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The mission of our agency is to make the quality of life better, in one hand by making the entrances of buildings, homes and offices more hygienic, and in the other hand by taking care of old people to make them completely satisfied with our service, because we will be there for them if they need help, attention or understanding.

The satisfaction of our clients is our priority!


The every day pace of living which means distance, stress at work, caring for children, personal problems... don`t let us devote totally to our older family members, who also need help and attention. This is why our agency “JANS Agencija” is here to listen to You and our caretakers will fulfill Your needs and the needs of the older members of Your family.

Help and support of our caretakers in your home means constant services that last from 3 to 8 hours a day, or helping older people few times a weak or month.

Help and support to older people in doing housework means the following activities:

- preparation of food

- washing laundry, hygiene and preparation of bedclothes and clothes

- ironing

- vacuuming

- wiping the dust

- paying the bills

- shopping and buying medicine at the pharmacy

- escort for a walk

- friendship and support

- small repairs around the house - changing bulbs, fuses ...


The hygiene of our living environment is of great importance.

This is why, besides a clean apartment, the entrance of our building to the entrance of our home should also be clean and tidy.

“JANS Agencija” is here to help you make the entrance of your apartment to be always clean, disinfected and of good smell. Our experienced and hard-working hygienists can be recognized by their meticulousness, precision and good organization. The offer of regular cleaning is shown below, which can be modified at your request.
Paying of regular maintenance of hygiene can be done through J.P. Informatika, or can be directly paid to the tenants assembly.

Besides quality cleaning "around" our apartments, our hygienists are available also to clean Your apartment or offices. Besides their above mentioned virtues, we guarantee You reliability in the protection of Your buildings and stuff and efficiency in the execution of our agreement. We also do services of cleaning after adoption of homes or offices.

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Milentija Popovića 32/a
Beograd, 11000
Tel.: 060/32-64-666
Fax: 069/32-64-666
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Milentija Popovića 32/A, lok. 35
11070 Novi Beograd

+381 60 32 64 666
+381 69 32 64 666
+381 11 71 15 269

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Kružni put 11e
Beograd, 11000
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