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-Manufacture of wire products-

We are producing and selling wire products, such as:
galvanized and pvc coated universal mesh
construction and craft nails of all sizes
barbed wire
galvanized and pvc coated wires with various thickness
concrete and metal poles
fence installation services
stretchers for wires

The production is automated and in accordance with standards.
We do installation services professionally with modern machines and with all required tools.

We want peoples to recognize us by our quality work, that is the reason why we try to make high quality products and services.

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  • gdja. Nataša Spasojević
  • gdin. Dragan Babić
  • G-din Drago Spasojević

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burned wire
caps to the posts
construction nails
enclouser cover with plastic
fence making
galvanized wire
grif knitwear
little concrete pillars
Mesh galvanized
metal fences
nail manufacture
plastificated njire
pocink pletivo
screw product bevel
sell galvanized wire
stingly wire
universal Mesh
Universal Wire Mesh from plastic
Universzalis háló drót
wavy knit
wire accessories
wire and web
wire elements
wire fence
wire product
wire wholesale
woven wire fence
yard fences

burned wire
caps to the posts
construction nails
enclouser cover with plastic
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3D wall coverings
building materials
carpentry by measure
ceiling heat insulation
coating ot the outdoor wall 
construction joinery
decorative wall coat
dried wood material
external carpentry
facade thermal insulation system
floor coat Serbia
garret windows
heat insulation
house heat insulation
hydro and thermal insulation
hydro isolation materials
importing all kind of floor coverings
installation of furniture
insulation material
insulation materials
izolacionie foil