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Wholesale of hand tools and equipments
General importer and distributor for Serbia for the next brands: Extol, Extol Premium, Fortum, Herom from Czech Republic

The company Madal Bal was established in 1978 in Switzerland. We are successfully operating in over than ten countries.

In this part of Europe (Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Macedonia, etc.) we are dealing with wholesale of tools. Reason of the relationship between high quality and price is a unified line of business from the factory to the wholesaler.

In addition to high quality and affordable prices for us important is that our tools look good.

    Our brands are:

  • Extol - high quality hobby tools for really affordable prices

  • Extol premium - half professional tools. Exceptional quality and price ratio.

  • Fortum - professional tools for affordable prices

  • Heron - high quality aggregators, virtually noise-free digital generators, irrigation pumps, pressure pumps

    Our offer of tools and equipments:
  • screwdriver

  • Bits for screws

  • Keys

  • Pliers

  • Gedore sets

  • Allen, torks keys

  • hammers

  • Knives, Skalper inserts

  • Masonry tools

  • measuring tools

  • Taps, cutter knives

  • screws

  • Clamps

  • Staplers

  • Paint brushes

  • Drills, cutters

  • Blades for saws

  • Cutting and grinding wheels

  • Wire brushes and abrasive tools

  • Accessories for electrical machines

  • garden tools

  • Fortum professional keys

  • Fortum professional gedora

  • Aggregators, noise-free aggregators, irrigation pumps, pressure pumps

Ostali podaci:

Centrala: Tel.: 024/622-134 Tel.: 024/622-133
E-mail: info@madalbal.rs

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Extol Premium

Accessories for electric machines
Blades for saws
Cutting wheels
delivery pump
electric hand tool
electrical tools
Extol premium 
Fortum professional keys
garden tool
gas station
Gedore sets
hand tool
hand tools
high quality tools
hobby tools
imbus torks keys
import of tools
Knives knife inserts
Masonry Tools
Measuring Tools
paint brushes
professional tools
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Majšanski Put 318 a
Subotica , 24000
Tel.: 024/528-218
Fax: 024/528-218
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  • Fischer
  • Aerosole
  • Alpen
  • BGS
  • Cobit
  • Fairtool
  • Flexovit
  • Hellermann
  • Knipex
  • MIB
  • MPS
  • MSB
  • Projahn
  • PTG
  • Rennsteig
  • SORA
  • Spanfabrik
  • US specila tools
  • Wera

service description:

Company "MSB Ostrana" L.t.d. Subotica - we deal with sale of hand tools, and we represent renowned European brands in the field of construction, industry, mechanical engineering and car industry.

In the rich and various assortment of "MSB Ostrana" you can find:
- Equipment for workshops and car service stations: storage for tools, lamps, cranes, containers for oil and grease...
- Drills: spiral, conical, HSS, titanium, cobalt...
- Cutting tools: tappers, carvers, turner knives, cutters...
- Material processing: grinding wheels, abrasives, saws...
- Hand tools: pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, special tools...
- Measuring tools and instruments: callipers, micrometers, multimeters...
- Pneumatic tools and accessories: pneumatic screwdrivers, drills, grinders...
- Supplies: dowels, silicons, ribbons, laces...
- Electric tools: drills, grinders, cutters, saws...
- Screws: screws, nuts, pads, gaskets, anchors, hooks...
- Friction drills and accessories: friction drills, bushings and tappers
- And much more ...

You can purchase easily and fast by looking at our assortment in our web-shop www.msb-srbija.com.
On this site you can download catalogues from the producers that we represent. In these catalogues you can find all necessary and additional information about the products and how to use the products.

Mob.: 060/035-01-10
E-mail: miroslavkarisik@yahoo.com
Mob.: 060/035-01-15
E-mail: milann@msb-srbija.com

Warehouse and online purchase:
Mob.: 069/528-218-3
E-mail: atila@msb-wien.at

Other questions:
Tel./Fax: 024/528-218
E-mail: msbsrbija@gmail.com

Retail sale:
BRANCH "Boska"
24000 Subotica, Jovana Mikića street, no. 44
Tel.: 024/544-450


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service description:

- Production of hydraulic semi platform for silos
- Production of hydraulic semi platform for mills
- Production of hydraulic presses
- Repair of hydraulics

The company was established in 1989 with a goal to provide special purpose hydraulic machines by the user, which cant be found on the domestic or foreign market.

We started with the development of custom hydraulic presses for rubber and tire shops, that managed to expand the range of products on a semi-hydraulic platform for easy and quick unloading grain in silos and mills.

We are making and repairing all kinds of hydraulic presses, hydraulic semi platforms, hydraulic cylinders, aggregates and machines that aim to improve your production and product quality, and thereby help you with an optimal investment to gain better placement on the market.

We can provide a complete service from conceptual design to your machine, through the development of each component and connect the hydraulic system of complete machine in our factory or where the machine will be used. With high quality hydraulic pumps and valves of world leading manufacturers of hydraulic equipment you can rely on a long and high-quality daily operation of your machine. If you know what you want and you have a vision about your machine but you cant find it in sale we can make it for you.

We repair hydraulic truck cranes all models of the next brands: "Hiab", "Atlas", "Foco" with certificates and installation of original components from renowned manufacturers "Orsta", "Prva petoletka", hydraulic high pressure hoses and high quality connectors brand "Hansa-flex", across the valve "Bosh Rexroth", "Parker" and "Atos".

Hydraulic cylinders

We manufacture complete hydraulic cylinders of all sizes and for all purposes by sample or technical drawing.
We produce and remounts all kinds of hydraulic presses, hydraulic semi-platform, hydraulic cylinders, generators and machines.


We produce hydraulic semi-platforms for silos and mills more than ten years. These platforms are easy to use, safe, reliable for the environment, very persistent and long working without faults and problems what can be confirmed by a large number of our users who in their silos and mills have our product.
The capacity of hydraulic semi-platforms for silos and mills is up to 78tons. Usually required for lengths of 6, 9 and 16 meters but per customers request we can make it up to 18 meters.

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 063/506-715 , 
  • Tel.: 022/473-845, 
  • Fax: 022/430-591

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Bosch Rexroth
Foco Orsta
Prva petoletka

cylinder repair
hidraulic topper
hidraulics platforms
hydraulic aggregates
hydraulic cylinders
hydraulic erector
hydraulic fixtures repair
hydraulic hose
hydraulic hoses
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Ljubiše Miodragovića 65 b
Beograd, 11000
Tel.: 011/746-56-55
Fax: 011/746-55-88
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  • Abro
  • Enker
  • FAD
  • Fadip
  • FKL
  • Frad filteri
  • IMR Rakovica
  • IMT
  • Krone
  • Lombardini
  • Lucas
  • MotorPal
  • NPR Europes
  • PDM
  • PTZ
  • TermoMetal
  • Univerzal
  • WD-40

service description:


The basic activity of company "TENEJ" L.t.d. is sale of spare parts and accessories for tractors IMT, IMR, Univerzal, and spare parts for motocultivators IMT 509, IMT 507, IMT 506.

Company "TENEJ" L.t.d. is an authorized distributor and seller of the production program of a factory called "FKL" from Temerin, which produces bearings and universal joints.

Besides importation of foreign brands, we also cooperate with domestic producers and represent and sell domestic trade marks, which give confidence and fulfill the demands of the customers by their tradition and quality.

Among other things, company "TENEJ" is a distributor of "ABRO" Industries Inc car cosmetics.

"ABRO" is a world-renewed brand from the USA. We represent their whole production program in the territory of Serbia. The guarantee of the quality is 70 years of experience on the market in 175 countries around the world. There are more than 100 different products in our offer for different purposes: additives for motor vehicles, adhesives and diht masses, varnish paint sprays, car cosmetics, a wide variety of sprays for multiple use for automobiles, tractors, industrial machinery and household...

Fast service, best prices, honest business partner relationship and the possibility of long-term cooperation, are the main directions of our work.

Internet sale

The internet sale of the company "TENEJ" L.t.d. makes possible the simple overview of the items of our offer.
You can make your order through our website www.tenej.com, which makes communication easier and faster between the seller and the customer.
The merchandise that is ordered before 3PM will be delivered on the same day by quick post, or the next day by personal delivery. For all orders valued over 12,000.00 dinars we give you free delivery.

Tel.: 011/746-56-55
Fax: 011/746-55-88
Mob.: 064/147-22-98
E-mail: tenejdoo@open.telekom.rs@gmail.com

Beograd, Mirjevo, Ljubiše Miodragovića no. 65 b

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Frad filteri
IMR Rakovica
NPR Europes

ac pump for tractor
additives and sprays
car cosmetic
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service description:


"PARTNER PROMET" is a specialized traffic organisation for trading with drive engineering, such as:
- electric motors
- reducers
- pumps
- frequency regulators
- and spare parts for these products.

The company was founded in 1990 by the ex workers of the company "Sever". We have been dealing with this job since the 70`s of the last century when we started our professional career in "SEVER" Subotica, which means that we have a long term experience.

