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The family company Vatro Prevent Ltd. was founded in 1995 in Čačak. We are specialized in service management in the field of protection from fire and safety at work, and we also have a specialist service for firefighting devices and hydrant network.>>> www.vatroprevent.rs


  • All kinds of firefighting equipment, appliances, devices and repair

  • All kinds of technical gases

  • Complete firefighting equipment

  • Hydrant equipment

  • PPE equipment

  • All kinds of spare parts for firefighting devices from the producer "Vatrosprem", "Pastor" and others.

  • Fire-protecting apparatus (production of parts for these apparatuses)

  • Fire alarm systems with installing, control and maintenance


  • Development of normative acts in the field of fire protection

  • Education for the employees in the field of fire protection

  • Controlling flow capacity and water pressure in hydrant networks

  • Checkup of validation and maintenance of electrical and lightning installation

  • Control of electrical appliances and installations intended for operation in explosive atmospheres

  • Testing practical knowledge of the employees in the field of fire protection

  • Testing and servicing transportable and manual fire extinguishers and other fire protection equipment

  • We also offer equipment for welding and cutting

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automatic fire detection
automatic fire report 
devices for fire extinguishing
fire apparatus
fire apparatus sales
fire couplings
fire detection
Požeška 67/A
Beograd, 11000
Tel.: 011/355-7-599
Fax: 011-354-3-367
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ASPEKT System Integration d.o.o. has been involved in Time, Attendance, Access Control, Car Parking Lots automation, Security, CCTV, ADC & Card (ISO standard CR-80) Printing and Personalization and Hotel locks for 12 years providing total solutions (hardware, software development & implementation) to the Customers. Its goal is the best use of IT to provide the business competitive edge. The approach at ASPEKT software development and system Integration Company is to spend time establishing both, a close working relationship and detailed understanding of the Client’s business and objectives. We are located in Belgrade down town, in our own business facilities.

We are very well educated and very experienced team used to resell, integrate, do software development and implement various types of equipment. A number of References we have should confirm that. It wouldnt be new for us to see for the very first time some peace of equipment, to read the manual, to write software and to implement that peace of equipment in practice for extremely short time. We are used to resell, integrate and implement Automatic Systems, Be, Acroprint, US; Videx, US; Fargo, US; American Magnetics, US; CIM S.p.A., It; GIGA-TMS, Tw; Paradox, Ca; PROMAG, Tw,, SafeSky, Cn, various types of equipment. We would like to reach following goals, to sell, what we consider THE BEST of our company, KNOWLEDGE of software development and system integration, and to make long-term business relationship with our Customers. We believe it is possible, our motto is:

"Nothing is permanent, except for a change!"

ASPEKT System Integration d.o.o.
Požeška br. 67a
11000 Belgrade
Tel: ++381 11 3557 599
Fax: ++381 11 3557 599
E.mail: office@aspekt.rs
Web: www.aspektdoo.eu
Web: www.aspekt24h.com
Web: www.aspektdoo.com
Web: www.aspekt.rs

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access control
access control systems
access control vehicle
alarm and camera installation
alarm and security systems
alarm device
alarm panels
alarm service
alarm system
alarms Inter phones video monitoring
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The company, Kovač Mont Ltd., was established in 2003, it continues the tradition of the family business Kovač Mont which began its work in 1992, which dealt with steel processing in construction. The company is in Stari Banovci in an area of 1 hectare of land, of which 2,000 m² is office, manufacturing and warehouse space.

In all the production facilities have a large number of modern machines for cutting, bending, drilling, punching, welding and surface coating of steel sheets, tubes and profiles.

We has a quality fleet, cranes, platforms and baskets for work at height so we can quickly and efficiently deliver and install our products.

- Steel Structures
- Steel - metal profiles and joinery
- Black and non-ferrous metallurgy, copper, brass
- Wooden and metal railing and stairs
- Steel constructions, aluminum and metal constructions and installation works
- industrial, sectional, rolling, sliding doors
- industrial and prefabricated buildings and halls
- assembly and installation of windows and doors
- installation of roof constructions
- products of ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy
- Aluminum products, metal and steel
- Products made ​​of wrought iron - gates, fences, railings
- manufacture and assembly of prefabricated houses and prefabricated buildings
- firefighting techniques
- security doors, locks, cylinders, door handles
- room and front door
- special and security doors
- entrance and garage doors
- mechanical cutting, folding and crimping of plates

More contacts:

  • Saša Kovačević
    Tel.: 063/536-911, 
  • Slaviša Kovačević
    Tel.: 063/502-472, 

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assembly objects
building joinery
case of metal
construction carpentry
construction of cast iron
cutting sheet metal
Design of steel structures
Company Info ::::.
Crna Gora, Podgorica, Dositeja Obradovića 1

Tel.: +382-20/650-845
Fax: +382-20/605-555
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  • Bentel
  • Commax
  • DSC
  • Kantech
  • Samsung
  • Videosec
  • Videx

service description:

The company "KSM Sistemi" was established in March 2005. The main activity of the company is selling and installing modern technical security systems.
We have a lot of experience, that is the reason why we can do high quality work for good price.
We are the official distributors for a lot of brands producing alarm systems and controlling systems, such as: DSC, BENTEL - KANTECH, COMMAX, VIDEX etc.

