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The company "Kondic" is producing from 1983. various machines for filtering, degassing and dehydration of transformer, turbine and hydraulic oils capacity of 1000 - 12 000. We are also doing oil processing services (filtering, drying and separation of gas from oil) with own mobile plant type S-1000.
"Kondic" is the only manufacturer of this kind of machines on the market of former Yugoslavia.

Production of plant for drying, filtration, purification, degassing transformer oil.

Rental plants for drying, filtration, purification, degassing transformer oil.

Processing transformer oil in your plant, factory.

Transformer oil, purifying transformer oil, drying transformer oil, micron filtration of transformer oil, degassing of transformer oil, transformer oil processing, plant - machines for transformer oil, processing devices, drying, degassing, separation of water, moisture and gas from transformer oil.

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 machines for transformer oil
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