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On the prettiest and most green part of the mountain Goč, on the place Dobra Voda, there is a childrens resort "Goč" (altitude 920 meters), 28 km far from Kraljevo.

Children`s resort "GOČ"

Children resort Goč It has a recently renovated building, "Dobra Voda" with 100 beds (bedrooms: 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5; each room with shower and toilet). Within the building there is a renovated restaurant with 150 seats.

There is also a pavilion typed building with 128 beds (16 rooms with 8 beds and 5 rooms with 2 beds for teachers-trainers). Within this complex there is a building with 4 classrooms, a restaurant and a clinic.

During the school year, the resort organizes classes in nature, and during the winter and summer holidays, it organizes vacations.

Building "Dobra Voda"

Within the Childrens resorts Goč, there is a building "Dobra Voda" with 100 beds. Rooms are with two, three,four and five beds. Each room has shower and toilet. Object "Dobra Voda" is located next to the ski trails and it is a restaurant with two stars and hall for entertainment. You can use the following services: full board, half board and lodging.

For users of board services, using a balloon hall is included in the price (1 hour per day).

For additional information about the reservations, the price of accommodation, ski pass, and others, you can contact us directly on contact page of this site.

For recreation during the wet and cold days and preparing sports teams, the resort has a sport hall balloon of 1000 m2. This covered hall has dimensions of 49x22m (dimensions of a handball court) and it is equipped with all necessary sport accessories. Here trainings are held for volleyball, basketball, handball and football teams. The hall has a modern system of lighting, ventilation and heating systems, and there is a mini debate.


In one part of the balloon hall there is an equipped gym, which is available for all guests of childrens resort.

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 036/5110-290, 

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air spa
balloon hall 
child resort
children's trips
fitness recreation
gym technogym
holiday in winter
mountain home
quarters Goc
rooms Goč
school in nature
school trip
ski trails 
skiing Goč
sport equipments 
term health
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EN ISO 9001:2008
EN ISO 14001:2004
EN ISO/IEC 27001:2005
EN ISO 50001:2011
OHSAS 18001:2007
Excellent SME

The printing and publishing company "GRAFOPRODUKT" was established in 1992. The development direction of the company is not just about the enlargement of our machine park, but also increasing the number of our staff, in order to meet the demands of the market and to find new potential opportunities for collaboration.

In addition to publishing books and newspapers we can print catalogs, brochures, leaflets and make light cardboard packaging and labels.

3 operators work on high capacity computers, that allows undisturbed work. We do services like: scanning, filming and CTP panel lighting.

To satisfy our customers we also do:
- book fracturing
- designing of catalogs and commercial surfaces
- making logos
- making photographs in high resolution - of buildings, products and objects for different publications.

You can read more about the delivery of printing material and our offer on: www.grafoprodukt-subotica.rs

The basic technology is offset printing.
We have 4 offset machines:

- Four colored B2
- Two colored B2
- Four colored A3
- One colored B3

Our technical abilities allow printing on papers from 60 to 400 grams.

In addition, we have digital printing and large format printing.

- Mimaki CJV solvent printer (CJV30-160)
- Integrisani solvent printer-cutter (Print&Cut)
- Mimaki CJV30 solvent printer-cutter is an advanced version of the old Mimaki JV3 solvent printer, with a unique integrated system for printing and cutting, what brigs us a much bigger choice and flexibility in our work.
Starting from souvenir shops, copiers, design agencies, to screen printers, we offer our services of making advertisements and other printing services, the CJV30 series offer high performance printing and cutting to its customers. Advertisements of large format, such as large posters, graphics, POP displays, backlit, window decoration, car graphics, floor advertising, etc..
We are not able to perform fieldwork (measuring, gluing, etc.).

We are able to provide the following services: laminating, plastic coating, film and plate (CTP) lightening , design, fracturing.

