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Košutova 4
Totovo Selo, 24427
Tel.: +381 63 166 17 38
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Sports Association Academy "Istvan Njers" Totovo Selo,

Sports Association Academy "Istvan Njers" Totovo Selo, or in its more usual name, Soccer Academy "Njers", was officially founded on October 10th, 2011.

The Founder of the Academy is Reverend Jene Utasi, the leader of the local church community.

At the Academy, there are about seventy soccer players in general, who train and play in different teams.

An integral part of the Academy is a dormitory for students by the name "Istvan Kasap". On the same site there is the parish church by the name of "Jozef Toth," the Academy and an Elementary School. Around the complex of the Sports Association Academy "Istvan Njers", there are three soccer fields.

Today, the Sports Academy “Njers Istvan” has 60 students, from the 5th grade of elementary school, up to the 4th grade of high school. Young soccer players have the opportunity to play in 4 selections: U13; U15; U17; U19.

Our sportsmen, besides soccer, have opportunity for education. In Totovo Selo they can attend elementary school. After elementary school, they can enroll to high schools in the territory of Kanjiza, Senta, Novi Knezevac and Coka.

Our main goal is to find talented sportsmen in the territory of Vojvodina and to lift them up on an appropriate level. We hope that they will be able to have an excellent sports career and a planned life path where, besides sport, education will also play a big role.

The primary goal of our soccer coaching is to discover talents, which manifests in three basic activities:
- talent research
- talent development
- talent management

We accomplish our activities of coaching through three programs:
- soccer for preschool children U7,
- soccer for school children U11
- academy program U12-19

Our desire is that young people, besides engaging themselves in professional sports, would have education and that in our academy they would receive higher education in order to be successful and healthy members of society.

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 soccer academy
 soccer players
football school Novi Sad
school of soccer
soccer academy
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Construction joinery fittings for facade windows

We are the only and the first distributors of the German company SIEGENIA-AUBI.
In our offer you can find:
- commodity table hinges
- Facade joinery fittings goods
- Wood and aluminum constructions
- Handles and defenders
- Hinges for entrance doors
- Built-in locks
- Hinges for windows
- Various machines

BEXON - under, foreign and interior window boards, UV stable, in various sizes

CORK - directly from Portugal

Cork floor tiles, which are used in various ways, and they are available in a lot of decoration:
- layered with natural wood
- corks surfaced with more colors
- wall coverings
- rolls
- acoustic corks
- manufacturing corks

For heat insulation:
on ground floor, on straight roofs, for sandwich walls, for insulation, for sound and cold storage insulation on internal and external walls.

Anti-vibration cork

REOKORR - manufacturing floors from work wax, polyester-based

FLEXO MATIC - elastic sheets

THORTEX - materials for protection


MEDITHERM - heating and cooling system for walls

  • Distribution of wall-heating and wall-refrigeration systems.
  • Cork-wall and floor envelopes, sealers. Brackets for carpenter goods.
  • Protector and renewal materials for all surfaces.

Presentation of the firm:

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architecture metal housing
arranging of interior
automatic door
building carpenter
carpenter irons
chains for slide door 
children playground
children's playgrounds equipment
construction carpentry
corner irons
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On the prettiest and most green part of the mountain Goč, on the place Dobra Voda, there is a childrens resort "Goč" (altitude 920 meters), 28 km far from Kraljevo.

Children`s resort "GOČ"

Children resort Goč It has a recently renovated building, "Dobra Voda" with 100 beds (bedrooms: 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5; each room with shower and toilet). Within the building there is a renovated restaurant with 150 seats.

There is also a pavilion typed building with 128 beds (16 rooms with 8 beds and 5 rooms with 2 beds for teachers-trainers). Within this complex there is a building with 4 classrooms, a restaurant and a clinic.

During the school year, the resort organizes classes in nature, and during the winter and summer holidays, it organizes vacations.

Building "Dobra Voda"

Within the Childrens resorts Goč, there is a building "Dobra Voda" with 100 beds. Rooms are with two, three,four and five beds. Each room has shower and toilet. Object "Dobra Voda" is located next to the ski trails and it is a restaurant with two stars and hall for entertainment. You can use the following services: full board, half board and lodging.

For users of board services, using a balloon hall is included in the price (1 hour per day).

