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Agrogas Ltd is a private company. It was formed in 2000.

Our company deals with:

    Traction machines and machines:
  • TAFE tractors as the main program

  • Tractor Yagmur - fruit-growing, as an additional tractor program

  • Cultivators Valpadana

  • Connecting machines to tractors and power cultivators
    Spare parts and components:
  • IMT and IMR - motors and tractors

  • Lomardini -motors

  • TAFE - tractors
    Service and maintenance:
  • TAFE - removal

  • TAFE - and after warranty period

  • Power cultivators - warranty period

  • Terminal Machinery
  • Design, installation and customer training

  • Program drop by drop

  • Program nozzle

  • Program Typhon

For this program Agrogas is an agent for the Indian company AQUA and for company from USA and EU.
    Grain silos for grain:
  • Silo cell from 23 to 3450 tons of wheat per cell

  • Equipment for silos

  • Design of foundation and silo

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IMR Rakovica
IMT Beograd (Massey Ferguson)
Sun Spares

agrarian machine and equipment
agricultural irrigation
agricultural machine
agricultural machines
agricultural mechanical engineering
agricultural mechanization
automatic irrigation

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  • Overhaul and repair of dryer for drying all types of grains.

  • Delivery and installation of repaired dryers from production group Cer and installation of all other types of manufacturers and facilities.

  • Purchase and transport of old dryers.

  • Repair of dryers: dismantling with installation, complete overhaul and repair of dryer with our equipments and machineries with auto crane capacity 30T - 70T a trial release of dryers in operation.

  • Cleaning combs and blockages, repair and replacement with new comb and all worn segments.

  • Production and installation of new channels of warm and cold air, combustion chamber for cell replacement and repair of existing and all other segments.

  • Repair and service of burners of command cabinets and electric consumers.

  • Setting new line for dryers with oil fuel, repairing the existing ones.

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corn drying
corn storage
development of hot air channel 
drier assembly
dryer repair
dryers for grains
grain dryer
grain dryers
grain storage
making channels in drying
production of cold air channel
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Company Info ::::.

Čestereg, 23215
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