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Real gentlemen stand out because of the details!

Our story is based on the idea of one man, which was transferred to the younger generation. With hard work and with a lot of love, we try to make the best quality shirts on the market. From the very beginning, guided by the family tradition of making mens shirts, our story has tailored calmly and patiently, as a line that leads to success. With our efforts and your satisfaction, "Leonardo shirts" has definitely become the foundation of a good style.

"Leonardo shirts" Ltd. was founded in 2000 in Arandjelovac as a small family company, dealing with production of mens shirts.
We have over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing of shirts. At first, we were developing finishing jobs for other large companies and brands, and finally, within a strong competition, we finally created our own brand with much self-confidence.
From experience and belief that quality and originality are the most important prerequisites for creating the brand, "Leonardo shirts" created the brand "LEONARDO SHIRTS", which is synonymous with quality, comfort and unique design.

¤All of our shirts are made of highly-selected materials, originating from the European Union. In each of our shirts there is a little inspiring spirit of Italy, France, England, and this sets us apart from the competition. By buying a Leonardo shirt you will get the best quality on the market today. There are a lot of shirts that are in a similar price range, but for a day or year you will realize that you have made the right choice for our brand.

¤We offer you a wide selection of modern and contemporary shirts that we make from the highest quality cotton materials that can be found on the European market. All our shirts are made of specially selected designs, so you can easily adjust them to business or casual dressing. We pay special attention to the details and the collar.

¤There are many requirements that the perfect shirt should fulfill. Particular attention should be paid to details on the shirt, and besides being modern and beautiful, it needs to fit with all the details of Your style.

¤We offer a very simple and free service that allows our customers to independently select a collection based on our shirt designs and our large selection of materials. We are here to make your desired shirt the way as you have imagined.

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