For additional information about the reservations, the price of accommodation, ski pass, and others, you can contact us directly on contact page of this site.

For recreation during the wet and cold days and preparing sports teams, the resort has a sport hall balloon of 1000 m2. This covered hall has dimensions of 49x22m (dimensions of a handball court) and it is equipped with all necessary sport accessories. Here trainings are held for volleyball, basketball, handball and football teams. The hall has a modern system of lighting, ventilation and heating systems, and there is a mini debate.


In one part of the balloon hall there is an equipped gym, which is available for all guests of childrens resort.

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 036/5110-290, 

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air spa
balloon hall 
child resort
children's trips
fitness recreation
gym technogym
holiday in winter
mountain home
quarters Goc
rooms Goč
school in nature
school trip
ski trails 
skiing Goč
sport equipments 
term health
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A few words about Auto Luna Company

AUTOLUNA Ltd. from Novi Sad has continued the tradition of the largest company in the production of tarpaulin canvas in the former Yugoslavia, "UŽAR OPREMA" Novi Sad". The tradition and the experience that has been built for over 70 years, now we want to improve and adapt to the modern market requirements. So the knowledge is in our hands, the experience of seventy years and a huge desire to do everything to harmonize and consolidate it through the quality of the products and the services we would like to offer our customers...

Besides the core business of
making products of tarpaulin canvas,
we also do the service of
digital large-format printing.

Contact us!

Working hours:
On workdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Heroja Pinkija 2, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia

Fix: +381 21 466 621
Mob 1: +381 65 888 5530
Mob 2: +381 63 106 8007

Sales: ns.autoluna@gmail.com

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acrylic awning canvas
aluminum pergola
auto Tilt
awning canvas
awnings for bimini
awnings for boats
awnings for parking
awnings Novi Sad
awnings tarpaulins
boxing bags
bring into focus
closure of the terrace
covered bench
covers for boats
covers for swimming pools
digital printing
fixed awnings
gym mats
impregnated acrylic canvas
impregnated cloth
industrial curtains
large format digital printing
making of advertising banners
movable awnings
partition curtains
pergola with retractable roof
pool covers
production of awnings
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New from Vitalimport!

HRI GINGER đumbir kapsula

Đumbir je prirodno baktericidan i visoko efikasan protiv gljivičnih infekcija. Deluje uspešno protiv infekcije Candida. Đumbir ima veoma snažno antioksidativno i protiv upalno dejstvo, pomaže u sprečavanju nakupljanja toksičnih supstanci u telu.

više o preparatu >>> HRI Ginger

HRI SOFT GLOW krema "Mekani sjaj"

Krema za lice sa uljem semena badema je intenzivno hidratantna sa pomlađujućim efektom. Može se koristiti na licu, vratu i dekolteu, ujutro i uveče. Prilagođena je svakom tipu kože. Sadrži visok nivo vitamina E koji ima svojstva ćelijske zaštite

više o preparatu >>> HRI Sofr glow


HRI-VITALION Tableta protiv osteoporoze i ateroskleroze

Za bolju cirkulaciju i regeneraciju krvnih sudova! Senzacionalni efekti, iskustvo više od 15 godina! Usporite proces starenja arterija. Pospešuje funkcionisanje mozga i rasterećuje rad srca. Pozitivno deluje na povećanje koštane mase. Pomaže detoksikacionu ulogu jetre i bubrega
više o preparatu >>> HRI-Vitalion

HRI Water Balance tablete za ravnotežu tečnosti

Water Balance optimalizuje i održava ravnotežu tečnosti u organizmu, omogućava oslobađanje od spoljnih i unutrašnjih vodenih cisti, izuzetan je preparat u borbi protiv celulita, pospešuje izbacivanje nagomilanih otrovnih materija i time olakšava funkcionisanje jetre i bubrega.

više o preparatu >>> HRI Water Balance

HRI Golden Spear kapsula za dobro varenje

Namenjen je osobama koje imaju problem
poremećaja metabolizma odnosno varenja, kao što su: gorušica, peckanje u želucu, oboljenja žuči, pojava zatvora, candidiasis. HRI Golden Spear kapsule za varenje delotvorno otklanjaju navedene simptome

više o preparatu >>> HRI Golden Spear

HRI Green Base bazne kapsule

Povišeni nivo kiselosti je čest uzročnik problema probave, gojaznosti, šećernih bolesti, visokog krvnog pritiska i drugih oboljenja. Green Base tableta uspostavlja ravnotežu pH-vrednosti organizma, poboljšava energetski nivo i imuni sistem.