"PARTNER PROMET" is highly positioned as a supplier of these goods by its customers, thanks to the following postulates in business:

As the result of these four elements Partner promet has successfully operated for more than two decades.

In our offer we have products made by the following manufacturers:

Electric motors:

Seipee - Italy, energy efficiency IE 1,
Marathon electric - Holland, energy efficiency IE 2, where the relationship "invested - gained" can be potentiated separately. This is absolutely the best in this assortment...
We are able to offer electric motors ATB Sever Subotica; Siemens - Germany; Leroy Somer - France...


STM - Italy; Chiaravali - Italy; Rossi - Italy; Leroy Somer - France...


Pedrollo - Italy, Novoterm - Austria...

Frequency regulators:

Leroy Somer - France,  Control Techniques - England... 

Deep pump


Circulation pump


More contacts:

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axial fan
circulation pump
circulation pump.
deep pump
electric motors
electrical gear
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service description:

SIGMA PROCES was established in 1993.

Many years of experience made us one of the leading manufacturers in Europe of machines, equipment, systems and packing machines production in food - confectionery industry.

    Our production program includes:

  • automatic horizontal systems for packaging

  • automatic horizontal Flow Pack machines for packaging

  • automatic vertical machines for packaging

  • automatic X-PACK machines for cookies and wafer packaging

  • automatic X-PACK machines for cellophane

  • semiautomatic machines for packaging

  • process and technological equipment for confectionery industry

Our goals are:

-to spread over domestic trade and abroad

-"best in class" to employees, production, technologies, products, advertisement, services and top financial results.

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Automatic packaging machine
automatic packing machine
charger for liquid materials
equipment for packaging
equipment for the confectionery industry
food and drinks
food wrapping
horizontal packaging systems
machine for packaging
machines for food industry
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service description:

"AUTO LINE" Ltd. has been active for more then 15 years on the Serbian market. Thanks to its professional relationship with the customers, which is based on mutual trust and professionalism, the company, "AUTO LINE" Ltd., has become a reliable partner in providing spare parts for cars in many retail stores around Serbia.

Basic activities of the firm "AUTO LINE" are wholesale and retail sale of spare parts for Opel, VolksWagen, BMW, Audi, Skoda nad Seat. Trough distribution of certain brands "AUTO LINE" offers spare car parts for the following brands: Mercedes, BMW, Ford, FIAT, Renault, Citroen, Peugeot etc.

The product range, quality and the affordable prices of the products, the professional staff are all directed towards the needs of the customers, the car spare parts retail stores, services and the ultimate consumers - buyers.

We are equipped with original parts for various brands of cars with high quality parts, OE - Original Equipment, from renowned European manufacturers which produce parts for factory installation.

"AUTO LINE" offers spare parts of high quality from known European manufacturers, parts for the first installation:

- Febi-Bilstein
- Mahle
- Elring
- Filtron
- Huco
- Topran
- Sachs
- Ate
- Bremi
- Wahler
- Bosch
- Gates etc.

Sale of spare car parts for: Opel i Chevrolet

Belgrade, Višnjička 34
Working hours: 08-19, On Saturdays: 08-15,

Sale of spare car parts for: VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat.

Severni bulevar 5v
Working hours: 08-19, On Saturday: 08-15

Sale of spare car parts for: BMW and Mini

Belgrade, Višnjička 34
Working hours: 08-19, On Saturdays: 08-15

Sale of spare car parts for: Peugeot and Citroen

Severni bulevar 5v
Working hours: 08-19, On Saturdays: 08-15

Sale of spare car parts for: Renault

Severni bulevar 5v
Working hours: 08-19, On Saturdays: 08-15

Car service for passenger and freight vehicles:
Fiat, Mercedes, VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Opel, Chevrolet, Bmw, Mini, Iveco

Belgrade, Jovanke Radaković 33a
Working hours: 08-18, On Saturdays: 08-15

For less demanding customers "AUTO LINE" offers more cheeper car parts for Opel and other brands, which are imported from Asia and the firm guarantees for them.

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service description:

Vatro Prevent

    Sale and services

  • All kinds of firefighting equpments, appliances, devices and repair of them

  • All kinds of technical gases

  • Complete firefighting equipment

  • Hydrant equipment

  • PPE equipments

  • All kinds of spareparts for firefighting devices from the producer "Vatrosprem", "Pastor" and others.

  • Fire-protecting apparatus (production of parts for these apparatuses)

  • Fire alarm systems with installing, controll and maintenance

  • Development of normative acts in the field of fire protection

  • Making trainings for employees in the field of fire protection

  • Controling flow capacity and water pressure in hydrant networks

  • Validation and maintenance of electrical installations and lighting conductors

  • Testing practical knowledge of employees in the field of fire protection

  • Testing and servicing transportable and manual fire extinguishers and other fire protection equipments

  • We also offer eqipments for welding and cutting

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automatic fire detection
automatic fire report 
devices for fire extinguishing
fire apparatus
fire apparatus sales
fire couplings
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Petra Drapšina 62
Mol, 24435
Tel.: 064/234-03-24
Fax: 024/862-556
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  • CASE
  • Claas
  • Laverda
  • Massey Ferguson
  • Newholland

service description:

"SIGMA" metal craft shop is present on the market of Serbia, Hungary and Romania with its products.

Our geographical location and infrastructure of the local economy have influenced our commitment and affirmation in making various machinery for agriculture and farming.

The offer of "SIGMA Mol" consists of: machines for grain transportation, screw conveyors, toppers, adapters for harvesters, filling machines for sowing... "SIGMA" is able to meet the client`s demands if there is a need to develop special devices, according to the customer`s order and need.

During the warranty period and beyond, "SIGMA" guarantees its clients a comprehensive customer service and maintenance of their machines. We are prepared to offer various forms of contracts, according to the specific economic conditions of our partners.

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Massey Ferguson

agrarian machine and equipment
agricultural mechanical engineering
agricultural related machines 
cochlear transporter
device for sunflower
dial-up machine
grain header
header table
lamellar sieve
production of parts
punctured sieve
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service description:


Dear customers!

From Monday, November 17th 2014, our RETAIL SALE 1 is located at a new address.

The new location of our Retail sale 1 is in: KUMODRAŠKA no 55.

Our telephone numbers are the same:

011/ 3982 022
060/ 6416 832


Expont Ltd. is a trading company from Belgrade which is specialized for trade of heating and plumbing equipment. It was established in 1992. At the same location, there is also a retail facility. Company Expont has 13 employees.

Within Expont Company there is also a production company. It has 17 employees and produces flat globe valves, irreversible valves, manual regulating valves, flanges and tire compensators.

Company Expont is occupied with wholesale supply of more than 700 construction companies, from substations to home heating and plumbing insallations. Goods are supplied with a valid certificate and guarantee.

Our priorities are many artists of thermo-technical and plumbing installations, by which the company Expont has developed and progressed on the Serbian market. Our company is always ready to deliver the equipement to the construction site in the shortest possible time, with good prices and special discount scale.

We give a 5% discount on every purchase over 20.000,00 dinars in the year of 2014.

WHOLESALE: Vojvode Stepe 153, Voždovac
Monday-Friday 8am-4pm, Saturday 8am-2pm,
011/30 99 603, 3982 002, 060/431 43 02, 060/641 68 34
fax: 011/3982 002


RETAIL SALE 1: Kumodraška 55, Voždovac
Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday 8am-3pm, Sunday 8am-1pm
011/3982 022, 060/641 68 32

RETAIL SALE 2: Smederevski put 16, Kaluđerica
Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday 8am-3pm
011/34 77 170, 060/641 68 31

RETAIL SALE 3: Vodovodska 164ž, Čukarica
Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday 8am-3pm
011/25 80 103, 060/34 000 41

RETAIL SALE 4: Majora Zorana Radosavljevića 134, Batajnica
Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday 8am-3pm
011/84 84 964, 060/0 330 144

WHOLESALE AND RETAIL SALE: Cara Lazara 246, Kruševac
Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday 8am-3pm
037/21 00 31 , 060/0 330 147

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Accessories for soldering
air conditioner
aluminium radiators
Alupex tube
ball valves
blocked heat changer 
boiler cast
boilers for central heating
butterfly valves
Copper tube
digital thermostats
dirt catcher
equipment for central heating
equipment for water supply Peshtan
floor heating
gas and heating gear
gas heating
heat exchangers
heating equipment
heating system
heating technique
klima uredjaji
measuring and control equipments
Pellet boilers 
pellet burners
Company Info ::::.
Hits: 800363
Šandora Bogdanfija 17.
Ada, 24430
Tel.: 024/852-827
Fax: 024/852-827
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service description:

The company Tapai-Gear was established in 1988 as a craft shop which was specialized for production of gears.

In recent years we have continuously expanded our fleet so we can provide a wide range of services to our customers.

Production of parts for agricultural machineries is present in our production program from the beginning. We have a wide range of spare parts in stock from famous brands: TOMO VINKOVIĆ, GOLDONI, BOURGOIN, IMT, etc. which is constantly expanding, today has already reached a number of 300 entries.

