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About us

Mp Tropic Ltd. was established in 2004, and deals with import and sale of pyrotechnic resources (first, second, third and fourth class). We have all permits MUP for sale.

We are organizing fireworks for all occasions too, such as:

  • Various events

  • Meetings

  • Concerts

  • Weddings, birthdays

  • We use only the goods that was examined by the Ministry of Interior.
    We have cars for transporting explosive materials.

    We make performance stage effects too, in the internal (closed) region: Smokeless fountains, colored flames, dry ice (heavy fog), performance fireworks from water surface (directly from water).

    Our workers have all necessary certificates for performing and organizing fireworks for all kind of events. In our shops we offer pyrotechnics (1st and 2nd class), and equipment for hunting. In our shops you can find ammunition and weapons of all calibres too.

    Contact us:
    Zmaj Jovina 7, Novi Banovci
    Tel: 022/349-443; 022/342-692

    More contacts:

    • direktor Pavlović Milan
      Tel.: 063-528-860, 

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    Stevana Vukomanovića-Čike 15
    Novi Sad, 21000
    Tel.: 064-12-27-558
    Fax: 021-641-6-137
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    • Privatex Pyro
    • Vulkan-Shogun

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    Our jobs are: fireworks, pyro-performances, special effects... We suggest you to to be familiar with our work and to see how interesting and specific our job is.
    In our company, quality of our products and services are in the first place and we appreciate the opinions of our customers the most.
    Deminer Ljubomir Simic - Shime is one of the leading masters of fireworks and special effects as he deals with it for 25 years.
    Our company Sime special effects Ltd. deals with a very specific occupation, which is fireworks performing, organizing of pyro performances and special effects performing. We are representatives and distributors of Vulcan and Shogun-Privatex Pyro Companies, which are one of the leading companies in China for production of pyrotechnics and fireworks. Headquarters of our company is located in Novi Sad, where we have both wholesale and retail. We are able to meet all your requirements because we have sufficient funds in stock all the time. To enjoy the charms of fireworks and pyro-performances, we recommend you to hire a registered and experienced company with many years of experience.

    Employees in our company, currently there are 16 of them, have passed the certificates of fireworks performing and have a great experience in it. We have our own warehouse and vehicles certified to transport explosives. The body responsible for this activity is the Department for fire protection and rescue of MUP Novi Sad, whose approval and permission to perform fireworks we provide.

    Sime-Special Effects
    Ltd. for providing services and operations
    Stevan Vukomanović-Čika street 15

    Tel / fax: +381 21 6416137
    Mobile: +381 64 1227558
    Mobile: +381 64 1227558
    Zmaj Jovina street 21 (passage)
    Tel: +381 21 420103
    Mobile: +381 64 2859222

    More contacts:

    • Šime
      Zmaj Jovina 21
      Tel.: 021/420-103,  Fax: 064/28-59-222

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    Privatex Pyro

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catering trade
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firework organization
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    Fish specialties, live music, a variety of celebrations - restaurant Papuli - Senta

    Restaurant Papuli was established 38 years ago as a family company.

    Success encouraged us to continue with quality and reliable work all the time.

    Recommendations are one of the best things customers can do. They give us a reason to build tradition and make innovations.

    On weekends, Carioca live band entertains our guests and makes a great mood.

    Fish restaurant Papuli is a restaurant of domestic food, but fish specialties are the most popular. Besides that, we have a great choice of domestic and foreign wines.

    Come and make sure that our quality and services are the best.

    In summer, you can enjoy our garden which is full of green environment.

    Make a holiday, organize a meeting or just relax - all this in our restaurant.

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Valentines day

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    High school from Novi Sad was established in Oktober 1982.

    It offers educational profiles in areas: economy, law and administration, trade, catering and tourism.

    The school educates students in two areas of work:


    In the areas of economics, law and administration are the following educational profiles of the fourth level of education:

    * economic technician
    * bureau technician
    * financial technician
    * security Officer

    In the areas of trade, catering and tourism are the following educational profiles of the fourth level of education:

    * trade Technician
    * tatering technician
    * culinary technician
    * tourist technician

    and the third level of education:

    * merchant
    * waiter
    * cook
    * confectioner

    Restaurant Staro Zdanje with two halls and a gallery, specialties, a wide selection of drinks, family dinners, celebrations...

    More contacts:

    • Restoran Staro Zdanje
      Novi Sad Trg Marije Trandasil 1
      E-mail: starozdanje@mts.rsTel.: 021/527-040, 

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birthday celebrations
business dinner organization
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    Our shop is available for 9 years to our customers. Our shop is working all day. We get fresh flowers several times a week, so we always have beautiful fresh cut flowers in our offer. From high quality flowers we are making bouquets, ikebana, baskets, wreaths, etc.