više o preparatu >>> HRI Green Base

HRI Garlic beli luk tablete

Beli luk štiti organizam od infekcija i povećava otpornost na prehlade. Preventivna i ravnomerna upotreba belog luka znatno umanjuje alergijske tegobe. Garlic utiče na rad organa za varenje i prirodan je lek protiv candidiase. Smanjuje zgrušavanje krvi i rizik na aterosklerozu.
više o preparatu >>> HRI Garlic

HRI Red Beet cvekla tablete

Prirodni lek protiv malokrvnosti i oslabljenog imunetata. Cvekla je bogata gvožđem i mineralima, pospešuje stvaranje hemoglobina u krvi i jača srčane mišiće. Značajan je antioksidant, doprinosi stvaranju kiselinsko-bazne ravnoteže organizma.
više o preparatu >>> HRI Red Beet

HRI Haridra kurkuma tablete

Delotvorne su u lečenju artritisa i reume. Prirodni je lek protiv bolova i upala. Poseduje antibakterijsko dejstvo, jak je antioksidant. Olakšava rad jetre i pomaže njeno pročišćavanje i podstiče funkciju žučne kese. Deluje umirujuće na nervni sistem.
više o preparatu >>> HRI Haridra

HRI Celeriac, celer tableta

Kao prirodan E-vitamin celer ima izuzetna lekovita svojstva. Sprečava štetno delovanje slobodnih radikala. Održava vitalnost zglobova, u značajnoj meri usporava proces starenja. Delotvoran je u lečenju astme, reume, gihta, mokraćnih puteva i bubrega, jer je dobar diuretik.
više o preparatu >>> HRI Celeriac

HRI Clear Complexion tablete za čistu kožu

Kao dodatak ishrani, preparat pomaže kod problema koji najčešće zaokuplja mlade, tinejdžerske bubuljice, miteseri, ekcemi. Dok kozmetički proizvodi nude površinsko i prelazno rešenje a da uz to često oštete prirodne životne funkcije kože, pH kiselosti, provetravanje, HRI tablete za čistu kožu direktno...
više o preparatu >>> HRI Clear Complexion

HRI Good Mood tableta za dobro raspoloženje

Tableta od ekstrakta kantariona obezbeđuje mir tokom celog dana. Smanjuje panične simptome, preporučuje se osobama koje su izložene nadprosečnim napetostima i stresu. Kantarion je “biljka mira”. Korisno je protiv nervoze i nesanice. Važna napomena: ne preporučuje se za depresiju.
više o preparatu >>> HRI Good Mood

HRI Green Velvet tečni sapun

Sadrži ekstrakt zelenog čaja, nevena i kamilice, koji obezbeđuju koži mekoću i zaštitu od dehidratacije. Sastojci tečnog sapuna nežno odstranjuju nečistoće sa površine kože, lako skidaju masnoću a istovremeno i dezinfikuju kožu.

više o preparatu >>> HRI Green Velvet sapun

HRI Green Velvet krema za ruke

Aktivni sastojci nevena i kamilice pružaju negu suve i osetljive kože. Ekstrakt nevena smanjuje iritaciju i regeneriše, dok kamilica umiruje kožu svojim protivupalnim dejstvom. Sastojci omogućavaju trenutnu apsorpciju.
više o preparatu >>> HRI Green Velvet krema

HRI Teeny Weenies za jačanje imuniteta dece

Žvakaća tableta za jačanje imuniteta dece sa tri ukusa: jagoda, ananas i kivi. Dva najbitnija sastavna elementa, šipurak i pasji trn, doprinose optimalnom funkcionisanju odbrambenog mehanizma deteta.

više o preparatu >>> HRI Teeny Weenies

☼ Našu ponudu i najnovije aktuelnosti pogledajte na ☼
www.lekovitiproizvodi.rs || www.hri-vitalion.rs

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alternative branches of medicine
alternative medicine
alternative methods of treatment
alternative treatment
Anti Osteoporosis
atherosclerosis-closure of blood vessels
blood pressure
blood vessels
closure of blood vessels
complex supplements
Antuna Suturovića 5
Subotica , 24000
Tel.: 62/18-73-310
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MARIO SEFCIC, Vom Delta Royal
TEL: +381 62 187 33 10

The team at Protection dogs k9 offers you the opportunity to become a proud owner of our elite Family Protection Dogs.