In constantly broadening offer appeared spare parts for construction machineries, brick factories and press industries.

Our goal was that the whole production process can be drawn in our workshops. We have almost completely achieved that.

We are ready for innovations and we solve new tasks and challenges with enthusiasm.

Our professionalism, skill and experience for more than two decades guarantees the high quality of our products and services.

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 063/547-944, 

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making gears
manufacture of gears
metal industry
metal processing
metal turnery workshop
service of printing machines
making gears
manufacture of gears
metal industry
metal processing
metal turnery workshop
service of printing machines
making gears
manufacture of gears
metal industry
metal processing
metal turnery workshop
service of printing machines
making gears
manufacture of gears
metal industry
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service description:

The company, METRON LTD , NOVI SAD has a perspective development and excellent business in 2014, as evidenced by the credibility of your company which is on HIGH business rating in 2014. Your company is found in the group of 1% of the most successful companies in Serbia in 2014 and belongs to a group of HIGH solvency excellence - It is an international certification (international certificate) for the most successful companies in Europe that has been implemented for more than 25 years and is present in 20 countries.

The categorization was done by the international methodology used by the Swedish company Bisnode AB (www.bisnode.com), conducted by the so-called European model of business excellence which was developed for the European market by the European Foundation for Quality Management (1992), it is unique for all the markets of Europe (unique method of assessing a partner in the EU), and the certification from the EU is an accepted answer to the question: WHAT IS THIS COMPANY LIKE?

Reference list of certified companies in Serbia:

Reference list of certified companies in the EU:
Croatia: aaa.bisnode.hr
Slovenia: www.bisnode.si/aaa
Germany: www.bisnode.de/zertifikat
Austria: www.toprating.at i ostale

About us: Metron Company was established in Novi Sad (former Yugoslavia) in 1970 as an enterprise in the ownership of Mr. Agoston Sagi, which later grew into a family business and expanded to the territories of Hungary in 1991 and Romania in 1994.

Activity field:
Metron deals with production, trade, servicing and calibration of scales and laboratory measuring instruments.

Exclusive representative of: DICKEY-john, Stable Micro Systems, AND Instruments, PG Instruments, BWB Technologies, Santec, Infracont etc.

Laboratory services: Quality control of agricultural and food products.


Metron d.o.o.
- 21000 Novi Sad, Janošikova 16

Tel. & Fax: +381 21 505 525
Tel. & Fax: +381 21 506 035
Cell phone: +381 63 851 2217
Laboratory: +381 21 506-277

E-mail: office@metrongroup.eu

General business:erzebet.sagi@metrongroup.eu

Finances: agoston.sagi@metrongroup.eu

Sales, service: elena.gvojic@metrongroup.eu

Metron Kft.
- 1024 Budapest, Keleti Károly u. 22.

Tel.: +36 1 316 8167
Fax: +36 1 316 0137
Cell phone: +36 30 9430 687
E-mail: office.hu@metrongroup.eu

S.C. Metron S.R.L.
- 520023 Sf. Gheorghe-Jud. Covasna,
Str.Józef Bem Nr.2. Bl.3.sc.G ap.5.

Tel. & Fax: +40 267 351 006
Cell phone: + 40 745 026 623
Cell phone: + 40 745 608 629
E-mail: office.ro@metrongroup.eu

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AND Instruments
BWB Technologies
PG Instruments
Stable Micro Systems

analytical balances
dairy Produuct Analysers
digital thermometer for grain storage
Drying Cabinets
elektromos mérőműszerek
Falling Number
Flame fotometer
foreign representation
glutem systems and washer
Gluten systems and washer
grain analyzers
grain moisture testers
grain quality control
Company Info ::::
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service description:

Wholesale and retail of paints, varnishes, tools, thermal and hydro insulation, computer mixing of paints for outdoor and indoor.

The company, Hem Color, was established in 1993.

Over the years we have developed a successful business that supplies the citizens and reputable construction companies of Subotica.

During these 20 years with hard work, selfless efforts and honest work we have become a leader in the sale of colors, varnishes, facades and other supplementary materials on the territory of Subotica.

We strive for continuous improvement of our product range, friendly staff, we are monitoring the latest trends in the field of construction, we increase sales volume and product range, whit this retaining our leading position.

- We offer a wide range of paints and varnishes.
- Everything for wood, metal walls, for indoor and outdoor works.
- Hydro and thermal insulation
- Styrofoam decoration
- Wallpapers
- Self-adhesive foils for glass, wood and metal
- Tools
- Material for ceramics
- Plasterboard, etc.

We try to meet the needs of our customers.

Check why thousands of satisfied customers such as: painters, plasterers, car painters, carpenters, upholsterers gave their trust to us.

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 064/1133-566, 
  • Tel.: 024/551-952, 

your images:

acrylic colours
bricklaying tools
building hand tools
car colors
colors for interior walls
colours and lacquers for cars
colours in spray
concrete colour
construction tools
decorative colours
dispersion colours
ecological color
environmentally friendly paint program
hand tool
hand tools
Merkur paints and varnishes
outdoor colours
paint and lacquers retail
paint and lacquers wholesale
paint and varnishes Subotica
paint lacquers glue facades
painter tools
painting tools
paints and coatings
paints and lacquers in construction
paints and lacquers trade
Company Info ::::.
Hits: 269842
Železnik, Svete Milutinovića 118
Beograd, 11250
Tel.: 011/25-76-206
Fax: 011/25-77-364
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  • Ivo Lola Ribar
  • Potisje
  • Toss
  • Weingarten
  • Wotan

service description:

DAN-PROM D.O.O. is a private company dealing with projecting, repair and creating original parts as well as selling new and used machines.

    Machines for metal processing with cutting

  • New machines

  • Carousel lathes

  • Universal lathes

  • Milling

  • and other machines for metal processing with cutting

    Machines for metal processing with deformation

  • Eccentric presses

  • Hydraulic presses

  • Machines for sheet bending

  • Machines for sheet cutting

  • and other machines for metal processing with deformation

"DAN-PROM" d.o.o.
11250 Železnik, Srbija
Dir.Slobodan Danilović
Tel/Fax. +381 11 2577 364
              +381 11 2576 206
Mob.      +381 63 218 906


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Ivo Lola Ribar
Company Info ::::
Hits: 35524

service description:

"RAS PRODUKT" is a company with the largest capacity of packaging sugar for catering in the Balkans. We have:

- A certificate of quality management 9001-2008.
- HACCP control system in production
- Veterinary export number for honey 17035.

"RAS PRODUKT" Ltd. has existed since 1992 as a private company with the same owner. The initial activity was processing and sale of coffee in retail outlets in Pozarevac.

- In 1998 the company expanded its activity in packing sugar for catering. "RAS PRODUKT" was the first in the former Yugoslavia, which packed and sold sugar of 5 grams, "tetrahedron" shape.

- In 2005 "RAS PRODUKT" bought the most modern ten-lined machine for packing "stick" shaped sugar.

- In 2006 "RAS PRODUKT" begins producing plastic scoops and mixers for espresso coffee.

- In 2007 we started to introduce our offer of packing honey of 15 grams for catering.


- Honey
- Tetrahedron sugar
- Stick sugar
- Brown sugar
- White crystal sugar tetragon
- Marmalade
- Spoons
- Mixers
- Vending mixers

your images:


brown sugar
crystal sugar consumption 5g
haccp honey
Company Info ::::
Hits: 813355

service description:

TOPERS Company Ltd. from Belgrade was established in 1990.
Thw main activity of the company is renting - renting of construction scaffolding on "keys in hands" system.

- Construction scaffolding
- Scaffolding renting for all types of construction works
- Making of scaffolding constructions with development projects
- Installation
- Removal
- Transport
- Project developing
- Grounding of scaffolding

20 years experience

We possess certificates of applied international conventions on work safety for our scaffoldings

* Rental - scaffolding rent
* Space
* Assembly and disassembly of scaffolding
* Transport
* Additional protective equipment
* Projects and study developing for scaffolding installation
* Work platforms making
* Awning making
* Site enclosure

Topers Doo

Topers Ltd.
Dunavska 25
1100 Beograd
Tel.: +381 11 2637 416
Fax.: +381 11 303 89 42
E-Mail: info@topers.co.rs
Web: www.topers.co.rs, www.skele-topers.co.rs

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  • Tel.: 064-295-9011, 

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Allround scaffolding Multidirectional
aluminum scaffolding
building scaffolding
building trade ending works
civil engineering
construciton scaffold rent
engineer activity
facade restoration
facade sanding 
facade scaffoldings
frame scaffolding
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service description:

"Alatnica-Ada" was established in 1987. The company is specialized for producing micro-tools and tools for plastic injection. The tool factory provides additional services in metal processing and producing parts by customers drawing.
"Alatnica-Ada" has modern machine park and it works with modern technologies (CAM, CNC, SOLID WORKS ) with excellent professional staff.

