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Rađenović-Plast Company offers its services to the market since 2008.

In the beginning, our main business was to repair plastic and polyester objects. Shortly after this we began to produce plastic and polyester objects and molds.

As the needs of the market became more demanding, our company developed and expanded both in terms of the types of services and in product range.

Since 2009 our services include: 

* Restoration and repair of all types of tanks (with polyester) 
* Repair of truck tarpaulin 
* Installation of polypropylene pipelines

In 2010 we expanded our services with: 

* Polyester industrial floors 
* Industrial floors - epoxy resins 
* Isolation and laminating vans and pick up trucks 
* Producing new truck tarpaulins, awnings, banners, etc.

Since 2011 we offer to the market: 

* Production and repair of complex objects made ​​of polyester, and coating of large concrete surfaces of tanks 
* Restoration of industrial waste-water tanks with polyester coating 
* Installation of PVC and PE industrial pipelines. 
* Plexiglass program

Our special offer:

- no smoking and smoking signs

Rađenović-Plast Company will continue to tend to improve the quality of its services and products.



Rađenović-Plast Company is able to offer the customers a wide range of elements for playgrounds:


Slides are made by laminating glass cloth and polyester resin and characterized by excellent physical and mechanical features. Slides are UV stable. The length of the slide is 3 meters.
Standard colors are: blue, red and yellow.
We make colorful slides and slides with features (eg, Sponge Bob, etc.).
We deliver childrens slides in the form of boards or with complete construction.
The construction is metal, can be assembled and disassembled and is able to be applied on all types of surfaces.

Toys on a spring

We produce toys on a spring, with different motives:
horses, rabbits and others .

Jungle gyms

Jungle gyms are suitable for children from 3 to 13 years of age.
Jungle gyms are two-sided, one side is an artificial rock and the other side is a net.

We are also able to produce other equipments for playgrounds: swings, seesaws, etc...

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bath tube - polyester
children playground
Covered terrace
equipping children's playgrounds
floor plastification
glass roof
industrial floor
industrial floors plastificators
metal plastification
methodology of shading (window shade roll-top)
plastic racks
plastic tanks
plastification of finished products
plastification of metal
plastification of metal products
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Production of:

Aluminum blinds

Blinds crafted entirely of aluminum, especially suitable for outdoor use and combination of stuffed lamella. Boxes of polyurethane provides durability and excellent insulation. It operates manually or via tape and crank over engine with a switch and remote control.

Mosquito nets

Mosquito nets with fix frame belong to the traditional method of protecting windows and doors of the annoying insects. The frame is made of aluminum profiles, which provides permanent tightness and withstand bad weather conditions.

Garage doors

Aluminum roll-up garage door will certainly meet the required quality, the maintenance of these doors is reduced to a minimum of time. It is possible to install a system to raise the crank or motor.

Plastic blinds

In our offer you can also select between standard and external blinds that can be installed on already installed windows without regard to the material.

PVC windows and doors

Many years of development and production of high quality PVC and aluminum windows and doors, shutters, foundations for the realization of the goal that we set in the beginning of the primary: the satisfaction of our customers.

Blinds, awnings, tarpaulins

Roller blinds, mosquito nets, mosquito nets, mosquito nets fixed. Quality and professional installation of mosquito nets.

Strip curtains

Vertical blinds are the modern solution for protection from the sun, which is a practical combination of aesthetics and functionality. In addition to the protective role, enrich and give warmth to modern, especially commercial interiors.

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aluminum garage door
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fix mosquito net
garage door
garage door remote control
methodology of shading (window shade roll-top)
mosquito net
mosquito net assembly
moving mosquito net
plastic blinds
plastic shutters
pvc  blind
PVC blinds
strip curtain
venetian shutter
aluminium blinds
aluminum garage door
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"LG-MONT" is a workshop which was founded in 1993. For the whole time of our existence, we have never rushed after big jobs because of the realistic assumption that quantity ruins the quality of the service.

The fact that we are still existing, I suppose, speaks about the essence of our business. To respect deadlines, to give good quality and to fix the problem in the shortest period of time, doesn`t matter who`s fault it was. For these reasons we mostly work in the territory of Novi Sad, but if circumstances require, we make our working territory wider.

Become not only our customer but our friend also, who will gladly meet us, just like those people who already know us!

Production and installation:

- Protection from the Sun
- Outer Venetian blinds
- Ribbon and Venetian curtains
- PVC joinery (3,4,5 and 6 chambers)
- Aluminium and plastic blinds
- Roman, panel and rolling curtains
- Rolling mosquito nets
- Rolling garage doors
- Accordion doors
- Awnings
- Closed terraces

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accordion doors Novi Sad
aluminium door window
aluminium joinery
assembly ribbon curtains
awnings Novi Sad
blind curtain
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Tošin Bunar 36
Zemun, 11080
Tel.: 011/261-53-53
Fax: 011/261-53-53
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"REKORD Saračko"

Production of awnings, tarpaulins, tents

Experience and high quality equipment are the guarantee for the quality of our products.

We offer services for production of tarpaulins, awnings, canopies, tents, as well as printing advertising texts on them.

We also provide all kinds of harness and other services, according to your requirements and needs.

If you need quality and originally made awnings and tarpaulins for your shops, trucks, camping trailers, boats..., REKORD Saračko has the right solution for you.

Visit us or call us and together with our professional consultants choose the right color and design. A wide range of services and everything you imagined made of "PVC trevira" and of plasticized material, our company and our experts will fulfill!

We offer

- production of tarpaulins
- production of cabins
- awnings and eaves
- winter gardens for cafes and rafts
- balloons for recreation
- amusement parks, circuses
- tents for weddings and their repair
- scenic canvas and podiums for theaters
- printing on awnings, tarpaulins, boards, billboards
- production of customs cables
- customs bags
- welding of PVC materials with a high frequency machine FIAB (electrode)
- repair of products made of PVC Trevira, etc.

Important information!

I am selling a firm of 250 m2 business area, together with sewing and welding machines and all equipment!

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covered bench
methodology of shading (window shade roll-top)
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16. Oktobra 11
Beograd, 11000
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Šabac , 15000
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auto Tilt
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Kać, 21241
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Radnička 22
Lapovo (Varoš), 34220
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Đorđa Natoševića 30
Subotica , 24000
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  • Armiranio staklo
  • komerling
  • Pampex

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Bulevar Arsenija Čarnojevića 191.
Novi Beograd, 11070
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