443 Bulevar Dr. Zorana Đinđića 44

JASMIN tel:011 30 76 523 Gospodska 5, Zemun

JASMIN tel:011 30 58 559 Požeška 44

JASMIN tel:011 34 47 330 Maksima Gorkog 15

JASMIN tel:011 33 13 250 Ruzveltova 33

JASMIN tel:011 36 29 173 Njegoševa 3

JASMIN tel:011 20 30 562 Cara Dušana 28

JASMIN tel:011 31 20 587 Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 4

JASMIN tel:011 22 83 818 Gandijeva 21

JASMIN tel:011 630 58 30 Zaplanjska 32,

RK BEOGRAĐANKA JASMIN tel:011 33 33 615 Masarikova 5


NOVI SAD JASMIN tel:021 27 013 77 TC BIG Sentandrejski put 11

NOVI SAD JASMIN tel:021 66 12 515 Zmaj Jovina 3, Novi Sad

KRAGUJEVAC JASMIN tel:034 301 647 Kragujevačkog oktobra 70, Kragijevac

POZAREVAC JASMIN tel:012 221 520 Stari korzo 3, Požarevac

KIKINDA JASMIN tel:0230 22 278 Trg srpskih dobrovoljaca 19, Kikinda

VALJEVO JASMIN tel:014 292 388 Vuka Karadžića 15, Valjevo

NIS JASMIN tel:018 208 006 Obrenovićeva 5, Niš

UZICE JASMIN tel:031 514 693 Dimitrija Tucovic 65, Užice

KRALJEVO JASMIN tel:036 315 180 Velikog Milosa 10, Kraljevo

KRUSEVAC JASMIN tel:037 426 602 Mirka Tomica 33, Krusevac

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body creams
cosmetic products
cosmetic products
cosmetics for men
cosmetics for women
cosmetics sales
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- Hair care products
- Mens cosmetics
- Skin care creams
- "NAJ" home chemicals

The company "Zdravlje Kozmetika" Leskovac operates as an independent business entity since 2007. after privatization of Pharmaceutical Chemical Industry "Zdravlje AD" Leskovac.

The main activity of the company is production of cosmetics.

Our products are on the market for decades primarily due to superior quality and tested formulations with carefully selected combination of active ingredients and their positive and efficient approach.

Our policy aims that our products meet all the requirements of the cosmetic industry, legislation and environmental protection, and therefore the customer requirements in terms of quality, efficiency, safety and cost.

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NAJ Glass
NAJ Podoper
NAJ Sanitar
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Spa “Junakovic” is situated at the ledge of same-name Park-wood and 4,5 km far away from city Apatin. Her thermal water is from 700 m deepness and reach temperature upon 50 C. The thermal water of spa “Junakovic” is the same category as water at Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic), Harkan (Hungary) and Lipik (Croatia).
A medical therapy involves healing rheumatism of different origins, orthopedics and neurology diseases, gynecology diseases and diseases of the respiratory tract.
Among complex of 10 outdoors pools, 4 tennis courts there is also indoor therapy pool, 2 finnish saunas and gym, and guests can relax with underwater massage or hand massage (anti-celullite massage, relax, honey and chocolate massage, reflex massage of the heels, scrub marine spa treatment, ayurvedic massage and limf drenage), which is involved with convenient daily and weekend packages. From our offer we recommendig: Gyps Bermudas and Oligoessenthia Treatment of the body with sea-plants.
Across the Park-Wood “Junakovic” lead on Foot-path of health, and with cycling-paths Spa “Junakovic” is connected with nearby Apatin and Prigrevica.
Spa “Junakovic” have all capabilities for organizing seminars (2 auditoria’s for 100 persons, with modern AV equipment ), lunches and celebrations (restaurant with capacity for 450 persons).

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body reshaping
fitness centre
fitness program
fitness recreation
gypsum shorts
home nursing
Indian Ayurveda-Massage
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service description:

Polyclinics and clinics.
Doctors with various activities:
Allergy, cardiology, surgery, dermatology.

PERMANENT Hair Removal with diode laser

Permanent, painless, harmless epilation.