    We are producing:

  • Micro tools for injection of hard and soft wax

  • Tools for plastic injection

  • Tools for outbreak, bending, profiling, punching and deep drawing

  • We are doing extra services, like: turning, milling, planing, grinding, erosion, compaction and drilling

  • We are producing machines for bending metal sheets

  • Forming metal sheets with excenter presser

  • We can do plastic injection and we can make plastic products to order

  • Mass production of parts on CNC equipments on customers request

    We are equipped with:

  • CNC Miller Hass TM-1

  • 3 Universal millers

  • Erozimat with electrode

  • Rasps

  • Lathes

  • Eccentric press

  • Grinders

  • Machine for plastic injection

  • Bench drill

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cnc metal processing
component production with form
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Šekspirova 38
Novi Sad, 21000
Tel.: 063/532-548
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service description:

CNC aluminum processing

Service of aluminum milling on CNC machine center HAAS TM-3PHE.

Characteristics of the machines 1016 x 508 x 406mm (xyz).
Warehouse with 10 interchangeable tools.

So far we mostly involved in producing components for high-end audio devices.

Making components from small to large series.

Low cost milling !!!

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CNC aluminium
cnc metal processing
CNC milling
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ul. Petefi Šandora 8
Palić, 24413
Tel.: 024/755-441
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  • Amiad
  • Clicktif
  • Dan
  • Dan 2001
  • Dan 2005
  • Dan 7800
  • Fogger
  • Greenspin
  • Injektor
  • Mamkad
  • NaanDan
  • NaanDanJain
  • Super
  • Super Mamkad –10
  • T-tape
  • Turbo Jet

service description:

HIDROPAN company was established in 2004. with its office on Palić. Our occupation is agricultural (professional) irrigation of fruits and vegetables indoor and outdoor.
Material for the irrigation we provide from the Israel company "Day". We project, distribute and service the entire mounting system for irrigation.

We have ideas about new challenges in the production of fruits and vegetables (bigger yields, extra quality), and the trend of irrigation in the world, we are specialized on microirrigation where we use micronozzles and the drop by drop way of irrigation.

We pay special attention on micronozzles, whose value has increased exponentially, due to extreme weather conditions (heat, late spring frost, etc.).
Therefore, except the normal irrigation systems, we offer a variety of technologies for irrigation with micronozzles:

1. Cooling and adjusting the microclimate (relative humidity of the air) in the open field and indoor.

2. Protection of the spring frost (up to -10 C) in the open field and indoor.

3. Feeding - distribution of nutritious matter (watermelting artificial fertilizer) using the micronozzle.

4. Regulation of the plants fruit size (apples, peaches) and the colouring of them.

5. So called "fast germination" of the slow germinate seeds (green vegetables,carrots,etc.).
The technology is based on the upper layer of 2-3 cm kept always wet.

Every year, the bigger surfaces are watered by our technology and system for irrigation.

We expect you to join our camp of satisfied producers.

Šandor Petefi street 8
24413 Palić
tel: +381 (0) 24 / 755 – 44
+381(0) 64 / 168 – 92 – 54

email : hidropan@tippnet.rs
web : www.hidropan.rs

More contacts:

  • direktor Feher Friđeš
    Tel.: 064-168-92-54, 

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Dan 2001
Dan 2005
Dan 7800
Super Mamkad –10
Turbo Jet

agricultural irrigation
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service description:

EB barbecue are made of vibro concrete with an appropriate combination of additives. Therefore, its features are strenghtness and durability.

The most important part of a barbicue is the stokehole. Therefore EB fireplace grill are made of specially shaped chamotte, which design is functionally adapted to save energy (wood, charcoal, gas, electricity ...).

The number and type of additional components, such as stainless steel bars, skewers, kettles and more, the buyer choose oneself. In accordance with customer requirements, on the chimney of each grill can be mounted a mini dryer. Eurobet company performs transportation services and grill installation.

EB 130 and EB 2130 barbecue models are for professional use. EB 130 can be delivered in variants with one or two skewers, as EB 2130 has three skewers.

In addition to exceptional economy and grill practicality, Eurobet company provides its customers the possibility of selecting colors. In this way, the EB grill can be fitted in coloring of each environment (interior and exterior).

EB barbecues are exclusive, highly functional and high quality design, a prerequisite of real gastronomical satisfaction in your restaurant, home, villa, yard, garden ...


e-mail: eurobet@sbb.rs

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concrete barbecues
concrete cog
concrete flat
fired by solid fuel
fireplace Serbia
fireplaces and stoves
fireplaces and tile stoves
fireplaces Belgrade
fireplaces production
fireplaces sale
garden grill
kitchen garden
krušne peći
mini smokehouse
unique fireplace
concrete barbecues
concrete cog
concrete flat
fired by solid fuel
fireplace Serbia
fireplaces and stoves
fireplaces and tile stoves
fireplaces Belgrade
fireplaces production
fireplaces sale
garden grill
kitchen garden
krušne peći
mini smokehouse
unique fireplace
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service description:

21220 Bečej, Branka Radičevića 48

Activities of the company:

- retail of tires, parts, batteries, oil, antifreeze
- Mounting and balancing all types of wheels, passenger and freight
- Mechanical correction of aluminum and steel wheels

About Us

We have 20years of experience doing the next services:
- mounting and demounting all kinds of wheels (passenger, freight, agricultural, tires for motorcycles)
- mechanical correction of aluminum and steel wheels
- balancing wheels (passenger and freight)

Show us your trust and buy in our shops
- all types of tires
- SHELL motor oils
- HELLA and BOSCH supplies
- complete equipments for auto electrics for all kinds of vehicles HELLA, ASPACT, MENBERS
- complete aerial installation for commercial vehicles HALDEX, WAPCO

We guarantee first-class service and affordable prices.

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12V batteries
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service description:

Service of burners, gas techniques and thermo - energetic equipments. Service of gas furnaces for household.

"Termo-Tim" company from Novi Sad was established in 1998. The founders of the company are experts of electrical engineering in the field of thermo-energetics for many years.

"Termo-Tim" has a leading position in servicing burners and thermo-energetic equipment. We are present in all branches of industry, working on plants for the heat production: the steam boiler, the hot-water boilers for central heating. We repair burners in driers, bakeries, brickyards, foundries and dairies. The auxiliary equipment for burners and other thermo-energetic equipment, we use and install the products of following manufacturers: Dungs, Honeywell, Suntec, Satronic, Landis & Steufa, Siemens, Krömschröder,etc.

More contacts:

  • Spasojević Branko
    Tel.: 063/512-691, 
  • Fešiš Zoltan
    Tel.: 063/547-583, 

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boiler maintenance
boilers for central heating
burner service
central heating
coal boilers
devices for central heating
electric boilers
electric boilers for central heating
equipment for gas
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service description:

Silos Tech was established as a family company in 2006. Our occupation consists of 3 parts: wholesale of feed, production of transport equipments for supply of vet station and silos. We produce equipment for storages, ventilation, transport of various grains, screw conveyors, elevators, equipment for feed preparation, mashines for feed mixing. We also produce metal construction for silos.

Last year we had large investments in production, including the construction of the hall of 1000 m2, CNC plasma and flame cutter, CNC presses of 300 tons, NC scissors and in various machines.

We expanded our occupation with service business. Currently, we have 42 employees.
Our references are: 25 silos by year and the biggest is Gebi doo Cantavir.

Our goal is to increase production, to expand the assortment and to improve the production.

TEL/FAX 024 / 821 906
MALOPRODAJA, ARPADOVA 77/a 063 / 7197 756

web site www.transporteri.rs

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 063 635 043, 
  • Tel.: 064 634 999, 

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agrarian growth
agrarian machine and equipment
belt conveyors
bucket elevator
bucket elevators
Chain conveyor
chain conveyors-redlers
chain hoists 
CNC plasma cutting
cutting service
edge bender
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service description:

Rotor - Kalmar Senta for production, external-internal trade and service activities. Company for making transformers and welding machines.

Wire unwrapper

The shell is used for unwrapping wire from the coil in the machine that is processed. Usage is possible with thickness of 150 mm, installed power is 4 kW.

CNC machines for net welding

- Machines for making construction network
- Machines for making accurate network

Net cutter

It is used for cutting off the network and is installed behind the net welding machine.

Net bending machine

It is used for network bending and for pressing in various forms in the network. Form tool determines the customer.

Net manipulator

Used in front of the presses and shears STIM behind the line is fully automated. Manipulator network to carry scissors to the presses.

