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Kruševačka 18
Aleksandrovac, 37230
Tel.: +381 63 108 23 49
Fax: +381 37 355 53 82
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GRO-AS doo Aleksandrovac company for production, trade and foreign trade and services was established in 1993.

The production program of the company:

- Production of copper and aluminum seals in SRPS.MC4.500

Aluminum and copper seals are used in industries at all joint connections for sealing fuel, oil and air, in car industry and in other industries where are using oil, fuel and air.

- Production of spreader with conical and cylindrical screws in SRPS.MC4.613 and SRS.MC4.614

Seals are used in all parts of industries, they are used for lubrication of hinge joints, sliding surfaces, etc.

- Production of air connections

Ports are used in automotive and process industries.

- Manufacturing of wire springs fi3 - fi20 for industries, car industry and agricultural machines.

Springs are widely used in all manufacturing operations and overhauls.

Our company is cooperating with domestic and foreign partners.

We exhibited our products at trade fairs in Serbia.


-PPT Trstenik
-PPT Armature Aleksandrovac
-“Metalac” G.Milanovac
-“HCP” Kruševac
-“Galeb system” Beograd
-”M2M solution” Beograd
-IMK “14 Oktobar” Kruševac
-FPM “Agromehanika” Boljevac
-“Utva” Kačarevo
-“Rapp Zastava” Kragujevac
-”Sloboda” Čačak
-”Vatrosprem” Beograd
-”Henkel” Kruševac
-“Kruševac put”
-“La Vita” Aleksandrovac
- etc.

Tel.: 037/355-53-82 Fax: 037/355-53-84
Fax: 037/355-61-71

Aleksandar Tel.: 063/108-23-49

Grozdan Tel.: 063/641-109

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aluminum seals
canal for aggressive fluids
canal for overheated steam
connections for hydraulic hose
copper gaskets
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    Production program:

  • Production of connectors - fittings for hydraulic flexible hose (hydraulic, pneumatic, gas installations, petrochemical),

  • Production and montage of hydraulic flexible and industrial hose pipes,

  • Production and montage of suction-discharge hose pipes for different areas and all kinds of fluids

  • Cutting processing - making different kinds of steel parts, bronze, aluminum etc. which are used in industries

  • making special parts and constructions according to your documentation

  • High quality surface protection (galvanizing Zn 12 PS-blue, green, yellow, ...., 6-valence chromium-eco ...)

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connections for hydraulic hose
couplings for hydraulic hoses
electro deposit
fittings for hydraulic hoses
gas installations
Industrial hoses
production of hydraulic hoses
surface protection
tubes for air conditioning

connections for hydraulic hose
couplings for hydraulic hoses
electro deposit
fittings for hydraulic hoses
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Kovin, 26220
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Đoke Mijatovića 26.
Novi Sad, 21000
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