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Laze Lazarevića 12
Novi Sad, 21000
Tel.: 021/646-72-90
Fax: 021/646-72-99
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The company "Petro-Mont" Ltd. needs new workers due to increased workload.
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PetroMont zaposlenje

¤ „Petro-Mont“ is a private family business, founded on May 5th, 1989.

From „Petro-Mont“ comes ☼ PetroSOLAR


¤ Making of technical documentation from the field of thermotechnical installations, high-rise buildings, civil engineering, water supply, sewage, all according to the Law on Planning and Construction and other by-laws.

¤ Professional supervision and technical control services


¤ Thermotechnical installations

> air conditioning facilities
> airing and ventilation
> air heating
> central heating
> removable heaters, DN32-DN1000
> alternative energy sources
> primary and secondary natural gas pipelines
> pumping stations for TNG gas
> central and local boiler rooms
> compact heat pumps with a capacity of 15kW-1500 kW

¤ Isolation works
> insulation of the internal distribution of the pipeline in aluminum sheets
> insulation of hot water installations with "lebit" mass

¤ Hydrotechnical facilities and installations
> outdoor water supply installations
> external sewage:
- fecal
- rain
> hydrant networks
> water supply and sewage installations and sanitary facilities

¤ Construction works
> infrastructure works on the construction of hot water, water supply, sewerage, gas pipelines


> production of steel constructions
> production of steel locks


> transport of goods in road traffic
> rental of machinery and equipment for construction


¤ Highly qualified: 5 employees
¤ Higher education: 3 employees
¤ Secondary education: 3 employees
¤ VKV installers: 10 employees
¤ KV installers: 10 employees

Tel.: 021 646 72 90
Tel.: 021 636 90 77
Tel.: 021 636 94 39
Fax: 021 646 72 99

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air conditioner
breaking piping
building Industry services
building objects
building operations
building trade ending works
building trade machine work
building trade tillage preparation
civil engineering
civil engineering
conduit and sewerage
Company Info ::::.
Laze Lazarevića 12
Novi Sad, 21000
Tel.: + 381 62 760 339
Fax: + 381 63 10 57 023
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  • PetroSOLAR

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An intelligent solar powered mobiliar
Smart solar benches
Smart advertising totems
Smart Bus Stops

We are presenting to you
PetroSOLAR a line of Intelligent and Energy Independent products powered solely by SOLAR ENERGY, making them an ideal solution for setting up at a number of touristic and business locations such as: cities, national parks, corridors, excursion sites, squares, promenades...

PetroSOLAR products in the basic version possess:
¤ Free USB chargers for mobile devices
¤ Wi-Fi wireless internet
¤ LED Self-Lighting and Advertising Positions
¤ for special request the following can be integrated: interactive/touch/ monitors, sensors for air quality, noise level,...

☼ Smart Bus Stops ☼

☼ Smart Benches ☼

☼ Smart Advertising Totems ☼

☼ Montenegro Viewpoint Stagvac PetroSOLAR Smart Bench Serbia, bus shelters

☼ PetroSOLAR Smart Solar Bench in Abu DHabi UAE Dubai

Contact: Lazar Jošanov, autor

m: + 381 62 760 339
m2: + 381 63 10 57 023

☼ More details at PetroSOLAR

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energetically independent
intelligent mobiliar 
smart advertising totems
smart benches
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Savska 33/II
Beograd, 11000
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