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Company Info ::::
Partizanska 4
Kać, 21241
Tel.: 063/502-544
Fax: 021/621-08-06
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  • Ariston
  • Beko
  • Bosch
  • Candy
  • Coca - Cola
  • Elin
  • Gorenje
  • Indesit
  • končar
  • Whirpool
  • Zanussi

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Coca - Cola

magneric rubbers for refrigerators
magnetic rubber
magnetic rubbers for freezers
production of magnetic dihtung rubbers
Company Info ::::.

service description:


- Repair of printed circuit boards for home appliances
- Overhaul of older, mechanical timers for Gorenje, Obodin and EI Niš washing machines.


We have existed since 1990. We deal with servicing, sale and distribution of spare parts for home appliances and smaller household devices.

We do servicing of:
- washing machines
- dishwashers
- refrigerators
- freezers
- stoves
- electric heaters
- quartz heaters
- hot water heaters
- vacuum cleaners

At our retail sale object you can find a wide assortment of spare parts for home appliances from different producers:

- Gorenje
- EI Niš
- Obod Cetinje
- Candy
- Indesit
- Beko
- Elektrolux
- Whirlpool
- Bauknecht
- Midea
- Bosch
- Simens
- Zanussi
- etc...

We own a wide range of spare parts for the following devices:


For more information visit our website: www.superelektrik.co.rs

or contact us:

Tel.: 011/250-81-11 Fax: 011/250-81-11

E-mail: super.elektrik@live.com

Beograd, Đorđa Ognjanovića no. 41

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air conditioner service
authorized service
Company Info ::::.

service description:

Frigobel is a company which deals with production of professional cooling and thermal catering equipment.

The company Frigobel was established in 2003 in Ruma.

We give our customers high quality service and successful cooperation. We produce equipment for bakeries, butchers, confectioneries, etc. We produce commercial cooling bars, cooling tables, hot and cold showcases. We make them in standard dimensions and in dimensions what our customers wish. The good and high quality devices enabled to us to have business cooperation in the domestic market.


Rumska 12,Voganj 22400 Ruma, Srbija

tel/faks +381/22 - 448 - 517
mob 064 / 32 - 09 - 247
mob 063/553 - 274

Web: www.opremazaugostiteljstvo.rs
E-mail: frigobel2@gmail.com
E-mail: frigobel.ruma@hotmail.rs

МB : 57178884
PIB : 104199826

More contacts:

    Tel.: 064/32-09-247, 
  • Tel.: 063/553-274, 

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bakery equipments
bars and cooling tables
catering equipment
catering equipment neutral
catering object equipping
coffee shop furniture
cold rooms
cold vests
commercial cooling device
cooling bars
cooling desks
cooling equipment
equipment for caterers
equipment for confectionery
equipment stores
Equipments for catering trade
equipments for catering trade from prochrom
hot cabinet
hot-cold display cabinets
open refrigerator glass display cases
prodaction of cooling equipments
production of equipments for catering trade
professional catering equipment
professional kitchen hoods
refrigeration cabinets
repair of cooling systems
Restaurant Equipment
self-service line
service of refrigeration chambers
service of refrigeration showcase
showcases powder
Company Info ::::

service description:

KARCHER produces devices:

  • for water cleaning under high pressure,
  • machines for sweeping,
  • vacuum cleaners for wet and dry vacuum cleaning,
  • industrial vacuum cleaners,
  • machines for solid floor polishing,
  • devices for deep cleaning of carpets,
  • machines for hand sweeping,
  • machines for snow removing,
  • washing and care means for cars which are used in car wash.


    FALCH machines are water cleaners under high pressure of advanced technology and quality which provides continuous work of machines.

  • FRANK mobile cleaners high pressured with
    cold water
  • FRANK mobile cleaners high pressured with hot water
  • FRANK cleaners high pressured with cold water - stationary
  • FRANK cleaners high pressured with hot water - stationary
  • FRANK self-serving stations for cleaning
  • FRANK brushes


    ICE TECH is a new system of cleaning with dry ice in shape of granules which removes dirt.

    Electric mechanisms, motors and equipment with electric, pneumatic and hydraulic components which are cleaned by sand-blasting with dry ice.

