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    Zelenilo Josipovic offers the next services:

  • Projecting, construction and maintenance of gardens and other green surfaces

  • Greening, and maintenance of green surfaces

  • Sales of planting materials

  • Sales and installation of grass carpets

  • Clearing of large weed areas

  • Building fountains, streams and lakes of various sizes and shapes

  • Working on new floral areas with seasonal and perennial flowers

  • Planting of deciduous and coniferous trees

  • installation and maintenance of irrigation systems and irrigation pop-up systems

  • Forming shapes, pruning and cutting ornamental shrubs and conifers

  • Reconstruction of football and other sport fields

  • Sales of cared beautiful lawn

Lawn or grass carpet?

From early spring to late fall, well-groomed lawn is centerpiece in any garden. It represents in the garden what surface represents on the image. A good lawn will give to each plant which is based on to stand out in its full beauty, and reverse with a bad, "bald" lawn the whole garden will loose its beauty. Establishing a good lawn requires a little effort but it is worth because of the results.
The best time for this job is in early spring (Mart, April) or late summer, but in the meantime is not too late.

Lawn care

Regular sprinkling is necessary for lawn maintenance, especially after the dry winter and during the dry summer. Other measures include: regular fertilization, rolling lawn after winter, regular mowing and weed removal, except for the mechanical removal, using selective herbicides.

Grass carpet

Placement of grass carpet in the fastest way for greening gardens, parks and other green surfaces. Easy placement and maintenance of grass carpet is the best alternative for those who are not ready to wait patiently for lawn to grow. Within two weeks you will have a resistant lawn in your garden, park.

Zelenilo Josipovic performs editing and maintenance of yards, gardens and parks. Years of experience in organization and maintenance of lawns, knowledge of seedlings and plants, pruning, plant protection.
Professional, precise.

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Nursery garden "Spremic 2" as a sale place was founded in 2010. Maybe you will say that we are very young but first we have to emphasize that this is a family business with which we have been dealing for many years.

Graduate agronomist, Milojko Spremić, has been doing this business for 35 years of which 25 years he was working as manager of a public nursery garden company in Subotica.

Nursery garden "Spremic 2" was created because we realized the need to get closer to our customers, so we opened another place of sale in the city.

Knowledge, experience and new knowledge which is applicable in practice, as well as cooperative work and effort allow us to create high quality planting materials. Our regular and satisfied customers can testify more and more about it who return to us and give us their trust.

If you want fertile orchards and beautiful gardens you are at the right place!

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