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Kralja Milutina 6
Šabac , 15000
Tel.: 015/300-000
Fax: 015/353-353
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  • IMR Rakovica
  • IMT Beograd (Massey Ferguson)
  • Lada
  • Tam
  • Torpedo (Deutz)
  • Univerzal
  • Ursus
  • Yugo
  • Zastava
  • Zetor

service description:

Wholesale and retail of tractor parts (IMT, IMR, Ursus, Torpedo) and parts for other agricultural machineries is the main activity of company Jusel.

Tractor parts are the most represented for the following manufacturers:
  • IMT Belgrade (Massey Ferguson)
  • IMR Rakovica

    In addition we sale spare parts for:
  • Ursus
  • Zetor
  • Torpedo (Deutz)
  • Kombajne (Zmaj)
  • Berače (Zmaj)
  • Kultivatore
  • Kosačice
  • Sejalice
  • Prese (Welger, John Deere, Class)
  • Zastava 101
  • YUGO
  • Lada
  • Opel
  • Golf

    In our offer you can also find:
  • Tires
  • Oils
  • Accumulators

    Products from our product range you can order on our website or via e-CD catalog.
    (With updating data you have access to price and condition.) If you are interested to use our e CD catalog please call us 015/300-000 or order it via mail (the CD catalog and the delivery is free.)

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    IMR Rakovica
IMT Beograd (Massey Ferguson)
Torpedo (Deutz)

ac pump for tractor
agricultural machines
agricultural mechanical engineering
agricultural mechanization
alkatrészek mezőgazdasági prések
alternator for tractor
basket for tractor
belts for tractors
blades for tractor
brake systems
clamp for tractor
combine parts
crankshaft bearings
cross shaft
engine assembly
engine crankshaft
engine head
exhaust for tractor
  • Company Info ::::.

    service description:

    Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited (TAFE) is a company which is a part of the Amalgamations Group, one of the leading engineering groups in India, with various interests in Diesel mechanical engineering, car parts, tractors with the attached agricultural machines, lubricants,instrument panels, hydraulic pumps, tools, batteries, colours, plastics. The leading technology of the group is built on foreign knowledge and technology, though training and extraordinary efforts of the domestic staff.

    TAFE was founded in 1961 in collaboration with Massey Ferguson, UK, with the aim of producing and selling a wide range of tractors and the attached agricultural machines in India. The aim of TAFE as one of the biggest manufacturers of tractors in India is to be the first choice of potential customers in India and beyond through an ever bigger presence at the foreign market

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    alternator for tractor
belts for tractors
blades for tractor
clamp for tractor
cover for tractor hydraulics
cylinder head for traktror
hoses to the tractor
lubricators for tractor
parts for tractor
sale of tractor spare parts