Protection Dogs K-9
With over fifteen years of experience, Mario has trained and supplied hundreds of k9s worldwide to clients within the security industry.
He is a master in training of civil security dogs and has supplied both the Police and Military throughout his ​career.


The team at Protection dogs k9 offer the opportunity to be a proud owner of our elite Family Protection Dogs. Our team has over 30 years of worldwide experience within the k9 sector and have now made the decision to provide our services to the public.


Due to the high demand for k9 security within the public sector and the dramatic increase of crime towards the public and property, we feel that every family or persons has the right to feel safe and secure whilst living there daily lives with there security not being an issue.

Our Elite Family Protection Dogs are trained to be able to accompany you and your family throughout every day life, whether it be dropping the children to school, attending the office or simply relaxing in the garden of your home. He or she is the ultimate companion, highly obedient loyal and loving with everyone they meet but with the skills needed to provide you and your family effective protection should the time come when you are most in need.



Phone: +381 62/187-3310

Address: Antuna Suturovića 5. 24000 Subotica

Skype: ProtectionDogsK9

E-mail: protectiondogsk9mario@gmail.com

More contacts:

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dog kennel
Dog training
Dogs for personal protection
Dogs for storing objects
Dogs guard
Dressed dogs
Sale of trained dogs
selling trained dogs
Trained dogs
training dogs
Training dogs for family protection
dog kennel
Dog training
Dogs for personal protection
Dogs for storing objects
Dogs guard
Dressed dogs
Sale of trained dogs
selling trained dogs
Trained dogs
training dogs
Training dogs for family protection
dog kennel
Dog training
Dogs for personal protection
Dogs for storing objects

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44 years of experience!
Production of various plastic products takes place in Indjija, altogether on 12000 m2 under roof and 40000 m2 in open space.

Youtube channel: Plastic Gogić

We are constantly working on expanding assortments, developing and improving the quality of our products, which, with the help of modern equipment and appropriate supporting infrastructure, they are produced in their own production, and then deliver them to over 45 countries on 6 continents.

As a leading manufacturer in our profession, we are present in the markets: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Macedonia, Montenegro, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova , Albania, Greece, Cyprus, Bolivia, Gabon, Singapore, Angola, India, Australia, Taiwan, Belgium, Netherlands, Somalia, Chile, Peru, Estonia, Kuwait, Portugal, Uruguay, United Kingdom, Spain, Ecuador, Mozambique etc.

The continual extension of production capacity caused the growth of our production range, so our assortment today can be divided into the following units:




details >>> STADIUM CHAIRS


details >>> SERVICES

Beside recognition received by side of our faithful customers, our value is proved through introduced quality management systems ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 18001:2007, as well as through numerous individual certificates for various products, like CE mark, EN 840 etc.

We are proud to provide you with the information that MNG P.G. was awarded the October Prize of the Municipality of Indjija for 2015, Annual Award of the Chamber of Commerce of Srem for 2014 and ‘ProBusiness Leader’ Award for being the best small enterprise in Serbia in 2012. Being the CEO of the company, Mr. Slobodan Gogić was in selection of 20 candidates for Ernst-Young award ‘Entrepreneur Of The Year’ in 2015.