We are also distributors for video system producer companies, such as: VIDEOSEC, SAMSUNG etc.
All products from our offer you can find in our shop in Podgorica at street Dositelja Obradovica 1, or in Budva at street Velji Vinogradi bb.
In our shops we will show you our products and you can try them out, so you can see the quality of them.


KSM Sistemi d.o.o.

Podgorica, street Dositelja Obradovica 1.
Tel: 00382/20-650-845
Tel/fax: 00382/20-605-555

Budva, street Velji vinogradi bb
Tel/fax: 00382/33/459-556
E-mail: ksmsistemi@t-com.me

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access control
alarm and security systems
alarm panels
alarm system
alarms intercoms
ANPR systems
control of access and working hours
Electronic protection
electronic technical security
intercom with camera
protective systems
technical protection
technical protection systems
technical security facilities
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The company, Metal Furniture Plus d.o.o. from Belgrade deals with production and sale of metal equipment. Our product range includes: archival cabinets, archival shelves, bookshelves, warehouse shelves (LSL, SUPER 1/2/3 and console shelves), wardrobe lockers, cabinets for cleaners, weapons storage cabinets, pallet racks (SUPERBUILD, SUPERBO 4/5/6), drive-in racks, passing racks, flow racks, trading equipment, safety equipment (safety cabinets and safes), wire mesh cages (for metal shelves) equipment for museums, urban furniture (park benches, flower pots, garbage cans) skate parks. The novelty in our offer is the production program "TAILORED TO THE CUSTOMER", designed to respond to the specific needs and individual requirements in the production of metal equipment.

The strategy, which we use in our business is that we offer metal products of the highest quality, with very low prices, short-term delivery and first-class service.

Metal equipment, with its manufacturing quality provides a high level of protection against corrosion, longer life, but easy maintenance as well. The increase of the endurance of metal equipment is achieved by choosing high-quality surface finishes, such as chrome, plastic and brass.

Metal Furniture Plus products meet high quality standards such as ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001, which ensured both the presence on the the domestic market and sales in the EU.

Thanks to the reputation that we have built over time, we completed events with our metal equipment, such as:

- Eurovision Song Contest 2008
- 25th Summer Universiade in Belgrade, 2009.



Contact information:
Metal Furniture Plus d.o.o.
Hadži Đerina 12
11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Email: mfpdoo@gmail.com
Tel: +381 11 3836 421
Mob: +38163 208 265
Fax: +381 11 3836 483

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 metal furniture
archive cabinets
archive shelves
archive space equipping 
children's playgrounds equipment
drive-in shelves
equipment for markets 
equipment for museums
equipment for shops
equipment for shops and supermarkets
equipment for stores
equipments for activities
equipping children's playgrounds
furniture made of metal
metal bookshelves
metal cabinets
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service description:

AVE is one of the leading companies in manufacturing of:

MODULAR ELECTRIC PRODUCTS: switches, keys, sockets of different standards, tv-fm-clock outlets, telephone and LAN connectors, light controller sensors, panic lights, dimers, relays, electronic and electromechanical tones, sound level regulators and built-in speakers, analog and digital thermostats which controls temperature, programmable timers.

ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENTS: distribution boards, automatic fuses, contactors, switches, relays, DIN timers, DIN transformers, DIN tones, installation boxes in different dimensions, OG program in the degree of protection IP40, IP44, IP55 i IP66.

SECURITY SYSTEMS: fire alert systems, gas leak detectors (TNG, methane), water leak detectors.

HOSPITAL CALL SYSTEMS: sound and visual signaling and calling medical staff from hospital.

HOTEL MANAGEMENT: using this system the management of the hotel is simple and automatic. It provides significant energy savings and increases the level of comfort for the guests of the hotel.

"SMART HOUSE" SYSTEMS: complete control of your house with the latest technology, that allows significant savings in electricity consumptions, along with raising the comfort to a much higher level. Centralized control for lighting, for heating, for blinds, for electronic equipments, for audio systems with Touch Screen displays or with remote control.

The absolute hit is AVE TOUCH - the newest series, which consists of touch switches, dimers, keys, commands, touch chimes for front door, socket covered with glass mask and a wide range of signals for public spaces covered with glass mask in different colors.

All our products are top quality with recognizable Italian design!

If you want information about our shops in Serbia, in Montenegro, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Croatia, in Macedonia or in Albania please contact us.

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access control
automatic fire report 
AVE touch
boxes and cases
built-in box
buttons bells
card systems
electric accessories stock
electro materials
fire report
fire service system
Gas leak detectors
in wall boxes installation boxes
industrial automatics
intrusion protection
learn switches
modular electricity fitting
OG program
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More contacts:

  • Tel.: 011 3077 300, 
  • Tel.: 066 265 737, 
  • Tel.: 064 3368 289, 

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alarm device
alarm panels
alarm service
alarm servicer
alarm system
alarm systems
alarms for houses
audio hi-fi
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The company TOMINAS D.O.O. wholesale and shop is on the market more than four years. During this time we managed to build an image of good business and we have
become a reliable partner to our associates.
All this because of our professionalism and readiness to respond to any challenge what our clients asked. High quality and professional equipments in the hands of experts will satisfy all your needs. We have a large number of satisfied customers. Maybe youll from now, will be one of them.