Radnoti Mikloša 27/A, 24000 Senta, Srbija

Tel.: +381 (0) 63 516 145

Web: www.rotor-kalmar.co.rs, E-mail: rotor@sksyu.net

More contacts:

  • Fax: 024/815-829

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armature network tumbler
battery charger for electric fork lift
CO welding machines
device for welding wire armature
lines for armature network
lomač cundera
machines for seam welding
machines for welding wire
Makaze za sečenje mreža
odmotači žice
ordinary battery chargers
production welding
screen thrower
spot welding machine
The bending machine
the manipulator
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service description:

Transport of goods, transport servises, international spedition, airline transport, river transport, boat transport of goods, logistics in transport, custom of goods, international spedition and transport, railway transport, marine transport

Today, distance is not a problem. As business partners come closer to each other with the help of modern comunication means, it is necessary to logisticly support all the activities of these business relationships. The request for quality is increasing but the quality is less visible. Professionalism becomes a personal relationship between the partners and it is the base for a successful cooperation.

We are a team of young people who are dedicated to give professional and personal services of international goods transport. These are responsibility, flexibility and openness for all kinds of cooperation by establishing long and stable business and personal relationship which is based on trust.

The most important thing is to find a way for the best transport needs of our clients. In this way, we can find new ideas and develop new servises which support our clients in their work.

More contacts:

  • Kancelarija na Aerodromu:
    Tel.: 011/228-6163, 
  • Tel.: 011/2097-192, 

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Air transport
boat transport
good transport in internal traffic 
good transport in international and domestic traff
international freight transport of goods
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service description:

"KARCHER produces devices for water cleaning under high pressure, machines for sweeping, vacuum cleaners for wet and dry vacuum cleaning, industrial vacuum cleaners, machines for solid floor polishing, devices for deep cleaning of carpets, machines for hand sweeping, machines for snow removing, washing and care means for cars which are used in car wash.

FALCH machines are water cleaners under high pressure of advanced technology and quality which provides continuous work of machines.

FRANK mobile cleaners high pressured with cold water
FRANK mobile cleaners high pressured with hot water
FRANK cleaners high pressured with cold water - stationary
FRANK cleaners high pressured with hot water - stationary
FRANK self-serving stations for cleaning
FRANK brushes

ICE TECH is a new system of cleaning with dry ice in shape of granules which removes dirt.

Electro mechanisms
Motors and equipment with electric, pneumatic and hydraulic components which are cleaned by sand-blasting with dry ice.

Polyurethane foam is easily removed from the equipment by sand-blasting with dry ice.

-cleaners high pressured with cold water
-cleaners high pressured with hot water
-cleaners high pressured with fuel motor
-stationary system of cleaning high pressured with cold and hot water
-new wet-dry vacuum cleaners
-hand machines for cleaning-brushes

© 2006-2010. Mlazmatik d.o.o.
Importer, distributor and authorized service of Karcher, Falch i Ice Tech machines
Republic Serbia, 26212 Kačarevo

wholesale and repaire in Kačarevo +381 13 602 110; +381 13 602 270
sale in Belgrade +381 11 2748 797

Working hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. on weekdays and Saturday
e-mail: mlazmatik@3dnet.rs info@mlazmatik.co.rs
director Zoran Milevski
Tel.: 063-360-626"

More contacts:

  • direktor Zoran Milevski
    Tel.: 063-360-626, 
  • manager Ljuba Novković
    Tel.: 063-363-335, 

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service description:

"Alatnica Misic" was established in 2002 in Subotica, as a small workshop for making tools. Adapting to market conditions "Alatnica Misic" grew into a company for development, maintenance and repair of machine parts.

    The basic principles of our business policy:

  • Meeting the demands of customers

  • Preserving and enhancing the quality of products and services

  • Respect for suppliers and customers

  • Respecting deadlines

  • Innovation and introduction of new products and services

    The main activities of the company are:

  • Machining

  • Thermal processing

  • Welding

  • Preparation of axles, gears, sprocket, shells, tools for stamping, etc.

  • turning, milling, grinding, quenching

  • Overhaul of pumps, parquet sanders, fillers for meat

  • Overhaul of truck, work and agricultural machinery parts

  • Production and maintenance of machines for food industries (bakery, butcher machine, etc.)

  • Production of parts and maintenance of machines for wood processing

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 063/698-887, 

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combine parts
hardening steel
lathe tool
machine metal processing
machine processing
making spare parts for machines
manufacture of gears
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Laze Lazarevića 12
Novi Sad, 21000
Tel.: 021/646-72-90
Fax: 021/646-72-99
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service description:

Petro-Mont is a private family business, established in 05.05.1989. as a craft shop.

Further development of the team "PETRO-MONT" has completed recruitment of a number of licensed engineers responsible contractors and responsible designers, from the field of engineering, construction and architecture.
We are constantly monitoring the latest trends and developments of new systems in the field of heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning and renewable energy.

Petro-Mont has over 25 years of experience in the performance of mechanical and construction work on the construction of gas pipelines, water and waste water, heating and hot water connections and construction of substations for district heating.

The part that with Petro-Mont stands out is training of young staff in the field of construction work, as confirmed by many years of practice in our students who attend Central Mechanical School in Novi Sad.

Decades of experience, professionally trained staff constantly monitoring trends and developments in technology, technical equipment are the guarantee for the efficiency and quality of our work.



Tel.: 021/646-72-90
Tel.: 021/636-90-77
Tel.: 021/636-94-39
Fax: 021/646-72-99

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air conditioner
breaking piping
building Industry services
building objects
building operations
building trade ending works
building trade machine work
building trade tillage preparation
civil engineering
civil engineering
conduit and sewerage
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Kralja Petra I 67
Bačka Palanka, 21400
Tel.: 021/60-43-821
Fax: 021/60-40-449
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service description:

The company PlastMa was established in 2002 in Bačka Palanka, Serbia.

The company is specialized for plastic injection machines and auxiliary equipment.

We are the exclusive representative for Ex Yugoslavia:

HAITIAN - classical and servo-controlled machines for plastic injection.

ZHAFIR - electrical machines for plastic injection

SHINI - auxiliary equipment for plastic processing (drying, transport granules, feeders, blenders, chillers, equipment for tempering, grinding mills, robots...)

REFERENCES: over 430 delivered machines for plastic injection, from 600 kN - 21000 kN closing strength.

Guided by the principles of competence and expertise, with long years of experience, high quality equipment and competitive prices, we have achieved results that we are proud of: more than 430 installed machines for plastic injection and successful cooperation with over 150 firms from our region.

Our esteemed customers are the most famous companies in this field in the region. Our most important task is as a representative manufacturer of equipment is to ensure reliable and efficient service and technical support.

In addition to qualified service personnel, we have available stock of spare parts and equipment, and logistical support to our principals.

Series MARS II

Second generation of economical, servo plastic injection machines.

Haitian is one of the pioneers in the progress of production of energy effective injection machines and has four patents from this area. The series MARS is a best-seller from the company, Haitian, until now 100.000 pieces have been sold worldwide.

The innovative concept achieves energy savings of 20% to 80% compared to conventional hydraulic machines.

Modular construction, a wide range of possible applications, improved system control unit injectors and the latest control technology from Austria, are just some of the reasons why this series has achieved such success on the market.


Second generation of economical, servo plastic injection machines with two molding plates.

It is intended for injecting products of large dimensions, like parts for car industry, garbage containers, plates, packaging and similar.
Jupiter II is improved by a series of machines with closing forces from 6000 to 60 000 kN. The biggest delivered machine in this series is JUII of 66 000 kN.

Series PLUTO

Classical hydraulic injection machines with a closing power of 860-5300 kN.

Series PLUTO is meant for production for wide consumption, like household products, products for general purpose and similar. It is a very reliable series of machines at affordable prices.


"Two-colored" (two-components) plastic injection machines.


Second generation of electric plastic injection machines.

The result of intensive cooperation between German and Chinese specialists, with the motto "Fully electric design at affordable prices," Venus II series adapts to the most varied and most complex requirements manufacturer. We offer a standard version, models with greater driving force, as well as specialized models for the production of packaging. High speed injection (350 mm/s), parallel movements in all axes, superior performance.

Series ZERES - hybrid injection molding machine

Series ZERES combines the best features of a fully electric machines VENUS II and servo-hydraulic machine MARS II.

Extremely flexible hybrid injection molding machines with servo-electric drive screw and the opening/closing of the mold, a servo-hydraulic drive cylinder bouncer and management centers.

ZERES offers all the benefits of a fully electric machines: precision, energy saving, fast cycle, as well as easy maintenance and cleanliness of the working environment, with a significantly lower price.


Newest generation of electric plastic injection machines, developed in cooperation with German and Chinese engineers.

In the development and production we use the newest knowledge and technologies to get the machine with superior characteristics.

The series Mercury is intended for injecting products of the highest and most complex demands, like: complex geometrical shape, accuracy of dimensions, particular mechanical and other characteristics.

Auxiliary equipment SHINI:

- feeders and mixers
- mills
- robots
- dryers
- temperirals
- transporters

New in our offer - Vertical injection machines TAYU

The company TAYU Machinery Co., Ltd is one of the leading Chinese manufacturers of vertical plastic injection machines.

The vertical injection machine TAYU is recognizable by its compact and elegant design, which also allows easier access to the mold, easy maintenance and significant savings of work-space. The vertical configuration ensures precise control of the production process and high quality products. A wide range of possible applications: electrical parts and components, auto parts, tools and technical equipment, products with coating, the combination of colors and materials, and similar.