22320 Inđija, Kralja Petra I bb, Srbija

Tel.: +381 22 561 674
Tel.: +381 22 555 306
Fax: +381 22 552 141

Official e-mail: office@plastikgogic.rs

CEO Slobodan Gogić

Commercial department
Head of Commercial Department
Žarko Bogovac - z.bogovac@plastikgogic.rs

Sales and Purchase
Vladislav Živković - v.zivkovic@plastikgogic.rs
Suzana Majkić - suzana.majkic@plastikgogic.rs
Marija Kontić - marija.kontic@plastikgogic.rs
Dragana Savic - dragana.savic@plastikgogic.rs

Dragana Janković - d.jankovic@plastikgogic.rs
Dragana Savic - dragana.savic@plastikgogic.rs
Žarko Živkovic - zarko.zivkovic@plastikgogic.rs

Dragana Janković - marketing@plastikgogic.rs
Suzana Majkić - suzana.majkic@plastikgogic.rs

Finance Department
Head of Financial Department
Mira Džunić - finansije@plastikgogic.rs

Jelena Pantić - racunovodstvo@plastikgogic.rs
Nataša Grubišić - natasa.grubisic@plastikgogic.rs

General jobs
Slađana Jajić - sladjana.jajic@plastikgogic.rs

Production Department
Head of Production Department
Goran Gogić - g.gogic@plastikgogic.rs

Production manager
Miloš Pešović - m.pesovic@plastikgogic.rs

Quality control
Nikola Radaković - nikola.radakovic@plastikgogic.rs

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bin for recycling
bucket with a pedal
bucket with insert
buy crates
Company Info ::::
Pap Pala 17
Subotica , 24000
Tel.: +381 24 622 136
Fax: 024 551 100
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  • Burberry
  • Bvlgari
  • Calvin Klein
  • Carolina Herrera
  • Cristina Aguilera
  • Dior
  • Elizabeth Arden
  • Gianfranco Ferre
  • Giorgio Armani
  • Hugo Boss
  • Kozmetika MIRJANA
  • LALA krema
  • Lancome
  • Naomi Campbell
  • Nina Ricci
  • Paco Rabanne
  • Roberto Cavalli
  • Salvador Dali
  • Versace
  • Yves Saint Laurent

service description:

Dear friends,


In our assortment we have original perfumes of well-known brands, bags, purses, wallets, belts, gloves, shawls, scarves, branded alcoholic beverages, wines, coffee, sweets, chemicals for the household and many other little things, so come and visit us!

You are welcomed at our retail store with an exchange office,
INTERŠPED SHOP, in the street Pap Pal no. 17.

Tel.: 024/622-136

What else do we have in our offer?
You can look at the part of it on:


YOU CAN DOWNLOAD YOUR VOUCER AT: www.interspedshop.co.rs




Subotica, Pap Pala 17
Tel. : 024/622-136 Fax: 024/551-100
Tel. : 024/622-137 Tel.: 024/622-138
Tel. : 024/622-139

E-mail: interspedshop@gmail.com

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Calvin Klein
Carolina Herrera
Cristina Aguilera
Elizabeth Arden
Gianfranco Ferre
Giorgio Armani
Hugo Boss
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¤ Production of Professional Paper Goods ¤

"Fibona" L.t.d. is a progressive company which deals with the production and sales of:

...detailes >>> Ubrusi

...detailes >>> toilet paper

...detailes >>> Eko natura program

...detailes >>> Papernet program

...detailes >>> Dispenzeri i držači - "KIMBERLY CLARK PROFESSIONAL"

...detailes >>> professional chemistry for cleaning - "Kleen Purgatis"

...detailes >>> sanitary equipment

...detailes >>> Vreće za smeće

...and many other products related to maintenance of hygiene of business premises

"Fibona" L.t.d. was founded in 2009 and until now, thanks to its own production, we record a constant growth in sales of our products.

Paper goods that we make are high quality, made of clear cellulose, and in our offer we also have the eco natural program, paper gained from recycled cellulose thread.

Besides our production program, "Fibona" in its offer has sanitary equipment also, dispensers and professional cleaning chemicals for business areas and restrooms.

"Fibona" d.o.o.

Tel.: +381 60 440 11 14
Fax: +381 11 408 18 61


E-mail: fibonadoo@gmail.com
E-mail: office@fibona.rs

Zemun 11080, ul. Nikolaja Saltikova 44

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adagolás folyékony szappan
air freshener
apparatus for paper towels
bags for trash
cleaning means
collapsible towels
community hygiene
complimentary toiletries

service description:

PVC and PU conveyor belts

Conveyor belts with guides

Conveyor belts with profiles are intended for transport goods and materials at certain angles. Profiles and guides are depending on the diameters of the cylinder and working conditions. In our offer we have form "K" - guides and forms T, TW, L, F - bearing profiles. Profiles are made of different hardness, color and figure depending on your needs.

