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We are not an industry. You are not just another client. We are family and we invite you to us. At a time when all are masters for everything, we decided to do just one thing, but right.

We are not hiding behind "a large number of our translators", like most translation agencies. No, we are a lovely family business, a mother with two children, all three interpreters and court interpreters for Slovenian language. Support our family business, avoid agency fees, and get great associates when you need it.

We are specialized in translating from Slovenian language into Serbian and vice versa, either with a verification of a court interpreter or without, a certified or non-certified translation. Its the only language combination we translate. Regardless of whether you are moving to Slovenia, you go there to work, import the vehicle from there, sign a contract with a Slovenian company, sell a Slovenian product in Serbia or something else, contact us. We will satisfy your need to overcome language barriers in the most profitable way, on time, in good quality and at affordable prices. We understand that time is money and your translation is needed urgently - we will do it, but you will not overpay it , which is usually the case when someone estimates that you are in a hurry.

Slovenian language translation Popovic – these are the key words for you!

The Popovic family is expecting your contact!

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Translation types

it means that translations have legal validity, identical to the original, which guarantees certification from a certified court interpreter for a particular language.

¤ TRANSLATION WITHOUT VERIFICATION - translation of materials and documentations that do not require a guarantee of legal validity and certification of court interpreters, such as: prospects, brochures, users manual, catalogs, various texts.


birth certificate ¤ marriage certificate ¤ proof of residence ¤ certificate of good conduct ¤ certificate of income ¤ diplomas ¤ transcript and curriculum subjects ¤ statements ¤ authorization ¤ certificate of balance in the bank ¤ all other personal documents

LEGAL DOCUMENTS ¤ various official confirmations ¤ contracts ¤ lawsuits ¤ decrees ¤ records ¤ regulations ¤other documentations

DOCUMENTS OF COMPANIES ¤ extract from company register ¤financial reports ¤ balance ¤audit reports ¤ purchase contracts ¤ tenders ¤ written declarations ¤ invoices ¤ certificates ¤ statutes ¤ display products


¤ Medicine
¤ Law
¤ Economics
¤ Technics
¤ Art
¤ Social science
¤ Banking and Finance
¤ Marketing
¤ Translation of technical documentations
¤ Translation of catalogs, users manual
¤ Translation of websites
¤ Translation of tourist materials

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After 10 years of experience in steel constructions in the company Argus Inzenjering l.t.d. and work in lots of projects for private person and public enterprises we have made a selected special program for urban and eco equipment.

The aforementioned production programs in the newly opened "daughter" firm Urbana oprema l.t.d. receive adequate treatment, which is reflected in the following:
  • product design is entrusted to the architects and designers,
  • the quality of the products is in accordance with the provisions of ISO 9001,
  • special attention to the durability of the product,
  • specific products and marquee elements of textile architecture will be optimized constructive and provide a low cost, durability and complete safety,
  • we use materials suitable for recycling.

    The production is located in Temerin, where we have 700 m2 of closed area and all kinds of machines necessary for production of urban equipment, eco equipment and wrought iron. In the modern office in Novi Sad, architects and mechanical engineers are designing products that will meet your surroundings with enthusiasm, and make you relaxed and happy.

    On our web site you can find catalogs and technical product details.


    Urbana oprema d.o.o.

    Novi Sad, Narodnog fronta 73

    E-mail: urbana.ns@gmail.com
    Web: www.urbanaoprema.rs

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arch lombkorona
awnings over doors
balcony awnings
benches for parks
bicycle racks
bus stop
bus stops shelters
cabinets for smokers
cargo containers
children playground
construction container
container production
containers for garbage
containers for paper
covered bench
eco equipment
eco storages
equipping children's playgrounds
garbage containers
lexan canopies
locksmith good metal construction
metal benches
metal containers
movable canopy
production of containers
refuse collector
shelters for bicycles
shelters for smokers
stationary containers
urban equipment
waste container
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    service description:

    The main activity of our company is renting, installation and maintenance of mobile toilets.

    Mobile toilets are an ideal solution for construction sites.

    Construction companies and investors are obligated to provide toilets to their workers on construction sites. EKO SANITARNI SISTEMI company from Novi Sad offers a solution to this important issue.

    Our mobile eco toilets are ideal for construction sites where there is no access to sanitation. They take up little space. An additional advantage is that it can be used at night, because they have a roof that absorbs and emits daylight.

    Mobile eco toilets also provide excellent hygienic conditions because they absolutely not leave an unpleasant smell, but emit a pleasant scent of high quality assets for disinfection.