The offer includes:

1. The standard vertical injection machine -series TY

2. Vertical injection machine without ribbon - Series TC

3. Vertical injection machine to produce larger dimensions - series TK

The available versions for each of the series: models with fixed, mobile (1 or 2 workstations) or rotating table, and two-colored machines.

Visit us on our website:

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distribution of spray machines
machine for molding plastic 
machines for plastic injection
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service description:

PEZOS Company is reliable supplier of first class seamless steel pipes, steel and messing welding fittings, flanges, zinc coated steel pipes and other products used in all kinds of system building and mantaince projects in an area of gasification, heat industry, oil and gas transport.

PEZOS export-import d.o.o. is direct importer of:

1. first class seamles steel pipes - by DIN, ASTM and EN standards
2. steel welding fittings - elbows, tees, elbows with reduced pressure, torispherical heads
3. flanges
4. industrial valves
5. zinc coated steel pipes

We have developed succesfull cooperation with many domestic and foreign companies which are working on a system building and mantaince projects in an area of gasification, heat industry, oil and gas transport...

Through the years we have devoted special attention to the development of our company and building its business image. We constantly insist on providing continually excellent product along with best service.

Our aim is to expand our cooperation both with the domastic and foreign companies in order to make better future !

- Seamless pipe
- Seamless steel pipe
- Fittings for welding
- Galvanized pipe
- Brass fittings
- Industrial valves
- Flanges and flange sets
- Welding electrodes
- Manometers and thermometers
- Other products used for system maintenance
- Gasification and heating works, oil and gas transports.


EN 10216-1, 10216-2, EN10220, DIN 2448, DIN
API 5L, ANSI , Grade B, X42, St35.8, DIN17175, ASME SA 106,
ASTM A106, ASME B36.10 , PED 97/23 EC ...


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 steel tubes
air conditionings
ASME B36.10
building reinforcement Serbia
central heating
civil engineering
DIN 2448
elbows tees caps
EN 10216-1
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service description:

The company, "Proleter", was established in 1946. After a series of transformations in the 70s of the last century, it became a member of Zastava and started to work for the foreign partner IVECO.

The main occupation of HK Proleter Ltd. is production and service of special hydraulic structures and equipment, internal and external trade and representation.

The production program is:

1. Special hydraulic upgrades
2. Exhaust systems

1. Spotlights of special hydraulic upgrade are:

- tipper upgrades on all types of freight vehicles on hydraulic platforms - telescopic and articulated working heights to 21 m
- pack boxes with aluminum and steel sites of different heights and lengths
Selflifter containers and other utility upgrades with a - crane for collecting recyclable materials
- upgrades for the transport of damaged vehicles (Towing service) with sliding and fixed platforms
- upgrades for the removal of improperly parked vehicles (SPIDER)
- trailers with one or two axles for long charges
- double circuit communal hydraulic for winter utility service, or snow plow plant and spreader

2. HK PROLETER was the largest manufacturer of exhaust systems in the region many years ago. Now, it produces more than 100 models of exhaust systems for vehicles from the program Zastava, Lada, Opel, Volkswagen, Fiat, Skoda, commercial program of Zastava Iveco, and exhaust systems for orders.

New product in the manufacturing program of HK Proleter is press container (which is the latest way of collecting communal waste).

HK Proleter does the service and installation of hydraulic equipment for lifting and carrying loads from its own production program, and also hydraulic equipment from other manufacturers. It has modern equipment for production of hydraulic hoses for all types of hydraulic installations.

More contacts:

  • Komercijalni Direktor
    Tel.: 034/335-907, 
  • Komercijala
    Tel.: 034/332-237, 
  • Tehnički Direktor
    Tel.: 034/336-205, 
  • Mihajlo Protulipac
    Tel.: 062/287-116, 

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community utilities
exhaust pots
exhaust systems
hidraulics platforms
hidraulics telescopic platforms
hidraulics wrist platforms
hydraulic erector
hydraulics pnemeutiqe
load crates
press containers
telescopic container lifts
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service description:

The company, METAL a.d. - Kanjiža has been present on the Serbian market since 1958. The new owners follow European trends, that`s why they constantly widen the assortment of the goods which we offer to our regular and potential customers and partners.

Besides metal procession, metal ware, screws, fasteners, racks, holders, stands, metal structures according to the customer`s order, METAL a.d. - Kanjiža also has its wholesale where in the first place we offer the following:

KRAUSE - Werk GmbH Germany - the program of professional aluminum ladders, movable construction stands, facade scaffolds.

Tools for masons, painters, carpenters (jointers, scrapers, spreaders, protective fence for construction works...) Concrete mixer - LIV - Slovenia.

Agricultural hand tools - MUTA Slovenia, (villas, spades, shovels, rakes, hoes, pickaxes, axes, scythes, sickles and agricultural carts, mill carts, sprayers...)

Welding machines and protective equipment, as well as electrodes (Jadran, VAC wire...), Varstroj.

Spraying devices, watering equipment, lawnmowers, motor hoes and many other items for wide consumption for home and professional use.

Wheels of all kinds - LIV WHEELS - Postojna, and all this at affordable prices.

"METAL" a.d. - Kanjiža
24420 Kanjiža, Put Narodnih heroja 10. Serbia
TEL: +(381) 024-874-243, +(381) 024-874-138
FAX: +(381) 024-873-707

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aluminum ladder
bricklaying tools
cnc metal processing
equipment for irrigation and watering
Facade scaffolding
facade scaffolding
garden tool
locksmith good metal construction
machine metal processing
metal construction
metal goods
powered saw lawnmower
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service description:

Turbines, electric motors, generators

Electro lune Ltc. is one of the leading companies in the country in sales of electric motors and gears.

The company is a result of a small craft shop established in 1985. We have gradually developed and expanded our product range. Today our company, except the largest selection of electric motors and gears (about 10.000) in its sales line has a large selection of gears (sprockets, gears, couplings, cardans), vibrating motor, electronics.

For our regular customers we have an obligation storage of goods and possibility of deferred payment. Warranty for all products is 1 year. We solve complaints for one day. We can always offer you technical solutions and service.

Our goal beside selling is to be unique in service, choice and quality.

The company "Elektro Lune" is the distributor of the Italian companies:

Chiaravalli: electric motors, gear units, variators, sprockets, racks, connectors, housing stock, gears, angular gears, clamping joints ...

OMB: vibrating motors

SEIPEE: Three-phase motors to 900 kW, single phase electric motors, electric motors with brake, mini motors, drives, motors ex, ATEX motors, drives motors, electric motors with encoder ...

STM: gear-bevel gearboxes, planetary gearboxes, parallel shaft-mounted gearboxes, drives

FILLI ARAMINI: cardan joints

Other: pump body of stainless steel, water pumps, industrial vacuum cleaners, vacuum air turbine, axial fans, radial turbines.

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drive electromotors
electrical gear
electromotor wholesale
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service description:

The company "Terming doo" from Kula was established in 1996, when the use of biomass as an energy source was just an idea of innovative. However our main product from the beginning is boilers to burn straw and residues of plant origin.

Our boilers have now been found application in heating of:
- individual houses
- workshops, halls, warehouses
- pig farm
- dryers for grains, fruits, vegetables
- greenhouses

We have also in each of these areas offered equipment with our technological solutions:
- equipment for pig farm
- construction of greenhouses, heat installation in greenhouses
- driers for cereals
- heat accumulators, tanks
- solar panels, boilers, tanks
- stainless steel and steel chimneys

We are trying to help you, that winter is cheaper and your heating more reliable.

Kucurski put bb

tel./faks +381/25-722-866
tel. +381/25-726-870
tel. +381/25-722-233
mob. +381/63/833-09-84
mob. +381/63/119-50-91

web. www.termingkula.rs

email: termingkula@gmail.com
email: info@termingkula.rs
email: terming@verat.net

Partner for the territory of the Republic of Croatia:
Kralja Petra Svačića 21
Beli Manastir
Telefon: +385/31 70 34 57

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    Tel.: 063-833-09-84, 
    Tel.: 063-119-50-91, 

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biomass boilers
biomass heating techniques
boilers for central heating
box for farrowing sows
corn drying
equipment for animal breeding
equipment for central heating
equipment for pig
floor heating
grain dryer
grain dryers
heating hall
heating system furnaces
home heating
household heating
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M.P. "I L G M"

Production of elements from 6 mm tin-plate. Soldering, flexion, cuting. Production by CNC machines.

Our main occupation is production of metal constructions and parts of constructions.

Ilgm MP company with headquarters in Kragujevac. It offers contemporary CNC equipment and makes parts and circuits from the field of tin deformation processing (cutting, bending, punching and welding).

Quality guarantee of our products or our services are based on machines from a world well-known company "Amada" and on a long work experience of our employees gained in Italy.

Ilgm MP meets the strictest requirements of its consumers in the field of tin processing by cutting, bending, punching and welding.