Rubber conveyor belts

Rubber conveyor belts are used for continuous transport of various materials in mines, saltworks, brick factories, cement factories, logistics, in chemical and food industries. For rubber belts and wipers we have certificate of compliance with the international standard system ISO 9001: 2000.

Poly V with upgrade

For customers request we can deliver Poly V belts with upgrading. Depending on your needs, the upper bearing layer can be made of various materials, as well as timing belts, but commonly used material is Linatex.


In addition to PU belts for transportation we can offer belts made of polyester. Polyester belts are made ​​specifically for certain conditions where is very high or low temperature. Because its characteristics the working temperature can be from -30 to +100°C.

More contacts:

  • Tel/fax
    Tel.: 021/510-178, 
  • Tel/fax
    Tel.: 021/510-180, 
  • E-mail: gumabelt@eunet.rs

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agricultural belts Optibelt
belt pulley
conveyor belt
conveyor belt Serbian
conveyor belts with profiles
ekstramultus belts
ekstremultus belting
foam rubber
galvanized chains
heveder Upgrader
narrowly profiling belts
Optibelt belts
poly V-belts
polyurethane conveyor belt
PVC conveyor belts
running tracks
stapler clam
toothed belts

service description:

About us

The company "Strelac Plus doo" has two complexes at two locations. One facility is in Svilajnac it contains a restaurant called "Strelac Plus", an indoor rifle shooting club "Strelac" and a shop for repair and overhaul of weapons. The second complex is located on 3 acres on a hill Bacic. This complex contains an open shooting range, a complete hunting ground, what includes open and ancillary facilities such as locker rooms, eaves for shooters and facilities for rent of weapons and munitions. Within this complex there is a hunters restaurant with nigh lodging.

The owners of the complex Dragan and Zoran Marinkovic from Svilajnac are great lovers of hunting and firearms, so it is not a surprise that in this city they have opened a shooting club "Strelac". The doors of the club are open to all interested adult peoples.

When someone comes to our club with the intention to try shooting he can do it without a license to possess and carry weapons, using our weapons at the shooting range in the presence of a trained instructor on the shooting range! All interested in the handling of weapons at the shooting range must be adults with identity card.
Persons who use their own weapons can use the services of shooting if they have specified documents and identity cards. Those who wish to become members of the club and have no weapons, must undergo internal training for all types of weapons that they apply in our shooting club.

As a part of the club there is a registered shop for repair and overhaul of weapons of all type with guarantee.

Shooting club - Bacic hill
35210 Svilajnac

Phone numbers:

+381 (0) 63 696-323

Web: www.restoranstrelac.rs
E-mail: strelacplus@yahoo.com

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 063/696-323, 

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Browning Arms
chrome arms
closed shooting range
handling of firearms
hunter hall
hunter's all-round competition
hunting carbine
hunting ground
hunting place
hunting rifle
hunting specialties
hunting tourism
lodging Svilajnac
mechanical sights
moving target
National restaurant
night hunting 
optical sight
Company Info ::::.

service description:

"Spong" company was established 7 years ago with headquarters in Kraljevo (Serbia) and is one of the biggest companies which produces hard-pressed sponge. With its business seriousness and quality product "Sponge", it has become a member of Foam line.

Our name and quality are recognized in different branches of production:

1. Furniture:

Application of Rebonded sponge for furniture is mostly used in seats, backrests and handrests. Rebonded sponge has a bigger density in its content and can bear deformations better than ordinary sponges.

For making gym mats and couches are used R50, R60, R80 densities, so the Rebonded sponge keeps the core wire and gives a certain hardness and quality.

Gym mats for orthopedic or healthy sleep, are of R80 and R100 density in thickness from 10 to 14 cm.

Our recommendation for all customers who deal with furniture production is to use Rebonded sponge of R50 density in seats and of R45 density in backrests and handrests.

2. Sport :

In sport is used Rebonded sponge of R120 to R200 density. Density of R80 to R100 is used for boxing gloves, upholstery of gyms, various gym mats for gymnastics and playrooms for children. Rebonded sponge of density over R120 is used for judo gym mats and Rebonded is irreplaceable.