    Emptying, cleaning and maintenance of eco toilets are our team`s job.

    Tel: 062-180-60-18

    More contacts:

    • Tel.: 062-180-60-18, 

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    bathroom equipment
camping equipment
construction services
eco sanitary systems
eco sanitation
Eco Toilet
eco toilets
eco wc
environmental protection
environmental ecology 
mobil toaletts
mobil wc
mobil WC
mobile water block
moving toilet
moving toilet
Polish WC
Portable toilet
portable toilets
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    The family company Vatro Prevent Ltd. was founded in 1995 in Čačak. We are specialized in service management in the field of protection from fire and safety at work, and we also have a specialist service for firefighting devices and hydrant network.>>> www.vatroprevent.rs


    • All kinds of firefighting equipment, appliances, devices and repair

    • All kinds of technical gases

    • Complete firefighting equipment

    • Hydrant equipment

    • PPE equipment

    • All kinds of spare parts for firefighting devices from the producer "Vatrosprem", "Pastor" and others.

    • Fire-protecting apparatus (production of parts for these apparatuses)

    • Fire alarm systems with installing, control and maintenance


    • Development of normative acts in the field of fire protection

    • Education for the employees in the field of fire protection

    • Controlling flow capacity and water pressure in hydrant networks

    • Checkup of validation and maintenance of electrical and lightning installation

    • Control of electrical appliances and installations intended for operation in explosive atmospheres

    • Testing practical knowledge of the employees in the field of fire protection

    • Testing and servicing transportable and manual fire extinguishers and other fire protection equipment

    • We also offer equipment for welding and cutting

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    automatic fire detection
automatic fire report 
devices for fire extinguishing
fire apparatus
fire apparatus sales
fire couplings
fire detection
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    service description:



    "Arhitekt S" designer office was founded on December 26th, 1993. The owner and director, Svetlana Ilić, is continuing and expanding their work with a successful business trend, so on August 5th, 2010, the firm "Arhitekt S 021" Ltd. was born.

    Winner of various awards at multiple competitions in the field of design.

    The creative, effective, responsible and expert engineering team meets your most demanding requirements. Efficiency, professionalism, speed, and above all, good price, kindness and helpfulness at any moment of the day, weekends and holidays are the characteristics of the "Arhitekt S 021" team.

    We design:
    ¤ houses
    ¤ business objects
    ¤ multi-family objects
    ¤ halls

    We produce:
    ¤ your completed status project
    ¤ technical legalization report
    ¤ report on expert opinion for legalization of commercial buildings and collective multi-family objects

    More contacts:

    • Tel.: 021 822 803, 
    • Tel.: 064 204 09 27, 
    • Tel.: 063 595 837 , 

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    architectural projects
architecture and design
Building Design Documents
building supervision
business buildings projecting
construction office
construction works
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    service description:

    BITO Lagertechnik Bittmann GmbH Deutschland
    Autorizovani distributer

    Test your BITO box!!!

    Testing and promotion of our plastic boxes have started from the series: MB - XL - SK - RK. Multifunctional plastic boxes for transport and storage.

    The company BITO - Lagertechnik Bittmann GmbH is one of the leaders in production of warehouse techniques and equipment, so is in producing of plastic packaging. We are presenting you with a great pleasure our wide range of products with innovative solutions on the Serbian market.

    In our offer you can find a wide range of:
    High quality plastic transport and storage packaging in compliance with all currently valid safety and health requirements of the EU.

      We also offer:

    • plastic boxes

    • rack shelves

    • pallet racks

    • cantilever racks

    • rack and archival shelves

    • gravitational racks

    • mobile racks

    • multi-storey systems

    • carton and pallet live systeme

    Complete assortment of plastic packaging as well as racks and shelves which are manufactured in our factories in Germany with materials originated from the EU with high compliance of currently applicable standards and level of security. The warranty for all products is 5 years.

    Our team is at Your disposal.

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    archival office shelves
console stands
console tables
gravity shelves
large capacity shelves
pallette racks
plastic boxes 
plastic transportable packaging
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    service description:

    - SHEETS
    - TRUCKS

    Repair and maintenance of trucks and agricultural machinery

    Services are carried out with fork-lift trucks from 1.5 tonnes to 12.5 tonnes, and with platform trailers from 20 to 40 tonnes.

