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New generation of water-based paints

The main characteristic of the water-based paints is - as its name says - that we don`t have to use expensive and harmful chemical paint-thinner materials to dilute the paint, only water.

They have more benefits:

- It is cheaper and more simple to use, compared to other products
- The technology protects the environment
- It can be applied to surfaces even in bad weather conditions

If you are interested in these products, please contact us!

We are looking for new Partners, who would join us to create a mutual base to develop goals and projects for tenders.

Representative for Kosovo: RAL COLOR

Representative for Montenegro: BORDO Ltd.


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  • Proizvodnja
    Kralja Uroša I - 32, Prokuplje
    Tel.: 018 / 4694 - 114,  Fax: 027 / 331 - 783
  • Mobilni telefoni
    Tel.: 063 / 582 - 064,  Fax: 063 / 427 - 374

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"TON KOLOR" is an independent paint production company, founded in 2000 in Perlez near Zrenjanin.

The initial activity was the production of natural oxide paints that are still present in our offer. Over time, we have expanded and enriched other products for the protection and decoration of various wall surfaces.

Using high-quality raw materials and proven technology supported by long-term employee experience and innovation, we offer you products that take their place in the market and find the way to the consumer.

Affordable prices and favorable sales conditions also create an excellent atmosphere for business communication and make our customers happy.


"TON-POL" Semi-dispersive color

Features and purposes:
* Excellent whiteness
* High coverage
* Great quality
* Good vapor permeability
* Possibility of tinting

"TON-FAS" Dispersive color

Features and purposes:
* Excellent cover power
* Extremely grip on the surface
* Good vapor permeability
* High water repellence and resistance to atmospheric influences and UV radiation
* Possibility of tinting


Features and Purposes:
* Great generosity
* Good color spillage
* A striking decorative effect
* Resistance to mechanical damage and washing
* Possibility of wiping with a damp cloth or sponge using mild detergents from the household


Ingredients and use:
* White water dispersion of organic polymers and additives.
* It is used for impregnation of mineral substrates before painting with dispersion paints and before application of facade decorative plaster.


Ingredients and use:
* Concentrated pigment paste for toning internal coatings on a water base. By composition is the aqueous dispersion of pigments and special additives.


Features and Usage:
* It consists of dispersions of synthetic polymers, quality pigments and fillers.
* It is intended for the protection and decoration of clogs and facades of concrete as well as for tanning of facade dispersion coatings.


Features and Usage:
* Cleans powdered oxide pigment.
* A clean organic product consisting of natural organic matter.
* It is intended for tanning of calx.

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