Company Info ::::.
Milovana Glišića 5
Novi Sad, 21000
Tel.: 063/507-269
Fax: 021/500-345
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  • MobilSistemi

service description:

Mobilsistemi Ltd
deals with production, rental, servicing and maintenance.

Produces sandwich-panel containers and certain types of showers and faucets.
Provides rental, servicing and maintenance for all types of containers, mobile toilets, mobile fences, showers and faucets.

The headquarters of the company is based in Novi Sad in two locations:
Offices: Milovana Glišića no 5, Novi Sad
Production: Rade Končara no 1, within the factory "Pobeda", Petrovaradin

Emergency phones non-stop for:
Mobile toilets: Tel.: +381 60 500 34 61 | +381 60 500 34 76
Containers: Tel.: +381 60 500 34 76
Fences: Tel.: +381 60 500 34 76

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Sails of second-hand complex-containers - offices

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Sales of second-hand containers - kiosks

Sales of second-hand kiosk >>>

Mobile toilets, toilet cabins. Terms of Use and conditions for setting. How to order

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Containers, modular objects. Advantages and characteristics. Types, production and prices


Mobile fences, fences. Types, purpose, characteristics, stability.

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Production of standard containers and according to the customers wish, service, maintenance, services

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Rent and sale of products and equipment

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Festival equipment, rental and sales

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Assembled removable fence
back stage
camp equipment
camping equipment
chemical toilet
chemical toilets
community utilities
Construction containers
container rental
container towns
Company Info ::::.
Milovana Glišića 5
Novi Sad, 21000
Tel.: + 381 60 500 34 77
Fax: +381 21 500 345
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service description:

¤ Two complexes of containers
are for sale in seen state! ¤

¤ "Komplex 1" and "Komplex 2"
produced and mounted in 2011 ¤

¤ Both complexes are produced by order.
¤ Both complexes consist of several connected standard containers.
¤ The complexes have:
- completely installed electricity
- water supply and sewerage
- heaters and cooling appliances
- pvc and wooden joinery
- laminated floor coverings
- plasterboard wall coverings
- sanitary knots separated male and female
- shower cabins
- tea kitchen
- several offices
- a mini warehouse
- a meeting room

The whole complex is for sale in seen state!

All interested may call Tel.: +381 21 500 345

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construction container
Construction containers
container production
container rental
container towns
mobile container
office container
office containers