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The PROTECTED NATURE RESERVE "ZASAVICA" informs You, that we are completely prepared for your visit.
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GASTRONOMICAL PLEASURE from the special nature reserve of Zasavica in Serbia! Here is the most expensive cheese in the world, called "PULE". To make just one kilogram of cheese, it takes up to 25 liters of donkey milk, so the dizzy price goes up to 1000 euros! This unique cheese has the name "PULE", after a donkeys offspring, and can boast its position at the top of the ladder of the five most expensive cheeses of the world.

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In the area of northern Mačva, east of the river Drina and south of the river Sava, in the municipality of Sremska Mitrovica and Bogatić, the Reserve "Zasavica" is located.

The total length of the watercourse Zasavica is 33.1 km, width up to 80 m and a depth of 2 m. There is an area of 1,821 ha of the Reserve, which is under protection.

Zasavica has numerous rare plant and animal species, some of them are on the verge of their survival. There is a total record of over 600 plant species, 198 bird species, 27 species of amphibians and reptiles and 23 species of fish.

The main feature of the aquatic vegetation of the area provides an abundant composition of water lilies and underwater forests of seaweeds.

Camping Zasavica - Serbia, auto camp

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GPS coordinates of the entrance gate of the Visitor Center:
440 57, 32,2,, N i 190 31, 32,7,, E

GPS coordinates of the entrance gate of the Auto camp:
440 57, 38,0,, N i 190 31, 23,0,, E

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Tradition of producing cured meat on the pleasant slopes of Zlatibor, the mountain in Southwestern Serbia, on vast meadows suitable for sound breeding of highland cattle, has been handed down over centuries. Long time ago, meat was cured for personal use only: for nourishment of crowded "clan" during the cold days of winter. Step by step, the tradition was brought forth and developed and, besides dairy products - cheese and kajmak - has yet become a trademark of Zlatibor region.

The creator of this tradition in Stojanovic family, in Mackat village, was Jovo Stojanovic, who started with cure of goat meat, the best quality parts of goat leg, in the distant 1885. In this area, backward then but wealthy today, people bred goats a lot, and the head of the household cured meat and kept it in a barn, in grain in order to provide meat during the whole year!

The grain was wheat or rye, and meat was submerged within a hand reach. Thus the meat was protected from pests and kept its freshness.

Jovo passed his skill and knowledge on his sons, teaching them how to respect and love handicraft of cured meat, unique in taste, prepared in accordance with the recipes of their forefathers.

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