    Polyurethane foam is easily removed from the equipment by sand-blasting with dry ice.

  • cleaners high pressured with cold water
  • cleaners high pressured with hot water
  • cleaners high pressured with fuel motor
  • stationary system of cleaning high pressured with cold and hot water
  • new wet-dry vacuum cleaners
  • hand machines for cleaning-brushes

    © Mlazmatik d.o.o.
    Importer, distributor and authorized service of
    Karcher, Falch i ICE TECH machines
    Republic Serbia, 26212 Kačarevo
    Wholesale and repair in Kačarevo
    +381 13 602 110;
    +381 13 602 270
    Retail sale in Belgrade
    +381 11 2748 797
    Working hours: 8 AM - 5 PM on weekdays and on Saturdays
    E-mail: mlazmatik@3dnet.rs
    E-mail/2: info@mlazmatik.co.rs
    Web: www.mlazmatik.co.rs
    Director: Zoran Milevski
    Tel.: 063-360-626

    More contacts:

    • Zoran Milevski
      Tel.: 063-360-626, 
    • Ljuba Novković
      Tel.: 063-363-335, 

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car wash equipment
car wash machine
car wash shampoos
cleaners high pressure hot water
cleaners high pressure
  • Company Info ::::

    service description:

    The company, OSAPLAST Ltd, was established in 1994. as a craft shop with two products. In 2006 re-registered to a company for production.

    Today, OSAPLAST Ltd from Belgrade has a wide range of own products.

    We also do services like plastification of metal and half-products for other usage. We are one of the few companies in Serbia that produce welded pipes where the width of the wall pipe is 0.5 mm and smaller.

    The existence of nearly two decades and our products on the overall market of Serbia, speaks about the quality and affordable prices.

    Our goals are to increase production and increased presence, both on our and on the markets of neighboring countries.

    Decorative Curtain Rails

    Metal decorative Curtain Rails

    These Curtain Rails are made of HV plate with 0.5mm thickness, circular form. We are finishing with coating in five colors. The carriers are made ​​of 3mm thick steel, and the height and depth can be configured. Curtain rings are made of polyethylene. Ornamental endings are made ​​of metal, plastic, in two forms: ball and roller.

    We make them i two thickness Ø22mm and Ø25mm.

    The standard dimensions are: 1.2m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m, but we can make in other dimensions by customers wishes.

    We are producing double Curtain Rails too, where one of the pipes i for drapery and one for curtain. The package includes a kit and installation instructions.

    Metal - wood decorative Curtain Rails

    These Curtain Rails are made of HV plate with 0.5mm thickness, circular form. Finishing is done by coating with light gray color. The carriers and the ornamental endings are made of wood. The endings can be pointed or egg-shaped. Curtain rings are made of polyethylene in light gray color.

    We make them i two thickness Ø22mm and Ø25mm.

    The standard dimensions are: 1.2m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m, but we can make in other dimensions by customers wishes.

    We are producing double Curtain Rails too, where one of the pipes i for drapery and one for curtain. The package includes a kit and installation instructions.

    Shower curtains

    Shower curtains are made of single color high quality PVC foil in more colors. Rivets, which pass through the curtain rings, are made ​​of polyethylene.

    The hight of the curtain is 2m, the width can be 140cm, 160cm, 180cm, 200cm, 220cm and 240cm(120x2). By customer request, curtains can be produced in other dimensions too.

    The package includes curtain rings made of polypropylene. In our offer you can find imported curtains too made of polyester with different pattern.

    The dimension of these curtains is: 180x200cm and (120x200cm) x 2

    More contacts:

    • Tel.: 063/8416-399, 

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    bathroom curtains 
cloth dryers
curtain holder
curtain holder sale
curtains for bath tubes
decorative accessories
decorative drapery
decorative elements
dryer on wall
Greeting goods
household product
metal drapery
metal fancy good
metal goods
    Company Info ::::.
    Sabljarska 8
    Kanjiža, 24420
    Tel.: 024/873-372
    Fax: 024/872-706
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    service description:

    If you are looking for a distributor of hardware goods, you are at the right place!www.gvozdjara.rs

    The company "Techno-Ferum" Ltd. was founded in 1996. It`s main activity is wholesale and manufacturing of iron goods and wire products, around 300 tons per month.