Echo with color Doppler, stress tests, Holter ECG, Holter blood pressure, Doppler blood vessels.


One-day surgery: general, vascular, urological, Decius.

Cosmetic Surgery in cooperation with the top team from Belgrade.


Dermatology: all facial and body treatments.

Dermoscopy: the most modern way of examination and diagnosis of tumors of the skin.


Ultrasound in all organs and tissues. Allergies: Testing and treatment.

Laboratory: complete hematological and biochemical analysis, hormones, tumor markers.







Consultation from all other branches of medicine as needed.


21000 NOVI SAD


Phone: 021/525-261 ,426-555

E-mail: pekic@poliklinika.co.yu

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aesthetic surgery
breast tumors
hair removal
permanent hair removal
plastic surgery
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service description:

"ZOKIS FOOD" - HEALTH IS IN YOUR HANDS Zoran Stojiljković - fruit and vegetable processing


Indigestion, constipation - herbal drops, tincture made from buckthorn, chamomile, mint, anise, fennel, flax and coriander.
Use: 2x daily 20 drops after meal in 1 dl. of tea.
Effects: helps regulate digestion, constipation, bloating.
Volume: 50 ml.

Chaga tincture, made from Chaga mushroom powder.
Use: 3 times daily 20 drops in 2 dl of green tea.
Effect: the same as chaga tea.
Volume: 50 ml.

Chaga immuno, made from extracts of chaga and honey.
Use: 3 times daily, one teaspoon before meals.
Effect: affects immunity and recovery from illness.
Volume: 370 ml.

We produce tinctures:
- antiparasitic tinctures
- against diabetes...
Medicinal herbs:
- mistletoe
- hawthorn
- wild garlic...
In our offer we have also:
- chaga wild mushroom
- original aronia juice
- aronia tea...
All our products are certified and controlled by the competent institution. In case of purchasing our products, clients get an appropriate certificate with the product.

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Allium ursinum
Anti-parasite drops
Aronia juice
aronia tea 
Company Info ::::.

service description:

DCP HEMIGAL was founded in Leskovac on March 22, 1995, with primary activity being the development and production of cosmetic preparations. Founder and owner Živorad Denić, with two employees, began his work in a small rented space. During the years the company has continuously developed and insisted on product quality, detailed and strict internal control and fast and efficient transport of products, thereby achieving satisfaction of end users. Therefore, it became the hallmark of cosmetic production in the region.

Production program DCP HEMIGAL contains:

* Products for sensitive skin care, babies and children (ointment, cream, oil, shampoo and bath);
* Products for care and conditioning skin face and body (cream, milk, lotion);
* Products for care, cleaning, conditioning and hair design (wax, gels, oils, shampoos, regenerator, hydrogen cream);
* Phytopreparation with an anti-cellulite properties, for shaping the body (the so-called gels. Cream-gel);
* Preparations for depilation (custard, wax).

* Address : Tekstilna 97, 16000 Leskovac, Serbia
* Phone : +381 (0)16 243 413, +381 (0)16 213 228
* Fax : +381 (0)16 250 246
* E-mail: info@dcp-hemigal.rs

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 016/213-228, 
  • Tel.: 016/254-131, 

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after-sun lotion
almonds cream
anti-cellulite gel with ivy extract
anti-cellulite massage oil
baby cosmetics
baby lotion 
baby oil
baby shampoo and bath
body milk
Chamomile regenerative cream
coconut oil
cold wax for waxing
conditioner for hair
cosmetic for children
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apple vinegar
bee products
bio food
black caraway
caraway oil
cold pressed oils
cosmetics essence
diabetes patient
diabetic food
food industry
hazelnut cream
healthy food
herbal butter
natural apple vinegar
natural cosmetics
natural vinegar
olive oil
program for diabetics
pumpkin oil
sesame core
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Subotica , 24000
Interest on the map

service description:

Company Info ::::.
Žorža Klemansova 24
Beograd, 11000
Interest on the map

service description:

Company Info ::::.

Subotica , 24000
Interest on the map

Other Categories:

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Company Info ::::.

service description:

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cosmetic package
package from plastic mass
packaging for cosmetic products
pharmacy packaging
plastic fancy good
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