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Our services

  • Painting Flat

  • Ceramics Works

  • Painting doors

  • Painting facade

  • Making demit (Thermal insulation) facade

  • Gypsum Works (Suspended ceiling, partition walls)

  • Antique cast-polystyrene as an alternative (Moldings, balustrade, etc.)

"Ci sono differenze tra imbianchini...e imbianchini" said Michelangelo and went to portray the Sistine Chapel.
"There is a difference between painters...and painters."

Our values

We always do what we promise. Painting work
with the ZR Rajla has never surprises. You can be sure that we always provide the best service on time and within budget.

We respect individuality
We are a shop that has a culture of respect. Respect for our employees, Respect for you, for our customers. Respect for our partners.

We are proud of what we do
We are the masters of our craft. That is the reason why we put personal pride in what we do.

We strive for constant improvement
We believe that there is always place for improvement in our work, in communication with customers, in ways to build long term business relationships.

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Slavka Rodića 72
Lazarevo, 23241
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Ilindenska 8
Subotica , 24000
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