    From the assortment of our production, we would like to emphasize burned wires, construction and spiral nails and nails on bandolier of all types in packaging of 5 and 25 kg.

    "Techno-Ferum" currently works with over 700 customers in the country and the region and today we are market leaders in this field.

    You can look for us every working day from 07:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

    The offer of "Techno-Ferum" consists of the following good and product assortment:
    - nails
    - burned wires
    - galvanized wires
    - screws
    - plates for cutting and grinding
    - electrodes
    - CO2
    - drills
    - rasps
    - UNIOR tools
    - lubricators
    - rivets
    - galvanized fittings
    - flanges
    - chains
    - cutting tools FRA Cacak
    - tools
    - And a lot more what you can look at: www.gvozdjara.rs

    Wholesale KANJIŽA
    Tel: 024/873-706 Tel/Fax: 024/873-372

    KANJIŽA 24420, Sabljarska 8

    Business unit: Wholesale NOVI SAD
    Tel: 021/661-03-19 Tel/Fax: 021/661-11-85

    NOVI SAD 21000, Žitni trg 16/a

    Business unit: Wholesale NOVA PAZOVA
    Tel: 022/321-155

    NOVA PAZOVA 22330, Cara Dušana 103 in the yard

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    blue nails
burned wire
Enameled wire
foundry nails
galvanized nails
galvanized wire
gvožđarska roba
    Company Info ::::.

    service description:


    Air-conditioning equipment, distribution, installation and repair.
    We are an authorized company of Electrolux, AEG, Zanussi firms.
    All of our clients who have Elektrolux machines are satisfied with our services.
    We ask you to contact us in the future with confidence.
    Our company was founded in 1992, and it has successfully survived the market.

    We have original parts and accessories for air conditioners. We also repair cooling and heating equipments such as. washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, stoves, etc.. from the following vendors: Elektrolux, Zanussi, AEG, Gorenje, Beko, Samsung, LG, Indesit, etc.

    We are authorized technicians for Electrolux and Zanussi advanced professional machines (dryers, washing machines, rollers). We also repair the catering machines for these manufacturers (Dishwashers, stoves, deep frier, and ice machines...)

    We install and repair air conditioners like air-conditioning equipments, air-conditioning cabinets, chillers, heat pumps, etc. from different manufacturers, such as LG, Samsung, Carrier, Ciat, Gree, York..

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    Company Info ::::.

    service description:

    "FRIGO ŽIKA" Ruma

    If you are looking for good prices and quality, please contact us! NEW IN OUR OFFER - entire bakery equipment (bakery ovens, hot showcases, cash desks, counters...) We produce STEAM AND ELECTRIC BAKERY OVENS.

    The company "FRIGO ŽIKA" from Ruma produces cooling, heat and neutral appliances for the slaughter industry, catering and shopping facilities, evaporators, condensers and cooling units. The cooling program includes the production of: refrigeration equipment, cooling showcases, open cooling showcases, refrigeration cabinets, wine cabinets, counters, cooling tables and refrigeration chambers. Cooking equipment includes: electric, gas and combined cookers, steam and electric bakery ovens, ovens, pizza ovens, fryers and grills. Neutral program includes the production of: working tables, neutral tables, upper kitchen cabinets, shelves, sinks.

    Our production facilities are located in Ruma on the surface of 10,000 m2 and our team consists of 150 employees. We have become the largest company in the refrigeration manufacture, cooking and neutral equipment in Serbia by the following operating parameters:

    1. Great variety of products that we produce
    2. Quality that we constantly improve
    3. Continuous improvement of product design according to the requirements of the market
    4. The largest number of employees, the largest annual turnover and the largest exports in this production area, which are constantly growing
    6. Liquidity without any credit
    7. Manufacture and the sale of semi-finished products: evaporators and condensers according to LTH technology
    8. Assessment of creditworthiness in AA class

    Serbia - Ruma , Kraljevačka bb
    Tel/fax : + 381 22 430 444; +381 22 472 127
    Mob.: + 381 63 301 534; +381 63 501 073

    E-mail: frigozika@eunet.rs

    More contacts:

    • Tel.: + 381 63 301 534 , 
    • Tel.: + 381 63 501 073, 

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     wine cabinets
bakery equipment
bakery equipments
bakery ovens
bars and cooling tables
catering equipment
catering equipment neutral
cold desks
cold rooms
cold vests
combined cookers
commercial cooling device
cooling desks
cooling equipment
electric bakery ovens
electric stoves
Equipments for catering trade
evaporators for cold
evaporators for refrigerators
gas cookers
glass display case for wine
hot-cold display cabinets
kitchen equipment
neutral equipment
    Company Info ::::

    service description:

    ZTR Company Frigo-Elektro was established in 1988 in Ruma.