It cooperates with italian, german and french companies and uses tins which are imported from Italy.

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archival office shelves
bathroom shelves
cabinet for clothes
cnc machines
cnc machines cutting
cnc metal processing
console stands
cutting sheet metal
gas cabinets
machines with CNC control
metal cabinet
metal cabinets
metal construction
metal containers
metal electro wardrobes
metal shelf
metal sides for trailers
panel shelves with hooks for hanging
perforation of aluminum
shelves for warehouses
tin bending
tin cutting machine 
tube cutting and welding
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The company, BIROGRAFIKA MB, was founded in 2006, as a trading company. During the ownership transformation of the famous Birografika Printing House (founded in 1920), and due to the announced shutdown of certain production sectors that were the synonym of quality printing in our region, we had the desire and need to keep up the production capacity of this well known brand, and we have thus successfully continued the long-term business having a traditionally recognizable quality by keeping on the expert personnel and technological equipment.

Our main activity is the production of printed materials. We offer comprehensive services in flexo, mechanographic, and offset printing, and our ability to print a large number of copies is our advantage along with the capability to meet specific customer demands. Our references are the best proof of that.

Having in mind that time is money and that service must leave an impression, we strive towards consistency in quality and in fair business, thus growing as and remaining a trustworthy printing house!


FLEXO PRINTING is a direct printing technique with the imprint directly transferred from the raised printing elements onto the printing material. The printing is made either roll-to-roll, or roll-to-sheet.This represents the best printing choice for different types of packaging and primary and secondary transport packaging. An example for this type of printing would be items printed on different types of material used in modern production:

  • on OPP film (for example: labels for different types of bottles: juices, oils and chemicals, etc.): white, transparent, metallized- from renowned manufacturers such as Treofan (Germany), Radil-Radicifilm/Taghleef Ind. (UAE), ExxonMobile

  • on self- adhesive paper: Fasson-Avery Denison, UPM-Raflatac, etc.

  • on the triplex tape (PET,AI,PE), duplex tape PET,PE

  • on laminates, different tubes and bags for ketchup, mayonnaise

  • on a cardboard that is not too thick, for example, boxes for medicine, tea, etc.

  • MEHANOGRAPHIC printing is a specific offset printing used in the making of:

  • infinite paper tape for dot matrix printers tabulir/endlos: blank or printed in colour, for example, letterheads, invoices, different orders

  • self-copying forms: payment operations forms in tape and block, payment order, transfer order, cash order, etc.

  • customs forms, JCI Unique Customs Document, DCV Declaration of Customs Value, summed declaration, etc.

  • waybills (CIM, CMR, K-501),

  • confidential/protected envelopes (for LD, pinmailers, etc.)

  • OFSETT printing is a widespread printing technique, characterised by its indirect method of applying colour to the paper. It is a quality choice for printing corporate and promotional stationery:

  • business forms,

  • letterheads,

  • folders,

  • business cards,

  • notebooks,

  • notepads,

  • brochures,

  • catalogues,

  • flyers,

  • envelops and other.

  • BINDERY printing or finishing press is the end phase in the production of quality printing material, as the product attains its final form and appearance, appropriate for use. Within bindery we offer:

  • punching,

  • scoring,

  • cutting,

  • perforating,

  • bonding,

  • other actions necessary for product finalization.

  • NUMBERING is another special procedure of bindery that we do.

    OFFICE SUPPLIES - Accessories for everyday use:

  • paper, folders, binders, notepads, notebooks, envelopes, forms, pens, markers, thermal and fax rolls, staplers, paper clips, scissors, CD-s, USBs, adhesive tapes, glues, stickers, paper punch, foils, notebooks, card holders...


    "BIROGRAFIKA" MB doo Senćanski put 150
    E-mail: office@birografikamb.co.rs
    Tel.: 024/557-885 Fax: 024/547-300 Tel.: 024/547-474

    * Sales department
    E-mail: prodaja@birografikamb.co.rs
    Tel.: 064/176-31-03

    * Procurement department
    E-mail: nabavka@birografikamb.co.rs
    Tel.: 064/641-79-07

    * Production department
    E-mail: proizvodnja@birografikamb.co.rs
    Tel.: 064/642-98-12

    * Financial department
    E-mail: finansije@birografikamb.co.rs
    Tel.: 024/547-474

    * Quality controll department
    E-mail: kvalitet@birografikamb.co.rs
    Tel.: 064/641-79-13

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    big sized printing
CMR form
flex printer machines
flexo label
flexo print
flexo printing
flexographic printing
graphic pre-press
Graphic service
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    Company "Stobex" doo Loznica was established in 26th September, 1990.
    The founder and the owner of the company is Stojinic Dobrivoje from Loznica.

    At the end the company was dealing with:
    -transport service, so it can leater expand its activities to
    -area of production separated grit and crushed aggregates, for which we have our complete plants
    -construction mehanization works
    -automated production of asphalt, raw concrete, concrete pipes and curbs in its own plants.

    Facilities are in "Lipnicki Sor" on an area of approximately 15 hectares, which is a complete process from production to finishing works in construction.

    The company has all necessary construction machineries / rollers, excavators, loaders, graders, pavers...), and a large fleet of transport vehicles including mixers for transportation of raw concrete, etc.

    All these products and transport capacity guarantees timely production, delivery and installation of elements with respect to the agreed deadlines.

    More contacts:

    • Direkcija
      Tel.: 015/879-400,  Fax: 015/879-401
    • Baza
      Tel.: 015/811-716, 
    • Stovarište
      Tel.: 015/878-090,  Fax: 015/878-091
    • Komercijala
      E-mail: komercijala1@stobex.co.rsTel.: 015/ 879-409 ,  Fax: 015/879-413
    • Računovodstvo
      E-mail: racunovodstvo1@stobex.co.rsTel.: 015/879-407 ,  Fax: 015/879-412
    • Tehnička služba
      E-mail: teh.sluzba1@stobex.co.rsTel.: 015/879-413,  Fax: 015/879-416

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    asphalt installation
asphalt bitumen
building operations
building trade ending works
building trade machine work
building trade machine tool equipment
building trade machines
cement concrete binder
concrete installation
concrete mixer
construction company
Construction machinery
construction machinery
ending works of the building industry
goods transport Kosovo
installation of concrete pipes
installation of concrete poles
installing concrete curbs
land digging
production of asphalt 
production of concrete
asphalt installation
asphalt bitumen
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    Vetex toolroom deals only with construction and tool making by order.
    We produce: tools for plastic injection, tools for wax models for micro molding, tools for tin cutting and shaping, tools for blacksmithing, models and tools (molds) for free metal casting, tools for tire repairing, forms for vacumization, complex mechanical parts and prototype parts, special parts, mechanical spare parts by and out of standards...

    Tools developing, projecting and producing are made by contemporary CAD/CAM programs on CNC and classical machines by 2D, 3D drawings or patterns.

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cnc millers
CNC milling
construction design
machine industry
mechanical parts
metal industry
tool fabrication 
tool fabrication
tool room
tools and machines
tools for plastic injection
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    Rudnička 7
    Arandjelovac, 34300
    Tel.: 034/67-90-692
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    • ABB
    • Asea
    • SEW
    • Siemens
    • WEM

    service description:

    Import and sale of: electric motors, reducers, electric machines and tools, cooling systems, compressors, water pumps, pulleys, forklifts

    The whole program is directly imported from Sweden.
    High quality electric motors, reducers, electric machines and tools, cooling systems, compressors, water pumps, pulleys, forklifts

    Low prices, large stock of all elements.

    Working hours:

    Monday - Friday:
    08:00 - 16:00h

    08: - 16:00h

    not working

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diesel fork lift
drive electromotors
electrical machines 
electrics forklifts
electromotor aggregates
fork lift
fork lift sale and service
gear reducers
hand forklift
reducer with or without engine 
special gear units
water pumps
worm reducers
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    The printing and publishing company "GRAFOPRODUKT" was established in 1992. The development direction of the company is not just about the enlargement of our machine park, but also increasing the number of our staff, in order to meet the demands of the market and to find new potential opportunities for collaboration.

    In addition to publishing books and newspapers we can print catalogs, brochures, leaflets and make light cardboard packaging and labels.

    3 operators work on high capacity computers, that allows undisturbed work. We do services like: scanning, filming and CTP panel lighting.

    To satisfy our customers we also do:
    - book fracturing
    - designing of catalogs and commercial surfaces
    - making logos
    - making photographs in high resolution - of buildings, products and objects for different publications.

    You can read more about the delivery of printing material and our offer on: www.grafoprodukt-subotica.rs

    The basic technology is offset printing.
    We have 4 offset machines:

    - Four colored B2
    - Two colored B2
    - Four colored A3
    - One colored B3

    Our technical abilities allow printing on papers from 60 to 400 grams.

    In addition, we have digital printing and large format printing.

