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Production of furniture and construction carpentry from solid wood and laminated materials

Interior includes a wide range of products, so our product range consists of:

- entrance doors,
- interior doors,
- wood furnitures,
- beds (standard, double bed and beds for kids),
- staircases,
- kitchens,
- coating for radiators,
- and other interior wood products.

We use different materials, what makes our products unique. Combinations of wood (dry, solid oak wood, beech, cherry, walnut, mahogany, teak, fir...), veneer, laminated plywood, water and polyurethane varnish, paint and stain, gives us a number of features in designing and manufacturing furniture from the classical to the most modern lines, for your like. We are proud that our products are an integral part of a large number of various objects, such as offices, hotels, apartments, houses, and many other interiors.

Our motto is:"everything from wood"

We produce:

- living rooms - complete program
- construction carpentry from wood
- making furniture according to the wish of the purchaser
- office tables, computer tables, office cabinets
- club tables, small tables
- commodes, dressing tables
- complete program of office furniture
- beds - massive, wood, upholstered
- kitchen elements and fronts from chipboard panels and MDF
- complete kitchen furniture
- massif furniture for living rooms
- furniture from laminated materials
- furniture from solid wood
- furniture for restaurants and hotels
- wardrobes, vitrines, shelves,commodes,TV stands
- interior doors, balcony doors
- furniture for bedrooms - by piece
- furniture for bedrooms - complete program
- staircases, fences, wood balcony fences
- entrance doors

Our services:

- wood processing
- drying and simmering of wood
- sticking of wood
- surface processing and varnishing
- designing and arranging interiors and furniture
- furniture restoration

Our best references are our satisfied clients.
We have been exporting joineries and furniture for many years to England, which is one of the most demanding markets.
Our manufacturing plant is located in Nova Pazova, on the road Belgrade - Novi Sad.

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    Tel.: 022/323-548, 
  • Tel.: 022/328-648, 
  • Tel.: 063/11-39-882, 

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bedroom furniture
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"Luke enterijer company was established in 2002. in Zeleznik. The main occupation is manufacture of internal dividing doors.
We have many years of experience on market, a large number of residental, business and productional objects, a lot of different technical demands which always gives us an appropriate solution to make a choice which material and technology to use.


We also make:

-interior designing by project
-veneer of batten and stock profiles
-veneer of flat surfaces
-burning flutings, curved cutting, hole drilling for locks, hinges and preparation of elements for installation of different kinds of chains, all other operations on cnc centre proccessing
-final proccessing in chamber with overpressure - painting, varnishing

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arranging of interior
carpentry by measure
development manufacturing doors
entrance doors
equipment for furniture manufacturing
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MDF internal doors
MDF veneered doors
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aluminum carpentry accessory
building carpenter
construction carpentry
glass glyptic services
installation of furniture
plastic chair table
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3D wall coverings
building materials
carpentry by measure
ceiling heat insulation
coating ot the outdoor wall 
construction joinery
decorative wall coat
dried wood material
external carpentry
facade thermal insulation system
floor coat Serbia
garret windows
heat insulation
house heat insulation
hydro and thermal insulation
hydro isolation materials
importing all kind of floor coverings
installation of furniture
insulation material
insulation materials
izolacionie foil

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