A quick and easy way to stay up to date with our range of new products and provide the appropriate amount.

In our online store you can find:

Video Surveillance

Computer Accessories

Alarm systems



Access Control



Car Accessories


Power AC / DC 12V

TVs and monitors for video surveillance

UPS devices

Carriers TV plazma,LCD,CRT

Sales of switches and buttons

Plastic cable carrier

Audio video cables

Data cables for mobiles

PVC channels

Led reflectors

Led for car

Led tapes

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access control
alarm cables 
alarm panels
alarms Inter phones video monitoring
alarms intercoms
audio and video
burglary protection
cables for video surveillance
coaxial cables
computer devices
computer equipment
computer equipment
computer equipments
computerized alarm systems
Electric cables
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service description:

The product range of the company BOSAL is made of few kinds of doors. At the very beginning we would like to set apart the security door, as the most remarkable product of our company. The security door BOSAL are the high quality door and offer maximum protection.

Apart from the security door, our program is expanded to the indoor door, safeguarding door, ballistic and the door with additional sound isolation.

The products are not made serially, but on the request of the customers, depending on their needs. The materials used for the make of the doors are chosen carefully and made of a very high quality.

During the 15 years of the production of doors, we have improved the technique and the technology of the production, have chosen the materials of the highest quality, enriched the production program and followed the trends in design.

We pay special attention to the door design. Choose the design for your door according to you affinity, fit them in the interior and use the help of our kind staff.

We will make a door just for you

Why that BOSAL?

  • We have 15 years of successful business

  • We produce most secure and best quality doors on the market, with no recorded case of a successful break-ins.

  • We make manufacturing exclusively according to special needs and wishes.

  • We make final cuts and superb finishes on modern machines.

  • We can help you in creating a non-standard door sizes.

  • We can service the product during warranty period, and after final deadline.

  • We can help you to create your own brand through door combination to our program.

  • Our team is made out of friendly and professional staff that will answer on any of your questions.

  • We make a complete service on a “turnkey”: taking all relevant measures, transportation, dismantling of existing and new door installation of BOSAL door.
  • your images:

    armored door
colored MDF doors
door projecting 
entrance doors
equipments for doors
fire doors
fit security door 
inside door
interior doors
MDF internal doors
MDF veneered doors
measure made doors
outdoor doors
production of internal doors
production of security doors
resistant door
room doors
safety door
security entrance doors
security room doors
special door
street door
veneered MDF door
armored door
colored MDF doors
door projecting 
entrance doors
equipments for doors
fire doors
fit security door 
inside door
interior doors
MDF internal doors
MDF veneered doors
measure made doors
outdoor doors
production of internal doors
production of security doors
resistant door
room doors
safety door
security entrance doors
security room doors
special door
street door
veneered MDF door
armored door
colored MDF doors
door projecting 
entrance doors
equipments for doors
fire doors
    Company Info ::::.

    Zemun, 11080
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    New technologies allows high quality for lower price and growing presence of video surveillances as protection and prevention. CCTV equipment can be used in different conditions from supervision and control of workers, to prevention of theft and other offenses.

    In our offer are classical intercoms (for individual users, ie. houses and apartment buildings) and video intercoms. Intercom Installation involves setting up and connecting the complete installation and locksmithing locks and setting intercom. Because of the top design it fits to all interiors.

    Feel yourself pleasantly in your room by placing cooling system. Our expert team will recommend you the most optimal solution and they will adapt it to your needs.

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    air conditioner
air conditioner for cars
air conditioner service
air conditioning and ventilating 
air conditioning equipment
air conditioning of interiors
air conditionings
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    Distribution of smock-frock, coveralls, shoes, boots, clogs, gloves and pillows. Production of curtains, table-covers and other accessories.

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    htz shoes
labour sfty. clothing
producing secure equipments
protection at work
protective footwear
safety uniforms
sales of protective equipment
secure equipment 
secure hats 
secure shoes
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    service description:

      Our offer:

    • Making all kinds of leather shoes

    • orthopedic, anatomic shoes for adults, shortened from 1-20 cm

    • making shoes for diabetics

    • making shoes for all types of foot deformities

    • childrens shoes and childrens orthopedic - anatomical shoe

    • making all kinds of orthopedic - anatomic insoles made ​​of leather

    • production of large numbers of shoes, and even the number 53

    • development of male and female dance shoes

    • making shoes by model

    • manufacture of all kinds of shoes per sample

    • overbuilding boost if needed

    • repair of all types of shoes

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    anatomic footwear
anatomical inserts for shoes
children shoes producing
Children's shoes anatomic
classic shoes
deformities of the feet
    Company Info ::::.

    Beograd, 11000
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