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Safety Line Ltd. is a company with licence. The main activity is provision of health and safety at work regardless of the activity that you do.

  • risk assessment for workplaces

  • planning study for construction sites

  • security staff

  • training for workers

  • personal protective equipment - references

  • safety at work and medical examinations for workers

  • instructions for safe and healthy work

  • occupational medicine - cooperation

  • records

  • organization regarding inspection and testing of work equipment

  • organization regarding to testing of working environment
Security measures at work are carried out in order to prevent, reduce or neutralize the risk. Specific measures are applied by:
hiring people for safety and health at work, making documents such as Regulations Act of risk assessment, studies, programs, plans, instructions, employee training, controls on the outfields, reporting, monitoring regulations, organizing the inspection of equipment and medical examinations of workers, prescribing personal protective equipment, etc.

With the aim of protecting people and property from fire, we are involved in fire protection, as part of the overall management system of safety and health at work, where we make: the rules of fire protection, evacuation plan and instructions in case of fire, basic training of workers about fire protection and testing of their knowledge.

We are here to make the vision of investment in safety and health at work come true, we want to carry along this with you as a mutual interest. Contact us and get more information...

SAFETY LINE D.O.O. 11070 Novi Beograd, Gandijeva 99.

Tel./fax: 011/216-91-61; Tel./fax: 011/216-91-62;
Mob.: 064/172-63-54


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Safety at work
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Parka Group is known as a leader on the market, specialized for distribution of chemicals. It is active in former Yugoslavia and Albania from 1997, with a strong emphasis on commercial and technical service, applications and tips for formulating.
We provide chemicals that are used in innovative technologies and products of high added values​​.

Our group is known as an organization that demonstrates accountability to the community and environment. We are aware of the importance of sustainable development. Our group operates in accordance with the latest European conventions on environment, safety and health, meet the highest requirements for quality in the industries we serve. We are active member of FECC (The European Association of Chemical Distributor).


First time together on the Serbian market!

PERLKA® is very popular fertilizer for vegetables.

A well-balanced nutrition for plants with nitrogen and calcium along with the ability of PERLKA ® fertilizer creates conditions in property unfavorable for weeds, diseases and pests, this is what it differs from other fertilizers!

Because of this, thousands of vegetable producers across Europe, believes in fertilizer PERLKA ® as a unique fertilizer to ensure a reliable yield and quality of vegetables.

Invest in fruitful future - Biodegradation


Microbes digest the biodegradable components and provide a greater surface. Temperature and oxygen will initiate the molecular breakdown of the polymer chains of the polyolefins.

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adhesion of resin.
anticorrosion additives
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biodegradable bags
calcium carbonates
Cellulose ethers
chemical additives.
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environment protection
environmental protection
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Katanićeva 22
Beograd, 11000
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The Oganj cremate union founded in 1904 in Belgrad. The founder is Dr. Vojislav Kujundzsic. The union's main activity is the popularization of cremate. The goals of the union: to keep healthy environment for the next generation, and to restrick the growing of the cemeteries. The Oganj cremate union founded in 1904 in Belgrad. The founder is Dr. Vojislav Kujundzsic. The union's main activity is the popularization of cremate. The goals of the union: to keep healthy environment for the next generation, and to restrick the growing of the cemeteries.
Working hours:
Monday to Friday: 08:00 - 20:00
At the weekend, on high days: 09:00 - 15:00
Notice of deaths: all day 0:00 - 24:00
We created an solid foundation in 1987. The members pay the fee for the union hereby they will secured their cremate and funeral. In 2008 the union have 11.000 members. By membership they declare their own decision of the undertaking form (cremate) and support conservation. Furthermore will be entitled to have funeral free of charge or pay it in two parts. Registration fee: 2000 dinar, member fee per year 4000 dinar. All adults authorized for the member.
Cost of funeral:
  • till 50 years 500 dinar/month for 20 years (after 4 years membership the member became to have the funeral free of charge).
  • 50-60 years 700 dinar/month for 10 years (after 5 years membership the member became to have the funeral free of charge).
  • 60-70 years 1500 dinar/month for 4 years (after 2 years membership the member became to have the funeral free of charge).
  • from 70 years 3000 dinar/month for 1 year.
    • There is the opportunity to pay the 45.000 dinar for the funeral in 4 parts (monthly). Pensioners have 50% discount. In the classic funeral contents: gratis transport in Belgrad for landscape for fee (cascet, crucifix, etc.).
      Cremate funeral contents: gratis transport in Belgrad for landscape for fee (cascet, urn, pyramid, etc.).