3. Car industry:

Thermal and sound insulator, seats, beach umbrellas and various other upholsterings. If the seat is made from latex or cold cast foam, Rebonded is used as a product which will strengthen the seat and reduce the cost. The densities are from 80 to 120. it is used for truck and tractor seats.

The company plans to develop a system of production in 2010.

4. Construction:

Thermal and sound insulator:

Polyurethane is the best thermal isolator and also a sound insulator. It is used for offices to achieve thermal and sound insulator, so it has a double effect. Otherwise are used densities of R100 to R160.

Floor coverings:

By installing the Rebonded under laminate and parquet flooring, you get comfortable surface that has a double effect of heat and sound. Application of Rebonded is very popular in all EU countries and USD.

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all kind of gym mats for sport
cheap gym mats
gym mat
gym mats
gym mats sale
protection mats for sport
regenerate Sponge
sport equipment
Company Info ::::.

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Company Info ::::.
Jovana Obrenovića 13.
Veternik, 21203
Tel.: 021/822-878
Fax: 021/822-878
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  • Tel.: 064/67-57-209, 

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The company, "PECA TRADE" d.o.o., was founded in 1992. We have a long tradition behind us, we are the third generation of a hereditary firm which dealt with paving and paving stones. We have complied the experience and the tradition with new, modern technologies and trends. Our satisfied clients and the reference list are our motives to continue to become more perfect and lift up the level of the quality of the service.

The basic activity of "PECA TRADE" is production and installation of paving stones for pavement. During production we use the most quality components.

- We offer production and installation of hard and cast molten asphalt.

- We offer service with a machine for asphalt cooking and "bito perlit".

- We make all kinds of sports fields, no matter what kind of material is it.


- various kinds of roadsides
- various kinds of paving stones
- pre-cast concrete elements
- painted concrete elements
- complete concrete products

"PECA TRADE" offers services:

- maintenance of sports fields
- maintenance of gardens

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Hard cast asphalt
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Faraway from crowded cities and fast lifestyle, stopped in time and remembrance Ethno eco resort Vranesha is situated. Peaks of the mount of Zlatar with their endless forests, pastures, rivers and lakes keep that perfect peacefulness.

Complex Ethno eco resort Vranesha includes central three-level building KRUNA of 400 square meters, where restaurant with fireplace, kitchen, terrace, administration offices, conference room, reception, ethno shop are placed, an two exclusive apartments, as separate entities, five bungalows, Ethno Wellness and swimming pool.
Five bungalows, each of 40 square meters with two double rooms and fireplaces are perfectly incorporated into the ambient of ethno environment. Their position and contents provide extraordinary comfort and facilities in booking, from single room to the whole bungalow.
Service of quiet, unassertive staff will make you replace the concept of active vacation with a little bit laziness.
Ethno Wellness, 390 square meters, according its high standards and architectural style is unique in this complex. It includes Russian spa, Finnish sauna, ice cave, tapidarium, massage and light therapy rooms, vital bar. By special warm link Ethno wellness is connected with winter and summer swimming pool.
Ethno eco resort has its own water source, and for heating of all rooms three sources of heating: under floor heating, radiators and fireplaces are used.
Exclusivity of the resort is the small number of guests , only 26, professionalism as obliged, educational staff and high quality of service.
Other facilities includes: fountain, bakery, places for relaxation and socializing, paths of healthiness, ethno exhibition, parking, heliport.

Five bungalows, each of 40 square meters, comprise two double rooms, equipped with desks, wardrobes and other elements, common bathroom with hydromassage showers, stone sinks, fireplaces, underfloor heating and radiators. The rooms are separated from the hall which comes out on the porch.

The names of bungalows: Iva, Nana, Kleka, Glog and Neven hide the beauty of mountain flowers and trees from this area and the fragnances of awakening, introducing you into the new day.

Exclusive apartment White Nights of 90 square meters, capacity of four persons, is a separate entity in central building. It is positioned on the opposite side of all contents. There is a separate entrance in to it. It comprises two bedrooms, one with double bed, the other with two beds, living room and working space, large bathroom with Jacuzzi and hydromassage shower.

Apartment Romance, capacity of two persons, fully justifies its name according to its romantic look. In the unique unit of 48 square meters the bedroom, living room and bathroom with hydromassage shower are incorporated. Handmade furniture and unusual interior solutions complete ethno eco experience with a view to the decidous forests of the Black peak.

