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Since its foundation in 2009. SIS Software and Service has started as substantive company which is specialized in providing IT services, and is focused on EMV software, chip card personalization development and PCI DSS standards, unit and card selling.

In order to successfully satisfy the needs of our clients we apply the experience and modern technology and continuously update our solutions. Customer-orientation and a long-term business relationship with our partners and customers determine our actions. We are in disposal for cards and software solutions - IT corporative SW security and protection.

Banking/Credit cards are an instrument of non-cash payment for goods and services through POS terminals, and also allow cash withdrawals from ATMs. There are several types of card division, depending on the applied criteria of classification, as follows:
• Technological,
• Type of printing,
• Carrier of information,
• Financial,
• Communication,
• Identification and others.

Bank cards are:

- local - DinaCard,
- International - MasterCard, Maestro, VISA, American Express, Diners Club and others.

They have all the characteristics of the card issuer, coded the necessary personal data required for execution of payment transactions.

Advantages of credit cards are:
- Easier to use
- Saving time when using
- Confidence when is in use
- The availability of funds from account 24 hours a day
- Consistent with all types of payment cards (debit and credit)

SIS Software and services is able to offer a complete service from design, production and personalization of all types of cards, in cooperation with Thames Card Technology UK we offer all types of banking and credit card verification for institutions of Visa - MasterCard.

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  • Tel.: 011 630 42 20, 

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AVE is one of the leading companies in manufacturing of:

MODULAR ELECTRIC PRODUCTS: switches, keys, sockets of different standards, tv-fm-clock outlets, telephone and LAN connectors, light controller sensors, panic lights, dimers, relays, electronic and electromechanical tones, sound level regulators and built-in speakers, analog and digital thermostats which controls temperature, programmable timers.

ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENTS: distribution boards, automatic fuses, contactors, switches, relays, DIN timers, DIN transformers, DIN tones, installation boxes in different dimensions, OG program in the degree of protection IP40, IP44, IP55 i IP66.

SECURITY SYSTEMS: fire alert systems, gas leak detectors (TNG, methane), water leak detectors.

HOSPITAL CALL SYSTEMS: sound and visual signaling and calling medical staff from hospital.

HOTEL MANAGEMENT: using this system the management of the hotel is simple and automatic. It provides significant energy savings and increases the level of comfort for the guests of the hotel.

"SMART HOUSE" SYSTEMS: complete control of your house with the latest technology, that allows significant savings in electricity consumptions, along with raising the comfort to a much higher level. Centralized control for lighting, for heating, for blinds, for electronic equipments, for audio systems with Touch Screen displays or with remote control.

The absolute hit is AVE TOUCH - the newest series, which consists of touch switches, dimers, keys, commands, touch chimes for front door, socket covered with glass mask and a wide range of signals for public spaces covered with glass mask in different colors.

All our products are top quality with recognizable Italian design!

If you want information about our shops in Serbia, in Montenegro, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Croatia, in Macedonia or in Albania please contact us.

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Gas leak detectors
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industrial automatics
intrusion protection
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