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011/263-74-16 or 064/29-59-011

TOPERS Company Ltd. from Belgrade was established in 1990.
Thw main activity of the company is renting - renting of construction scaffolding on "keys in hands" system.

- Construction scaffolding
- Scaffolding renting for all types of construction works
- Making of scaffolding constructions with development projects
- Installation
- Removal
- Transport
- Project developing
- Grounding of scaffolding

20 years experience

We possess certificates of applied international conventions on work safety for our scaffoldings

* Rental - scaffolding rent
* Space
* Assembly and disassembly of scaffolding
* Transport
* Additional protective equipment
* Projects and study developing for scaffolding installation
* Work platforms making
* Awning making
* Site enclosure

Topers Doo

Topers Ltd.
Dunavska 25
1100 Beograd
Tel.: +381 11 2637 416
Mob : +381 64/29-59-011

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  • Tel.: 064-295-9011, 

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Allround scaffolding Multidirectional
aluminum scaffolding
building scaffolding
building trade ending works
civil engineering
construciton scaffold rent
engineer activity
facade restoration
facade sanding 
facade scaffoldings
frame scaffolding
frontage revitalization
hire scaffolding
hydraulic work platforms
lift work platform
modular scaffolding
object adaptation
rental of construction scaffolding
Rental of scaffolding
scaf folding
scaffold panels
scaffolding Rental
scaffolding rental
self-propelled work platforms
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NEW in the offer of BOMETAL!

"BOMETAL" d.o.o. from Nova Pazova deals with selling, production and developing of connective elements.
There are connective elements by the strictest DIN and ISO standards and special connective elements (screw, nuts, washers, rivets and others).
"BOMETAL" cooperates with renowned european companies for connective elements and cutting tools as HSS Tools, OBO Bettermann, Masterfix, POP Tools, MKT from Germany.

DL Chemicals - Pur foams, silicones, MS polymers, removers

Elementi za fiksaciju

Elektrode i žice za CO2 varenje

Čelična užad

Pneumatski i baterijski alati

Pur pene i silikoni

GEKKOU Kobaltne burgije

Vijci i aparat za punktovanje

Brusne ploče

Tehnička hemija

Pneumatski i ručni alati za zakivne navrtke

Masterfix zakivne navrtke

Pneumatski i ručni alati za pop nitne

Pop nitne

HSS burgije

MKT mehanički i hemijski ankeri

PVC vijci

Vijčana roba

Samorezni vijci

Prohromski program

Umetci, bicevi

Plastični tiplovi


Neatestirani anker


Navojni umetci

Kneza Mihaila 87, 22330 Nova Pazova, R. Srbija
Tel: + 381 (0)22 323 765
Fax: + 381 (0)22 323 740

Komercijalisti na terenu:

Dragan Popović
Region: Beograd

Tel: + 381 (0)62 401 446

Ivan Miladinović
Region: Beograd

Tel: + 381 (0)69 522 9077

Dragoljub Maksimović
Region: Centralna i Zapadna Srbija

Tel: + 381 (0)69 522 9001

Miodrag Milojković
Region: Južna Srbija /Nišavski okrug/

Tel: + 381 (0)69 522 9003

Vojislav Stojanović
Region: Istočna Srbija /Braničevski okrug/

Tel: + 381 (0)69 522 9004

Ivan Kozlić
Region: Vojvodina

Tel: + 381 (0)69 522 0063

Radovan Stefanović
Pločice za CNC mašine

Tel: + 381 (0)69 520 05 52

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aluminum screws puncturing
anchor for concrete
anchor screw
bolts for trucks
bolts washers rivets
buffer blocks
cage nut
chemical anchors
Chemical Capsules
chemical mortar for anchoring
chemistry for anchoring
concrete drill
Cutting wheels
device for puncturing
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"Zvezda Mladenovic doo" is a family business, found in 1998, with the goal in order to position itself at the top of the list of related companies, and that his name is associated with quality, professionalism and reliability.

Specialization in one type of work and the desire to meet the demands of investors, provides us a constant occupancy, which annually is approx. 90,000 m2.

Cement screed, which was originally intended only as a basis for the flooring in apartments is now used in all phases of construction.
From protection, thermal and hydro insulation in the floor slab, through the layers on the terraces, roofs and bathrooms, as base for epoxies and acrylates in the garage, to stone surface, concrete and printed concrete in exterior.

Cement screed is placed on a support, usually concrete or insulation layers, wherein the sleeve can be used directly as a sub, or coated with a variety of floor coverings.
Depending on the mode, cement screed has a supporting function, but may also represent an element of protection from moisture, heat and sound insulation.

Unfortunately in practice there is very often a need for rehabilitation and repair of floor construction, which over time, subject to various loads and other influences, showing various forms of damage and deformation.
The damage is usually manifested during the operation, but in some cases immediately after preparation, where it is, in most cases, appear on the final floor covering made ​​through a cement screed.

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basis concreting 
building trade ending works
cement concrete
cement concrete surface 
cement screed
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Luke Stevića 7.
Loznica , 15300
Tel.: (015) 875-611
Fax: (015) 878-790
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  • Tel.: (015) 878-791, 
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Slobodana Penezića bb.
Loznica , 15300
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Grgetecka 2.
Beograd, 11000
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building materials
building trade material stocks
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Dalmatinske Zagore 150/a
Zemun, 11080
Tel.: 00000000
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Markovac, 11325
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