    We have a very large selection of pot flowers. We pay special attention for maintaining the quality. We also have artificial flowers and decorations from dried flowers.

    In our shop you can buy baskets, decorative ceramic pots, glass vases, candles, etc.
    We are making hall and vehicle decoration for weddings and for other formal occasions.


    Karađorđeva 58

    PIB 107565688
    MAT 62831995


    More contacts:

    • Tel.: 064/1231-979, 

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Bouquets and Arrangements
Bouquets for the bride
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    Cerska 32
    Veternik, 21203
    Tel.: 063/573-777
    Fax: 021/822-878
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    Monarh doo, Cerska 32, Veternik 21 203 , Srbija

    Telefon za prodaju je 063/573-777

    Telefon za reklamacije je 064/6757-209

    web adresa je ; [1]

    email je :

    More contacts:

    • Tel.: 063/573-777, 

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    We are a transport company.

    Our services are the following:

    - We organize transportation of smaller groups by van in the country and abroad, for example from/to Novi Sad and from the region.

    - We organize transports to Belgrade, Budapest and Zagreb airports, by air-conditioned cars, with a capacity of: 4+1, or 8+1 people. We make an agreement with you about the date and time of the transport.

    - The price of the trip depends on the number of people who travel.

    - you can rent our cars only with a driver
    - the price includes: driver, fuel, passenger insurance and car insurance.
    - etc.

    If you need special request or questions regarding the transports, prices and conditions, please dont hesitate to contact us:
    Fax 021/881-623

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airport transfers
airport transport
amusement park
car rent
car rent Novi Sad
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    - Free ideas and advices appropriate for certain conditions to certain persons

    - Our flexibility in prices is your advantage - the prices are not certain when it comes to arrangements of any kind

    - Free delivery of flowers to the desired location






    From the beautiful expensive bouquets to the simplest form of editing flowers. Flower arranging requires great care and attention. Here are given advices on colour, balance, scale and proportions. Taking care of flowers, equipment, elements of decoration and the use of fruits, vegetables, drinks and some appropriate gifts. The technique is also fully explained, which allows to turn your fantasy into reality.

    BALANCE is very important in arranging as the arranger has to ensure the physical stability of the flowers and other decorations. Physical Stability implies types and sizes of materials which are used, how are they positioned and in what kind of packaging are they fitted. Great bouquets require heavy and stable packaging. All materials should be placed proportional and the weight should be concentrated as close to the bottom of the bowl or basket. It is always needed to check the stability of the bouquet while arranging. Visual balance is also very important, which means scale, proportion and color as well as the effect of visible points of the bouquet.
    The visible point of a bouquet is the area, so everyone is supposed to be naturally attracted and the material should visually look like flown. The position of visible point depends on the type of an arrangement, but the easiest way is to create in the center. There would be all colors and shapes of flowers located, with faded colors around and outside. Always think about bouquest in 3 dimensions, which means as on the front, and on its sides and back. This is true for both bouquets or flowers in baskets, pots.


    Scale is very important in planning flower arrangements. In order to create a harmonious bouquet which is also pleasant for eyes, you should pay attention to the size and type of flowers which may not have radical diversity. For example, if you combine lily with gladiolus, it wont be nice. The type of decorations also has to be in scale with flowers and the type of packaging, as the entire package has to be in scale with its environment. For example, in a large area it has to be sufficiently large to be emphasized. Table beside the bed does not require more than a bouquet in a vase. Proportion is the relationship between height, weight and depth of the arrangement, and in accordance with these, there are certain rules about creating. Colours - what should be kept in mind when choosing the colour pallets. Although most people have an eye for colour, the colour theory can be useful. Red and yellow are the basic shades from which all the other colours are made. Red, pomegranate and yellow create excitement and happy feelings, while green, blue and purple create cold and relaxing colours. Generally, lighter, warmer colours will always dominate in the bouquets. White, which is technically the absence of colour, is also evident in a bouquet and can look very formally and therefore emphasized. In a bouquet, darker and colder colours are visually withdrawn. In combination with white flowers they will show the /stateliness of any opportunity.

    At the beginning, we said, that the most powerful visual effect is achieved when the darker and stronger colours are in the center, faded colors around and outside.



    Summer brings great opportunities for floral arrangements. A basket full of seasonal flowers will remind you of summer time in your home.

    Place a cellophane in the flower bag to stop water that drips from the pre-soaked sponge. Shape the two sponge and place them to suit the depth and width of the basket, then tie a ribbon around the basket to ensure the stability of the sponge. Place the ivy and fern leaves in the sponge and you will determine the height, width and shape of the whole package that you make. Then place the leaves of lilies proportionately to the other leaves on the whole sponge. Between the lilies, the best are white astromeries in the center of each flower. Do not forget that each flower, you have to stick the flower in the sponge to the bottom of the basket because only that way flower gets water.

