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SIGMA PROCES was established in 1993.

Many years of experience made us one of the leading manufacturers in Europe of machines, equipment, systems and packing machines production in food - confectionery industry.

    Our production program includes:

  • automatic horizontal systems for packaging

  • automatic horizontal Flow Pack machines for packaging

  • automatic vertical machines for packaging

  • automatic X-PACK machines for cookies and wafer packaging

  • automatic X-PACK machines for cellophane

  • semiautomatic machines for packaging

  • process and technological equipment for confectionery industry

Our goals are:

-to spread over domestic trade and abroad

-"best in class" to employees, production, technologies, products, advertisement, services and top financial results.

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Automatic packaging machine
automatic packing machine
charger for liquid materials
equipment for packaging
equipment for the confectionery industry
food and drinks
food wrapping
horizontal packaging systems
machine for packaging
machines for food industry
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Scales and packaging machines, fillers, automatics, management of technical processes.

The company G&G mpb Ltd. was established in 1998, in its program it has:

Production and repair of scales (platform, flow, batch, slaughter, etc.)

Production and repair of packaging machines from 450g to 50kg (for powdered materials, granular materials and pieced material).

Production and repair of weight and volume filler for liquid materials from 0,1 to 200l.

Special works (pneumatic systems, process management, transport devices, etc.)

5 liter volume filler
measuring circuit
filler with a valve
pallet platform scales
small platform scales
platform scales
volumetric filler
volumetric filler with a tape

More contacts:

  • Atila Gero
    E-mail: gigmpb@gmail.comTel.: 063/1133-257, 
  • Jožef Gero
    Tel.: 063/1133-256, 

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animal scales
automatica automatisation
charger for liquid materials
equipment for measuring
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Stevana Šupljikca 125
Pančevo , 26100
Tel.: 013/312-213
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