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"Luke enterijer company was established in 2002. in Zeleznik. The main occupation is manufacture of internal dividing doors.
We have many years of experience on market, a large number of residental, business and productional objects, a lot of different technical demands which always gives us an appropriate solution to make a choice which material and technology to use.


We also make:

-interior designing by project
-veneer of batten and stock profiles
-veneer of flat surfaces
-burning flutings, curved cutting, hole drilling for locks, hinges and preparation of elements for installation of different kinds of chains, all other operations on cnc centre proccessing
-final proccessing in chamber with overpressure - painting, varnishing

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arranging of interior
carpentry by measure
development manufacturing doors
entrance doors
equipment for furniture manufacturing
inside door
installation of furniture
interior decoration
MDF internal doors
MDF veneered doors
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Primorska 68.
Novi Sad, 21000
Tel.: 021/6413-697
Fax: 021/6416-212
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