There are three professional bookbinders who do finishing works. Their professionalism is completed by our machine park: benders, collectors, plastic coating makers, laminating machines, benders and staplers of large format.
Besides the above mentioned machine park there are some auxiliary devices which allow us to do:
- numbering
- punching up to format B2 (folders, boxes)
- gluing and sewing books.

Our business partners can count on fast and quality works.

Visit our website www.grafoprodukt-subotica.rs everyone will find something interesting. Because of limited space, it is impossible to present the full range of the production program.
Ask us for an offer and detailed information.

E-mail: grafosu@mts.rs Tel.: 024/555-032
E-mail: office@grafoprodukt-subotica.rs
E-mail: director@grafoprodukt-subotica.rs
E-mail: commerce@grafoprodukt-subotica.rs

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advertising and business materials printing
big sized printing
board packaging
boards lightning
book printing
bookbinding finishing
CTP device
Design exclusive invitations
design making of invitations
design service
Košutova 4
Totovo Selo, 24427
Tel.: 064 103 17 17
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Sports Association Academy "Istvan Njers" Totovo Selo,

Sports Association Academy "Istvan Njers" Totovo Selo, or in its more usual name, Soccer Academy "Njers", was officially founded on October 10th, 2011.

The Founder of the Academy is Reverend Jene Utasi, the leader of the local church community.

At the Academy, there are about seventy soccer players in general, who train and play in different teams.

An integral part of the Academy is a dormitory for students by the name "Istvan Kasap". On the same site there is the parish church by the name of "Jozef Toth," the Academy and an Elementary School. Around the complex of the Sports Association Academy "Istvan Njers", there are three soccer fields.

Today, the Sports Academy “Njers Istvan” has 60 students, from the 5th grade of elementary school, up to the 4th grade of high school. Young soccer players have the opportunity to play in 4 selections: U13; U15; U17; U19.

Our sportsmen, besides soccer, have opportunity for education. In Totovo Selo they can attend elementary school. After elementary school, they can enroll to high schools in the territory of Kanjiza, Senta, Novi Knezevac and Coka.

Our main goal is to find talented sportsmen in the territory of Vojvodina and to lift them up on an appropriate level. We hope that they will be able to have an excellent sports career and a planned life path where, besides sport, education will also play a big role.

The primary goal of our soccer coaching is to discover talents, which manifests in three basic activities:
- talent research
- talent development
- talent management

We accomplish our activities of coaching through three programs:
- soccer for preschool children U7,
- soccer for school children U11
- academy program U12-19

Our desire is that young people, besides engaging themselves in professional sports, would have education and that in our academy they would receive higher education in order to be successful and healthy members of society.

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 soccer academy
 soccer players
football school Novi Sad
school of soccer
soccer academy

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Respected visitors,
The PROTECTED NATURE RESERVE "ZASAVICA" informs You, that we are completely prepared for your visit. Read more information at:


NEW IN OUR OFFER "Kulen" sausage made of horse meat

GASTRONOMICAL PLEASURE from the special nature reserve of Zasavica in Serbia! Here is the most expensive cheese in the world, called "PULE". To make just one kilogram of cheese, it takes up to 25 liters of donkey milk, so the dizzy price goes up to 1000 euros! This unique cheese has the name "PULE", after a donkeys offspring, and can boast its position at the top of the ladder of the five most expensive cheeses of the world.

You can look at the rest of our product range, among which are the donkey milk liquor, soap, day and night cream for the face, and our services at: www.zasavica.org.rs


In the area of northern Mačva, east of the river Drina and south of the river Sava, in the municipality of Sremska Mitrovica and Bogatić, the Reserve "Zasavica" is located.

The total length of the watercourse Zasavica is 33.1 km, width up to 80 m and a depth of 2 m. There is an area of 1,821 ha of the Reserve, which is under protection.

Zasavica has numerous rare plant and animal species, some of them are on the verge of their survival. There is a total record of over 600 plant species, 198 bird species, 27 species of amphibians and reptiles and 23 species of fish.

The main feature of the aquatic vegetation of the area provides an abundant composition of water lilies and underwater forests of seaweeds.