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Hotels in Serbia
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quarters Zlatar
Serbian cuisine restaurant
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vegetarian restaurant
village tourism 
villager tourism
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Wellness and SPA centers
wellness SPA centers
wilderness nature reserve
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Milinković Company d.o.o. is company for designing, engineering, construction and manufacturing.

Activities of the company Milinkovic are:

- Construction, installation and maintenance of telecommunications facilities, networks and systems
- Construction, installation and maintenance of gas distribution networks
- Construction, installation and maintenance of water supply and sewerage networks
- Design and construction of prefabricated ferrocement elements
- Design and construction of buildings such as:
manufacturing plants
residential buildings
sports halls
silos, etc.

Strategic orientation of companies that employ their own resources and its business partners provide a complete and quality service on a "from concept to implementation objects".

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MC Sistem

assembly halls and warehouses
building Industry services
building operations
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ETALON - a new name in the field of amelioration

We deal with design, installation and maintenance of irrigation systems, in gardens, parks, sports fields, orchards and nurseries. We also deal with design and maintenance of drainage systems in gardens, parks, sports facilities, construction fields... We design and build disinfection barriers for farms and fodder factories, which are suitable for existing objects.

There are more than 200 finished representative irrigation systems behind us that we built for other companies. We can be proud of the works which were the most significant projects in the field of irrigation in the country and in surrounding countries. 10 years of experience of fieldwork is the guarantee for quality.

Knowing the pros and cons of existing companies which deal with irrigation, we are ready to give all our energy and strength into the field of irrigation and drainage systems which will be easy to recognize.

We would like to become a new, modern, efficient and correct company in which we will build in all of our acquired knowledge and experience.


Address: Maršala Tita 86, Ečka

Owner: Nadlački Radivoj - Rasa, graduate engineer

E-mail: nadlackirasa@gmail.com

Telephone/fax: 023/882-473

Cell phone: 063/523-311, 065/3523-311

Web address: www.etalon-szr.rs

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agricultural irrigation
automatic irrigation
automatic watering systems
disinfection bariers
drainage systems
equipment for irrigation and watering
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Irrigation equipment
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micro irrigating
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systems for drip irrigation
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watering lawns
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agricultural irrigation
automatic irrigation
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Eurofoam Hungary kft. is specialised is the manufacturing and converting of polyurethane flexible foams.

Foam products are characterized by their open-cell structure and flexibility, or resilience.
Our product range includes numerous foamgrades, with a great series of modified proerties.
The " Eurofoam" name is always related to the excellent quality of our foams,with the relevant wide-range services and professional expertise.

The following eurofoam foam-types exist:
- Eurofoam classic
- Eurofoam comfort
- Eurofoam protect
- Eurofoam viscoline
- Eurofoam audiotec
- Eurofoam composit

The central company site of Eurofoam Hungary Kft. the foaming and the converting plant, can be found at a distance of 15 km from Miskolc, in the outskirts os Sajóbábony.

Other converting plants are located in Székesfehérvár is Hungary, but also in Slovakia, Serbia and Ukraine.

Our manufacturing and converting machines and equipments represent the most up-to-date tehnology, which facilitate the converting of the foams according to the customers needs and demands.

Our mission is to supply our Costumers with high quality and purpose-made converted foam-produtcts. Our Company is sensitive to the comfort needs of people:we supply such sorts of products for the converting industries, which- in their material and is their final shape- resve for the confort of those who use them.

The polyurethane foams are produced using the so-called foaming technology,where the raw materials are following:TDI,polyols,catalysts,stabilizers,colorants,etc.
Thes materials are pumped into a mixing head, where they mix upwith each other, and the polyurethane reaction is then started.
This mix from the mixing head is then flowing onto a continuously moving and proceeding conveyor, and there the foaming starts, as a consequence of the chemical reactions:the foam-block-until it reaches the end of the conveyor - will rise up to 1 meter height ( or even beyond) and solidifies.
The procuced foam-blocks have to be cured for period of 24 hours, meanwhile the further (post) rections will take place and the final foams-properties are reached.

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distribution of sponges
furniture sponge
mattress foam
mattress manufacturing
memory foam
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