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Large selection of spare parts for sprayers and atomizers

Accumulators for electric bikes

We offer a large number of quality batteries for electric bikes at affordable prices and suitable chargers for the same. A long battery life will provide a safe and long-lasting ride without fear that you will remain without energy on the road. The battery pack for electric bikes can be easily mounted. If you have any questions, feel free to call us in order to determine with certainty which battery or charger meets your needs.

REPROTEC Ltd. deals with sales of spare parts for agricultural machinery, distribution of sprayers, atomizers and mineral fertilizer spreaders.

In our product range you can find:

¤ wedge belts
¤ gear belts
¤ variation belts
¤ flat belts

and spare parts for agricultural machinery:

¤ Belts for "roller" balers HESTON, IMT ...
¤ parts for pickers ZMAJ, SIP ...
¤ roller chains for agricultural machinery and industry
¤ bearings for agricultural machinery and mechanization, passenger and goods transportation program

We can also offer accompanying accessories that go with bearings:
¤ semerings
¤ paper tubes
¤ housing
¤ fuse sec
¤ balls of lubricants and others.

... there are also ANTIFREEZE
¤ and cardan shafts of various dimensions
¤ batteries for agricultural machinery, passenger and cargo programs.

In addition to distribution of spare parts, a large part of our offer includes sprinklers, which are intended for the protection of crop, fruit and vineyard crops from weeds, diseases and insects.

¤ crop sprayers
¤ axial sprayers for orchards, atomizer

We distribute all our items for wholesale and retail.

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