    - Mimaki CJV solvent printer (CJV30-160)
    - Integrisani solvent printer-cutter (Print&Cut)
    - Mimaki CJV30 solvent printer-cutter is an advanced version of the old Mimaki JV3 solvent printer, with a unique integrated system for printing and cutting, what brigs us a much bigger choice and flexibility in our work.
    Starting from souvenir shops, copiers, design agencies, to screen printers, we offer our services of making advertisements and other printing services, the CJV30 series offer high performance printing and cutting to its customers. Advertisements of large format, such as large posters, graphics, POP displays, backlit, window decoration, car graphics, floor advertising, etc..
    We are not able to perform fieldwork (measuring, gluing, etc.).

    We are able to provide the following services: laminating, plastic coating, film and plate (CTP) lightening , design, fracturing.

    There are three professional bookbinders who do finishing works. Their professionalism is completed by our machine park: benders, collectors, plastic coating makers, laminating machines, benders and staplers of large format.
    Besides the above mentioned machine park there are some auxiliary devices which allow us to do:
    - numbering
    - punching up to format B2 (folders, boxes)
    - gluing and sewing books.

    Our business partners can count on fast and quality works.

    Visit our website www.grafoprodukt-subotica.rs everyone will find something interesting. Because of limited space, it is impossible to present the full range of the production program.
    Ask us for an offer and detailed information.

    E-mail: grafosu@open.telekom.rs Tel.: 024/555-032
    E-mail: office@grafoprodukt-subotica.rs
    E-mail: director@grafoprodukt-subotica.rs
    E-mail: commerce@grafoprodukt-subotica.rs

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    advertising and business materials printing
big sized printing
board packaging
boards lightning
book printing
bookbinding finishing
CTP device
Design exclusive invitations
design making of invitations
design service
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    service description:

    Beniš Alexander entrepreneur from Subotica, for more than 11 years, offers:

    - Vehicles transport from abroad
    - Goods transportation to 7.5 tons in the country and abroad
    - Customs service

    - Construction works with a construction
    - Land Works
    - Demolition of buildings, debris remove
    - Working with construction machinery, such as
    cranes, several types of excavator (excavator for stone digging, excavators for channel digging, etc.)

    We have no region limit!


    Our company imports and sales agricultural machines, such as: tractors, harvesters, equipments, etc. from famous manufacturers:


    Services with all kinds of construction machinery
    Sand and gravel are available at low prices with transport
    Forklift services with a capacity from 2T-16T
    Telehender services - 4T capacity at a height of 9m
    Crane services of 30T, 40T and 60T
    Arrangement of parking space
    Stone crusher (service and sales of stone from stock)

    Contact: Tel. 065/258-02-58 and 065/520-06-11
    E-mail address: benisa@ymail.com

    More contacts:

    • Tel.: 065/258-02-58, 
    • Tel.: 065/520-06-11, 

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building Industry services
building operations
building trade machine work
    Company Info ::::.
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    Nikole Tesle 14.
    Kruševac , 37000
    Tel.: 037/492-455
    Fax: 037/492-455
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    service description:

    Components manufacturing and distributing for building facilities.

    More contacts:

    • Mobilni
      Tel.: 064/142-33-51, 

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    building trade machine tool equipment
car crane
car jack
craft wreath service
parts for building trade machines
production of spare parts
building trade machine tool equipment
car crane
car jack
craft wreath service
parts for building trade machines
production of spare parts
building trade machine tool equipment
car crane
car jack
craft wreath service
parts for building trade machines
production of spare parts
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    Turning and Casting workshop SOLAREVIC, was founded in 1994. year. Today employs forty people. Production plants are located in the industrial zone of Vrsac, at the Belgrade road, on the surface of 2000 square meters. The company "SOLAREVIĆ" deals with the manufacturing and services activity

    The production is based on centrifugal casting, and free casting of gray iron, aluminum and bronze. In addition to our product range, the "SOLAREVIĆ" company develop, and produce the sample-model in accordance with the requirements of customers.

    Quality of materials are control in our own modern furnished laboratory

    Castings are processed in our own workshops in which next to the manual machines, are present automatic and CNC machines.

    Service industry is based on mechanical processing of gas and diesel engines,as well as turning and milling services

    Products M (metal) T (trade) R (workshop) "SOLAREVIĆ" is sold on the market all over Serbia, Serbian Republic (BiH), Bosnia, Croatian, Macedonia, Italy, Austria, Germany...

    Beogradski put bb
    26300 Vršac
    013 / 830-283
    013 / 835-076

    More contacts:

    • Centrala
      Tel.: 013/835-076, 

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    aluminium casting
Brinell keménységmérés
cast iron
Casting bronz
casting by the customers demand
centrifugal casting
chemical composition
coloured steel casting
cover for tractor hydraulics
cylinder head
cylinder head for traktror
cylinder Liner
engine head
marine engines
Measurement of test
metal processing
metallographic examination
method of precision steel casting
oldtimer auto parts
oldtimer tractor parts
steel casting
Turning and Casting workshop 
veterán motorkerékpár alkatrészek
aluminium casting
Brinell keménységmérés
cast iron
Casting bronz
casting by the customers demand
centrifugal casting
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    service description:

    Our company, “AGROUNIKUM“, was founded in 1995, at that the time it dealt with mixture of animal feed. In 2000, we built silos and warehouses, now we are dealing with manufacture of animal feed.

    We work with modern technology, we use excellent materials and we constantly pay attention to high quality products.
    We always follow the newest trends and innovations, which we use in our production.

    We believe that the key of higher quality livestock is producing the highest quality food for animals.

    Within the company Agrounikum we have a department called "Elita", where we produce and pack vegetable-, flower- and grass seeds. These products are high quality, tightly controlled, packed in attractive packages, so they can easily be reached by our
    satisfied customers.

    We have modern incubators, which meet the standards of ISO and HACCP, here you can find day-old chicks.

    SZTR "AGROUNIKUM is certified with ISO and HACCP standards which confirms that our production is strictly controlled.


    More contacts:

    • Kancelarija
      Heroja Pinkija 57,Novi Sad
    • Tel.: 021 469 200, 

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    animal feed
animal feed flours and pellets
animal feed premixes
animal food
cattle food
flower seeds
grass seed
livestock yeast
nutrition of poultry
one-day chicks
pig food
plant seeds
poultry food
production of one-day chicks
Ready-made solutions
seed finishing
seedy goods
seedy goods sale
seedy material
vegetable seeds
animal feed
animal feed flours and pellets
animal feed premixes
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    service description:

    Mikro Kontrol company was founded in year 1996. Engineering and services in Power and Industrial
    Automation are our main field of work. During its existence, the company has acquired a number of
    references in a variety of industries: mining, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, water treatment,
    metal processing, food and chemical industry, rubber and building materials, heating, power stations ...

    Our team of 25 graduate engineers with decades of experience is skilled in finding solutions for the
    control of machines and processes. Foundation of these solutions as PLC, SCADA and DCS systems.

    Mikro Kontrol provides: technical documentation, production and delivery of electrical equipment,
    installation works, development of PLC and SCADA software and commissioning. We use the latest
    software tools: PCS7, Simatic S7, WinCC, CX One, Sysmac Studio, packages EPLAN electrical design
    and ACAD, packages for SCADA iFIX and Wonderware InTouch.

    We have partnership with several international companies. The most important partners are
    OMRON, SIEMENS, ABB, Schneider Electric, SOLCON.

    We are a Siemens Solution Partner in the field of industrial automation and drive technology.

    The experience we have acquired in previous projects is the foundation for all future challenges.


    The electrical equipment revitalization of continuous systems on the "Gracanica" surface mine in Gacko, Republic Srpska.

    Crusher Plant control system reconstruction, PD RB „Kolubara” d.o.o., Lazarevac

    More contacts:

    • Predstavništvo u Nišu
      Jovana Ristića 11
      E-mail: nis@mikrokontrol.rsTel.: 018/4511 884 ,  Fax: 018/4519 192
    • Predstavništvo u Novom Sadu
      Drinska 1
      E-mail: ns@mikrokontrol.rsTel.: 021/2469 501 ,  Fax: 021/2466 543

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automatica automatisation
automatization for industry
business information systems
electric energetics
electrical Works
frequency regulator
informatics and communications
informatics consulting
informatics engineering
information systems
information systems developing
information systems implementation
information systems projecting
information technology
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    service description:

    More contacts:

    • Kontakt: Ljubomir Aleksić
      Tel.: 063/1059-797, 
    • Kontakt: Miloš Aleksić
      Tel.: 062/222-142, 

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    anti slip protection of palletized goods
board packaging
cargo protection from mechanical damage
carton network
closures for cardboard packaging
closures for transport packaging
DESICCANT bag to absorb moisture
dispensers of paper tapes
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    service description:


    "Apro-Met" is a metal processing company which was formed in 2005 in Ada. We deal with producing of all kinds of parts for presses.

    We are in cooperation with services from Serbia and with neighbor countries.

    In our offer you can find over 400 products as spare parts for presses.

    Our motto is to make our customers and the market satisfied and to produce products with quality.

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