    Just water the sponge twice a week and your room will be fragrant and floral.

    Other informations:

    * Tel.: 063 7380 981
    * Tel.: 064 0039 616

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    Hotel "EUROGAJ" is located in the picturesque village of Sumadija in Ljubic village, by the regional road Kragujevac-Kraljevo-Cacak.

    In last year we have invested considerable resources and started to build a hotel-sport-tourist complex. We built a new part of the hotel which has 12 luxury suites, and we have fully renovated 20 existing rooms.
    All room has its own bathroom, TV, phone, air conditioner, WiFi. In addition during 2011 we opened an indoor pool with sauna and two outdoor tennis courts. Construction is underway for a large restaurant hall and hall for indoor sports, for 2012 is planned construction of an open sports courts, gym, ethnic restaurants and an outdoor pool. These facilities and the fact that the hotel is located at the point where it crosses a specific wind rose, surrounded by pine trees in absolute peace outside of the city noise and bustle, makes Hotel "EUROGAJ" for ideal place for relaxation, sports, trainings, business meetings and seminars.

    Come, be our guest and make sure that hotel "EUROGAJ" is a true paradise, the perfect place to take a short break from everyday life.
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    Flower shop "Mimoza" is located in the heart of Senta for more than 20 years.
    Giving flowers for gift is good and noble, it warms our hearts with love for nature, people, and reveals the beauty of life. If you want to show to someone your happiness, friendship, love in a special way the staff of flower shop Mimoza will help you with its courtesy and experience to make happy your loved ones and to embellish their daily lives.
    Our beautifully decorated showroom, friendly service and beautiful arrangements attracts our customers for decades.
    In our offer you can always find a large range of fresh flowers, bouquets, different decorations of dried flowers, flower arrangements and pot flowers. For holders of pot flowers we can offer decorative flower pots, jars and a variety of baskets.
    In our flower shop you can find a lot of decorations suitable for gift and for surprise.
    Our customers are satisfied with our services. We are trying to be always trendy and to fulfill all of the special wants and requests of our customers.

    Rent of chair covers.

    Wedding decoration:
    We are decorating youthful tables, cars, doors, etc.
    The beauty and the meaning of flowers are contributing to its beauty beauty of the whole wedding.

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    Agency information

    Detective agency ANONIMUS plus is a licensed detective agency that operates under a license to perform detective work number 15-2631 / 4, issued by the Ministry of Interior of Serbia. All detective work in the agency is performed exclusively by licensed private detectives, with decades of experience. The detective agency ANONIMUS plus operates in the private security sector, primarily in the field of detective work. The detective agency is closely specialized in detective work, and operating in this field for a decade, we have been successfully providing all types of professional detective services. With its headquarters in Belgrade and over a decade of successful business history and experience in the security and intelligence world, the detective agency operates successfully and provides professional and discreet detective services to individuals and legal entities in the local, regional and global area. With a business philosophy based on the principle of quality of service and high standards, the detective agency ANONIMUS plus is ahead of others because we provide the most diverse offer of detective services. We are committed to constant development and improvement in the form of business policy as well as out of respect for our clients who have become accustomed to us through years of cooperation, bonded with us and gained trust, which is the most important thing in our industry. Our clients expect us to be able to successfully solve all jobs, face all challenges and respond to all their needs.

    We conduct investigations in a confidential and discreet manner, and with extreme care. Our staff is made up of security experts, trained and qualified for security tasks. Our team consists of former secret service operatives, police, masters of security and criminology, polygraph examiners, forensic scientists, lawyers, psychologists and IT security experts. All members of the detective agency ANONIMUS plus are university educated and have decades of experience in security affairs. Our staff is a combination of the wisdom and experience of older operatives and the strength and youth of younger operatives, thus combining the best of both worlds. We are proud of the results so far, the methods used as well as the standard of operations performed. Our operatives work in groups but are also trained to work individually, if the task requires it. For more complicated and dangerous tasks, we hire our team of operatives-specialists, former members of the military counter-intelligence service.

    We have our own polygraph center


    Contact us

    The Anonymous detective agency is located at 72 Bulevar Kneza Aleksandra Karađorđevića Street, Dedinje, Belgrade.

    Contact telephones are 011-2835531 and 064-1199880.

    We would like to inform all interested parties that meetings, conversations and consultations in the agency are conducted exclusively on the principle of prior appointment via any of our contact numbers in order to obtain an appointment for a meeting in our business premises. All meetings and consultations are free and can be scheduled 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

    More contacts:

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    Beograd, 11000
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    Beograd, 11000
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    Beograd, 11000
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    Company Info ::::.

    Beograd, 11000
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