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New store in Belgrade:
Smederevski put - Bulevar revolucije 45

Dual - Production of profiled facade metal sheets for roofs.

Production of profiled metal sheets for covering buildings and related construction metal sheets.
Profiled sheets are intended for covering roofs and facades of not heated buildings or as final coating of ventilated roofs and facades.

Production and sales of trapeze metal sheets, aluminum walls, gutters and other construction metal sheets.

Aluminum walls are produced from aluminum metal sheets. It is extremely resistant to water and atmospheric effects, is does not get corrosion, does not need any maintenance neither if it is embedded in your inner nor in outer space.

The final elements of the aluminum walls are boards, and they are knocked with aluminum nails for a barbecue, a horn on a house or another prepared surface.
Construction metal sheet works are related mostly to the roof and gutters of roof windows or chimney.

Our products:

- tin tile panels
- profiled metal sheets
- profiled metal sheets for roof and facade
- ribbed metal sheets
- aluminum walls
- gutters
- metal sheet accessories

- cutting of aluminum and galvanized metal sheets by the customers wish
- sheet bending


Element for life!

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  • Tel.: 063 622 560, 
  • Tel.: 063 1173 028, 

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al metal sheets
aluminium baseboard
aluminium sheet
aluminium slats
aluminum sheets
building tinker
corrugated sheet metal with felt
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galvanized tin
hv sheet
metal products
metal sheet
metal sheets
Profiled roofing sheet
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CNC aluminum processing

Service of aluminum milling on CNC machine center HAAS TM-3PHE.

Characteristics of the machines 1016 x 508 x 406mm (xyz).
Warehouse with 10 interchangeable tools.

So far we mostly involved in producing components for high-end audio devices.

Making components from small to large series.

Low cost milling !!!

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CNC aluminium
cnc metal processing
CNC milling
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Valjevo , 14000
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Aluminium and PVC carpentry production: doors, windows, shutters, fences, blinds, awnings, elements from polycarbonate
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Svetog Save 74/b
Apatin, 25260
Tel.: 025/780-700
Fax: 025/776-647
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Užice , 31000
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Beograd, 11000
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