    We organize also public auctions

    We sale and purchase all kinds of trucks, tractors and equipment

    We sell many kinds of military vehicles, levers, forklifts, machines for straightening concrete and metal

    The following machines can be found in our warehouse:
    - Concrete Pump SAT ICB 160 and sat 100
    - tracked vehicles:
    - dumper truck
    - dumper trailer
    - machinery for municipal operations
    - tanks 3200 - 5000 lit.

    Fuel tanks - tanks

    Tractor, truck and harvester parts

    Buying secondary raw materials, and ferrous

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    agrarian machine and equipment
agricultural machines
agricultural machines
agricultural mechanical engineering
agricultural related machines 
car component car equipments
car maintance
car transporter
commercial vehicle and trailer component
communal service
crane sale
fork lift
freight vehicle
machine spare parts
machines for metal processing industry
machines for wood processing
machines machine components
metal sheet
metal sheet waste
parts for agricultural machinery
repair of agricultural machinery
secondary stuff
    Company Info ::::.
    Gal Lasla 1
    Kanjiža, 24420
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    • Certop
    • Certop Srbija
    • HACCP
    • ISO

    service description:

    We trust to our professionals knowledge, experiences, together with widespread management and standard cognition as domestic quality certification company.
    Our company is local agency of the ROS (Registar of Standards Holding), URS (United Registar os Systems Ltd, as well as GRI (Global Registers Inc) systems.

    More than 200 competence auditors handiworks and Certop solutions ensures customers that the best key for the certification is Certop.

    Company Info ::::.
    Cvijićeva 84
    Beograd - Palilula, 11101
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    service description:

    Translating agency is a specialized agency for translating professional texts in the field of medicine, pharmacology and medical industry. It was established spontaneous a few years ago gathering of medical interpreters around a common idea development of translation services and improving collaboration with customers and other translation agencies.
    Clinical examinations or studies are necessary to develop new medicines and approval of their use by the competent controlling bodies.
    The challenges for translators and translation agencies lies in the fact that a large number of multicenter trials conducted at international level, which requires translation of large amounts of sensitive materials in several languages​​, often on short notice.
    In addition to translation of clinical materials, we offer translation services to pharmaceutical industries too. This includes product characteristic summaries, test reports, manuals, promotional materials and more.
    Medical documentations are one of the most specific materials for translating. A lot of technical terminologies, acronyms and jargons is often insurmountable barrier to translators. Only a very narrow specialized translators with a lot of experience can successfully complete these projects.
    Our team consists medical interpreters, doctors by profession, who have been through training and work experience gained extensive experience with medical terminology and specifics of writing and understanding medical documentations. This guarantees correct and consistent interpretation of medical language.
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    service description:

    • Driving school has working experience for more than 15 years.

    • The business driver training, as well as 22-year experience of the director and owner of the driving school, are the guarantee for a good and successful training

    • Continuous improvement and education of employees, participation in seminars, professional competitions, car rallies.

    • Introduction and use of information technology in the process of training for future drivers, network cabinet software for training the future drivers of the theoretical part.

    • Wide selection of vehicles (Volkswagen, Citroen, Chevrolet, Mercedes).

    • There is a wide selection of ways that you can pay - by the service of personal checks through the months of repayment, by the administrative ban on the personal income of the employee up to one year (12 months), paying with credit cards and more.

    • High percentage of passing the exams is the result of a thorough work with the candidates.
    • In accordance with the present tendencies to humanizate the society, driving school GAZELA AUTO has its own vehicle for training of persons with disabilities

    There is a motto of driving schools GAZELA AUTO

    - School of good driving! -

    More contacts:

    • Gazela Auto
      Auto škola u Užicu:Obilićeva 6.
      Tel.: 031/513-824, 

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car school
car school centre Belgrade 
car schools Belgrade
driver training
driver training belgrade
driver training centre
driver's license
driving license
driving test
driving test
education training
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    service description:

    SDL Group allows safe and reliable transportation services throughout Europe using modern integrated approach, focused on the effective execution of our clients demands.

    - Daily direct links with the countries of Western Europe
    - All information regarding the status of items available at any time
    - Professional approach to all client requirements with offer the most economical solution
    - Transport and cumulative shipments of full load
    - shipping

    The company has closed storage area of 2500 m2.

