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Sports Association Academy "Istvan Njers" Totovo Selo,

Sports Association Academy "Istvan Njers" Totovo Selo, or in its more usual name, Soccer Academy "Njers", was officially founded on October 10th, 2011.

The Founder of the Academy is Reverend Jene Utasi, the leader of the local church community.

At the Academy, there are about seventy soccer players in general, who train and play in different teams.

An integral part of the Academy is a dormitory for students by the name "Istvan Kasap". On the same site there is the parish church by the name of "Jozef Toth," the Academy and an Elementary School. Around the complex of the Sports Association Academy "Istvan Njers", there are three soccer fields.

Today, the Sports Academy “Njers Istvan” has 60 students, from the 5th grade of elementary school, up to the 4th grade of high school. Young soccer players have the opportunity to play in 4 selections: U13; U15; U17; U19.

Our sportsmen, besides soccer, have opportunity for education. In Totovo Selo they can attend elementary school. After elementary school, they can enroll to high schools in the territory of Kanjiza, Senta, Novi Knezevac and Coka.

Our main goal is to find talented sportsmen in the territory of Vojvodina and to lift them up on an appropriate level. We hope that they will be able to have an excellent sports career and a planned life path where, besides sport, education will also play a big role.

The primary goal of our soccer coaching is to discover talents, which manifests in three basic activities:
- talent research
- talent development
- talent management

We accomplish our activities of coaching through three programs:
- soccer for preschool children U7,
- soccer for school children U11
- academy program U12-19

Our desire is that young people, besides engaging themselves in professional sports, would have education and that in our academy they would receive higher education in order to be successful and healthy members of society.

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