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Safety Line Ltd. is a company with licence. The main activity is provision of health and safety at work regardless of the activity that you do.

  • risk assessment for workplaces

  • planning study for construction sites

  • security staff

  • training for workers

  • personal protective equipment - references

  • safety at work and medical examinations for workers

  • instructions for safe and healthy work

  • occupational medicine - cooperation

  • records

  • organization regarding inspection and testing of work equipment

  • organization regarding to testing of working environment
Security measures at work are carried out in order to prevent, reduce or neutralize the risk. Specific measures are applied by:
hiring people for safety and health at work, making documents such as Regulations Act of risk assessment, studies, programs, plans, instructions, employee training, controls on the outfields, reporting, monitoring regulations, organizing the inspection of equipment and medical examinations of workers, prescribing personal protective equipment, etc.

With the aim of protecting people and property from fire, we are involved in fire protection, as part of the overall management system of safety and health at work, where we make: the rules of fire protection, evacuation plan and instructions in case of fire, basic training of workers about fire protection and testing of their knowledge.

We are here to make the vision of investment in safety and health at work come true, we want to carry along this with you as a mutual interest. Contact us and get more information...

SAFETY LINE D.O.O. 11070 Novi Beograd, Gandijeva 99.

Tel./fax: 011/216-91-61; Tel./fax: 011/216-91-62;
Mob.: 064/172-63-54


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feasibility study for construction site
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Safety at work
Safety at work
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- Control, servicing and installing of all types of fire extinguishers
- Control and testing of all types of hydrants
- Training employees from Fire prevention handbook
- Wholesale and retail of fire equipment and fire extinguishers
- Pumping water from the submerged areas
- Fire danger evaluation
- Training of safety and health at work
- Testing, measurement and installation of lightning rods
- Servicing stable systems for signaling and fire extinguishing
- Cleaning and maintenance of residential and commercial buildings

The above mentioned services are available by"ALARMIUS ND" SZR from Belgrade, Resnik, Jelezovačka no. 38/22 as an authorized organization, based on the Law on Fire Protection issued in "Sluzbeni Glasnik RS no. 111/09".

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control of fire service apparatus
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electronic technical security
Equipment for fire-extinguishing
equipment of lightning rod
evacuation plan
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