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Agrogas Ltd is a private company. It was formed in 2000.

Our company deals with:

    Traction machines and machines:
  • TAFE tractors as the main program

  • Tractor Yagmur - fruit-growing, as an additional tractor program

  • Cultivators Valpadana

  • Connecting machines to tractors and power cultivators
    Spare parts and components:
  • IMT and IMR - motors and tractors

  • Lomardini -motors

  • TAFE - tractors
    Service and maintenance:
  • TAFE - removal

  • TAFE - and after warranty period

  • Power cultivators - warranty period

  • Terminal Machinery
  • Design, installation and customer training

  • Program drop by drop

  • Program nozzle

  • Program Typhon

For this program Agrogas is an agent for the Indian company AQUA and for company from USA and EU.
    Grain silos for grain:
  • Silo cell from 23 to 3450 tons of wheat per cell

  • Equipment for silos

  • Design of foundation and silo

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IMR Rakovica
IMT Beograd (Massey Ferguson)
Sun Spares

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  • Veleprodaja MLADENOVAC
    Martovska BB.Velika Ivanča
    Tel.: 011 821 27 51, 
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    Tel.: 011 823 05 51, 
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    Bulevar Revolucije 33.
    Tel.: 011 85 00 778, 
  • Veleprodaji Velika Ivanča
    Tel.: 011/821-2752, 
  • Maloprodajni centar Medjulužje-Mladenovac
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  • Tel.: 011/7742-628, 
  • Tel.: 011/6301-766, 

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Zrenjanin, 23100
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