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environment protection
funeral assurance
funeral equipments
funeral service
funeral service and equipment
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Francuska 6/I
Beograd, 11000
Tel.: 011/734-6675
Fax: 011/734-6676
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Bioenergy Point, business company founded in 2007, is registered for business operations in the area of renewable energy sources. As a leader on the Serbian market, in October 2008, our company started the production of wood pellets in its newly built production plant in Boljevac, Eastern Serbia.

The production plant’s capacity is 35. 000 tons per year. The production plant boasts brand new equipment, obtained in the Netherlands (CPM – presses), Germany (Bruks-Kloeckner – chipper), Croatia (Seting – drying plants) and Slovenia (Robotika – packing machines).

Did you know?

- wooden pellets burn so purely that there is almost no emission of gases in atmosphere
- pellets produce more heat than oil, natural gas or log wood
- 30 kg of pellets can provide 24 hours of heating for 150 m2 area
- currently, in Canada and USA more than a million pellet-fuelled furnaces and fireplaces are used

About wood pellets

Wood pallets appeared back in the 70s as a response to energy crisis. Wood pallets are bio-fuel made of compressed wood which provide consistent and economic heating.

Ecological bio-fuel

Wood pellets are efficient carbon-neutral fuel – one gram of released CO2 engages one gram in the photosynthesis and this maintains the balance of carbon in the environment. Wood pallets combustion is so pure that it is almost impossible to notice any wood smoke coming from the chimneys, with ash content of just 1%.


Wood pellet combustion produces almost no creosote, the main cause for furnace and fireplace fires.


The process of manufacturing wood pellet includes tons and tons of sawdust, wood chips and wood by-products, which would otherwise end up as waste. And this is not all, we also process wood waste by returning it to production.

Convenient usage

Unlike wood logs, wood pellets are packed in 15kg bags and are clean and practical to store as they do not make your premises dirty, do not attract insects and take up just a quarter of the space required for storing wood logs. Due to very low ash content, the time between two cleanings of the stove is longer and this expensive and daunting process is reduced to its minimum.


We produce wood pellets by grinding, drying, additional chopping and pressing of the raw material (sawdust, wood chips, etc.). As they are made of 100% wood, our pellets are denser and heavier, which results in slower and more balanced combustion and this makes them a highly efficient fuel.
The production takes place in controlled conditions and in compliance with DIN 51731 standard: 6 mm in diameter, up to 30 mm in length, below 10% of moisture and over 1.12 kg/dm³ in density.
One of the main advantages of wood pellets is that the ash content produced by the burning amounts to about 1%, with energy value of over 18 MJ per kilogram. Pellets are used for furnaces and heating boilers, in houses and flats, as well as in larger users’ premises.

More contacts:

  • Proizvodni pogon Boljevac
    Izvorski put bb, 19370 Boljevac
    Tel.: 030/64-295, 
  • Tel.: 030/64-278, 

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Biomass pelleting
ecological bricket 
environment protection
pellet lines
pellet production
Technology briquetting pelleting biomass
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bateries recycling
EE recycling equipment
environment protection
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Obilićev venac 4
Beograd, 11000
Tel.: 011 2620 523
Fax: 011 2620 366
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environment protection
environmental ecology 
environment protection
environmental ecology 
environment protection

Beograd, 11000
Tel.: +381 (0)64 199 18 13
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Vojvođanskih Brigada 17
Novi Sad, 21000
Tel.: 021/529-096
Fax: 021-524-970
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More contacts:

  • Predsednik gospodin Nikola Aleksić

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environment protection
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