Camping Zasavica - Serbia, auto camp

"CAMPING ZASAVICA" has again entered among the 100 best ones in Europe!

"CAMPING ZASAVICA" has entered among the top 100 in a competition as one of the best web sites for Camping in Europe, www.camping.info, for the second time, competing with 24.595 camping destinations. www.camping-zasavica.com

Auto camp is categorized with three stars.

GPS coordinates of the entrance gate of the Visitor Center:
440 57, 32,2,, N i 190 31, 32,7,, E

GPS coordinates of the entrance gate of the Auto camp:
440 57, 38,0,, N i 190 31, 23,0,, E

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boat ride
car camping
Cheese of donkey milk
children's trips
class trip
Corporate Trainings
dairy-produce milk
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Univerzal company deals with wholesale of office and school accessories, toys,etc.
We offer a wide range of products for good price and high quality for twenty years.
There is also a salon where you can see everything.
Delivery is done immediately after your call.
Univerzal is specialized for providing the biggest supermarkets in our country.
Univerzal shop produces various accesories: paperclips, machines for paperclips, munitions for staplers, universal glue, fax and thermo rolls, calcimine, decoration paper, etc.
Our moto is that success is always there when you work hard in a teamwork.
Univerzal began to work with a bookshop "Plavi Čuperak" in 1987. It was successful until 1992. when it turned its name into Univerzal.
In 2005. it opened a salon for sale in Belgrade on a territory of 3000 m2 with more than 600 stock places. It is equipped with the most contemporary equipment for goods.
In 2008. it opened a business office in Niš.
Univerzal deals by the ISO standard 9001:2000 and the most important things are the care of our customers and their needs.

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 021/6402-490,  Fax: fax 021/6402-068
  • Tel.: 021/6403-207, 
  • Tel.: 021/6403-211, 
  • Tel.: 021/6790-428, 
  • Tel.: 021/6790-429, 

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board game
copy paper
decor package

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High school from Novi Sad was established in Oktober 1982.

It offers educational profiles in areas: economy, law and administration, trade, catering and tourism.

The school educates students in two areas of work:


In the areas of economics, law and administration are the following educational profiles of the fourth level of education:

* economic technician
* bureau technician
* financial technician
* security Officer

In the areas of trade, catering and tourism are the following educational profiles of the fourth level of education:

* trade Technician
* tatering technician
* culinary technician
* tourist technician

and the third level of education:

* merchant
* waiter
* cook
* confectioner

Restaurant Staro Zdanje with two halls and a gallery, specialties, a wide selection of drinks, family dinners, celebrations...

More contacts:

  • Restoran Staro Zdanje
    Novi Sad Trg Marije Trandasil 1
    E-mail: starozdanje@mts.rsTel.: 021/527-040, 

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birthday celebrations
business dinner organization
Maksima Gorkog 16
Pančevo , 26000
Tel.: 013 515 718
Fax: 013 515 718
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"Montekristo auto school was established in 1993. in Pancevo. We dedicate a big

attention to training and safety improving. The school has its own place, office

and classroom with 3 teachers for theoretical training and driving instructors for

practical training.
We do individual teaching with our pupils. Our motto is ""GET LICENSE WITH

KNOWLEDGE"". We organized a ""SAFE VEHICLES"" action about the basic rules and safe

behaviour in traffic in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.
Driving training for A, B, C, E, F and PSP categories. Medical certificate is

Paying is by checks, hire purchase, bank account and cash.
Prices are affordable. Driving exam testing. Training in new vehicles.
WORKING HOURS: 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. - 8 p.m.
SATURDAY 9 a.m. - 12 p.m."

More contacts:

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driver training
driving test
education training
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  • Driving school has working experience for more than 15 years.

  • The business driver training, as well as 22-year experience of the director and owner of the driving school, are the guarantee for a good and successful training

  • Continuous improvement and education of employees, participation in seminars, professional competitions, car rallies.

  • Introduction and use of information technology in the process of training for future drivers, network cabinet software for training the future drivers of the theoretical part.