    Our core business is the manufacturing and distribution of heating, cooling and neutral equipment for catering industry:

    heating bars and cabinets
    cooling bars and cabinets
    cooling chambers
    combined cabinets
    cooling tables
    bread shelves...
    As part of our standard service we offer a complete furnishing of premises for different purposes:

    butcher shops
    pastry shops
    fast food kiosks
    grocery stores

    In addition to the above, we offer a complete range of cooling, thermal and neutral program, with the possibility to purchase additional equipment and supplies required in the catering, bakery, patisserie and butchery industry.
    We also design devices with non-standard dimensions upon the clients needs.

    To our clients we guarantee high quality service. A wide range of products has enabled us a breakthrough on the EU market.

    Our products find their place in many catering and commercial facilities where conservation of food a basic prerequisite for a successful business.


    tel/fax: +381 22 472 472
    + 381 63 521 860
    +381 62 521 862
    ul. Grobljanska 83
    22400 Ruma


    More contacts:

    • direktor Darko Čaljkušić
      Tel.: +381 62 521 862, 

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ad showcases
bakery equipment
bars and cooling tables
catering equipment
cold rooms
cold vests
combined cabinet
commercial cooling device
cooling desks
cooling equipment
equipment for bakery
equipment of heat treatment
glass washer machine
neutral equipment
neutral equipment caterer
professional catering equipment
Refrigeration Equipment
retro counters
shelves for bread
showcases powder
stainless steel interiors
    Company Info ::::.

    service description:

    Commercial enterprise "Tehnoprom-Gramat" deals with the supply and distribution of construction materials, electric equipment and white wares. We offer a wide range of products and favorable prices. Come and see the quality of our offer.
    "Tehnoprom Gramatin" in gas station supplies customers with euro gas and equipment for gas installations. We offer:
    - Filling and distribution of gas cylinders
    - Auto gas installation with vacuum system or electronic fuel injection system
    - Tested tank reservoirs of the first class produced in accordance with UN ECE 67R-01 and ISO 9001, with guarantee of 10 years
    - Complete set of equipment for the construction of car gas pumps

    * Materials that are the best solution for hydro, thermal, sound and vibro-isolation.
    * Styrofoam blocks
    * Vapour passing roof foils
    * Blocks from PE foam
    * Dilatation tapes
    * HDPE surface drainage
    * Taped isolation
    * Isolation elements of fiber which are neutral to all types of pipes
    * Yellow thermal isolation of extruded polystyrene
    * Glass Wool

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     white ware
building trade material stocks
construction materials
decorative lamp
delivery of household gas
external and internal lighting
galvanized tin
granite ceramics
heat insulation
home lighting
insulation (voice water heat)
    Company Info ::::.

    service description:

    Eko-Tera Ltd. Carpet Service Boban

    The company is providing services in the field of hygiene.

    Our company was established in 1992. and it is developing in four interconnected parts:

    * Carpet Service
    * Car wash
    * Daily maintenance of business premises
    * Sales of machinery and means of hygiene

    Moravički street 17
    24300 Bačka Topola
    +381 (0) 24 713751
    +381 (0) 63 510643

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car wash
car wash without contact
car washing
carpet cleaning
carpet cleanings
carpet service
    Company Info ::::.

    service description:

    Company Info ::::.

    Novi Sad, 21000
    Tel.: 021/300-59-78
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    • Ariston
    • Gorenje
    • Indesit
    • končar
    • Remington
    • Sony
    • Tefal

    service description:

    Company Info ::::.
    Kralja Petra I 334/a
    Mladenovac, 11400
    Interest on the map

    service description:

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