  • Wide selection of vehicles (Volkswagen, Citroen, Chevrolet, Mercedes).

  • There is a wide selection of ways that you can pay - by the service of personal checks through the months of repayment, by the administrative ban on the personal income of the employee up to one year (12 months), paying with credit cards and more.

  • High percentage of passing the exams is the result of a thorough work with the candidates.
  • In accordance with the present tendencies to humanizate the society, driving school GAZELA AUTO has its own vehicle for training of persons with disabilities

There is a motto of driving schools GAZELA AUTO

- School of good driving! -

More contacts:

  • Gazela Auto
    Auto škola u Užicu:Obilićeva 6.
    Tel.: 031/513-824, 

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car school
car school centre Belgrade 
car schools Belgrade
driver training
driver training belgrade
driver training centre
driver's license
driving license
driving test
driving test
education training
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D.R.Gilbert Center is a consulting house which was established in order to effectively make a blend of theory and practice. Our primary idea is that through the various thematic lectures, courses, seminars and simulations of specific business situations, to perform additional education and training of staff of certain companies and individuals themselves.

Companies have opportunity to its theoretically well-shod staff gain additional knowledge from practice, and in that way they can save money and time, what is necessary to achieve full business productivity for new employees. We also make education and motivation of employees who have been working long time for a company, and who has still not found the right way to increase efficiency and productivity, as well as maximum utilization of their potential.

Education in D.R. Gilbert Center is based on the following principles:

- Principles of motivation
- Principles of success
- Principles of sale

By bringing together these three principles leads to the right formula for increased productivity of employees.
We process contemporary business topics such as: sales techniques, communication skills, leadership, team work, leadership skills, public appearance, project management, managing stress and time, communication via phone, marketing in practice..

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busines coaches
Business Communication
Business Education
business seminars 
business situation
communication skills 
consultation house
contemporary business issues
D.R.Gilbert Center 
Dragisa Ristovski 
educational seminars
Human Resource Management
IN HOUSE trainings
in-house seminars 
knowledge from practice
leadership skills
Leadership skills
Management of Human Resources
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The company SAOP was established in 1987, it was one of the first companies on the regional market who offered own software.

For the development of business software solutions and services for accounting firms, enterprises and public institutions, employs more than 60 professionals with higher education. More than 25.000 users are using our solution.

Business enterprises "SAOP"

Our main activity is production and development of advanced business solutions, which contribute the success of our partners and clients with:
- Professional and quality support
- Formal education and skills development of our employees
- Technical quality of our solutions


To become a leading provider of business solutions in the region. We will build our visibility with the most professional, prompt and regular support to our clients in the region.

SAOP is an innovative company, that sets trends and with creating a positive working environment provides professional and personal development of its employees:

- We make positive working environment, that encourages cooperation
- Encourage progress at all levels of business
- We want to be recognized for the response, competence and support to our customers
- We look forward to the business success of our customers
- We want to help clients in improving their business processes
- We are proud that are employed in the company SAOP

"miniMAX" is the simplest web accounting program, which can be used also by the company and accounting agencies, because the data is entered only once and it is fully aligned.

ERP "iCenter" analyze your workflow and reduce costs
Business ERP information system "iCenter" with the range of custom software solutions is adapted to business processes of every enterprise. With automatic analyses, what will make on your business processes, it quickly provides quality information to managers to make the right decision thereby enables the reduction of operating costs.

"iCenter" improves the standard business processes using a range of solutions and it also fully supports the features of each department in the company.

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accounting software
accounting training
accounting training Novi Sad
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Company Info ::::.

Palić, 24413
Interest on the map

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Company Info ::::.

Subotica , 24000
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Company Info ::::.
Braće Grim 20A
Beograd, 11000
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Company Info ::::.

Užice , 31000
Tel.: (031) 510-040
Fax: (031) 510-543
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Novi Beograd, 11070
Interest on the map

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Company Info ::::.

Novi Sad, 21000
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