    Destinations with which we opened the regular groupage lines are:

    1. RS- Belgrade - IT Verona - RS Belgrade (1 x a week)

    2. RS- Belgrade - DE Munchen - RS Belgrade (1 x a week)

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    Agency transportation
air cargo truck transport
Air transport
Air transport
airplane transport
airport transfer and transport
airport transport
boat transport
car transporter
container transport
containers transport
    Company Info ::::.

    service description:


    - Free ideas and advices appropriate for certain conditions to certain persons

    - Our flexibility in prices is your advantage - the prices are not certain when it comes to arrangements of any kind

    - Free delivery of flowers to the desired location






    From the beautiful expensive bouquets to the simplest form of editing flowers. Flower arranging requires great care and attention. Here are given advices on colour, balance, scale and proportions. Taking care of flowers, equipment, elements of decoration and the use of fruits, vegetables, drinks and some appropriate gifts. The technique is also fully explained, which allows to turn your fantasy into reality.

    BALANCE is very important in arranging as the arranger has to ensure the physical stability of the flowers and other decorations. Physical Stability implies types and sizes of materials which are used, how are they positioned and in what kind of packaging are they fitted. Great bouquets require heavy and stable packaging. All materials should be placed proportional and the weight should be concentrated as close to the bottom of the bowl or basket. It is always needed to check the stability of the bouquet while arranging. Visual balance is also very important, which means scale, proportion and color as well as the effect of visible points of the bouquet.
    The visible point of a bouquet is the area, so everyone is supposed to be naturally attracted and the material should visually look like flown. The position of visible point depends on the type of an arrangement, but the easiest way is to create in the center. There would be all colors and shapes of flowers located, with faded colors around and outside. Always think about bouquest in 3 dimensions, which means as on the front, and on its sides and back. This is true for both bouquets or flowers in baskets, pots.


    Scale is very important in planning flower arrangements. In order to create a harmonious bouquet which is also pleasant for eyes, you should pay attention to the size and type of flowers which may not have radical diversity. For example, if you combine lily with gladiolus, it wont be nice. The type of decorations also has to be in scale with flowers and the type of packaging, as the entire package has to be in scale with its environment. For example, in a large area it has to be sufficiently large to be emphasized. Table beside the bed does not require more than a bouquet in a vase. Proportion is the relationship between height, weight and depth of the arrangement, and in accordance with these, there are certain rules about creating. Colours - what should be kept in mind when choosing the colour pallets. Although most people have an eye for colour, the colour theory can be useful. Red and yellow are the basic shades from which all the other colours are made. Red, pomegranate and yellow create excitement and happy feelings, while green, blue and purple create cold and relaxing colours. Generally, lighter, warmer colours will always dominate in the bouquets. White, which is technically the absence of colour, is also evident in a bouquet and can look very formally and therefore emphasized. In a bouquet, darker and colder colours are visually withdrawn. In combination with white flowers they will show the /stateliness of any opportunity.

    At the beginning, we said, that the most powerful visual effect is achieved when the darker and stronger colours are in the center, faded colors around and outside.



    Summer brings great opportunities for floral arrangements. A basket full of seasonal flowers will remind you of summer time in your home.

    Place a cellophane in the flower bag to stop water that drips from the pre-soaked sponge. Shape the two sponge and place them to suit the depth and width of the basket, then tie a ribbon around the basket to ensure the stability of the sponge. Place the ivy and fern leaves in the sponge and you will determine the height, width and shape of the whole package that you make. Then place the leaves of lilies proportionately to the other leaves on the whole sponge. Between the lilies, the best are white astromeries in the center of each flower. Do not forget that each flower, you have to stick the flower in the sponge to the bottom of the basket because only that way flower gets water.

    Just water the sponge twice a week and your room will be fragrant and floral.

    Other informations:

    * Tel.: 063 7380 981
    * Tel.: 064 0039 616

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    advent wreaths
birthday celebrations
birthday organisation
boiled meal
bridal bouquet
ceremony basket
Christmas Lighting
christmas wreaths
flower decoration
flower for funeral
flower shop
flower shop Subotica
flower shops
flowers to send-off
formal arrangements
fruit basket
    Company Info ::::.

    service description:

    SB PROJECT is a project office in Belgrade, Serbia. The company offers to its clients the highest level of planning, engineering and consulting.

    With professionalism and respect for legal standards, speed and quality of work, innovation to the most modern architectural expression in the aesthetic and functional terms, all interacting with the desire and needs for clients, we are offering:

    - Production of major projects with project installation

    (for residential, commercial, industrial and other facilities)

    - Project design adaptation, reconstruction and upgrading of facilities

    - Development of projects for legalization of buildings constructed without building permits

    - Projecting interiors

    - Projecting summer gardens

    - Projecting lighting advertisements

    - Making 3D models and presentations

    - Technical control of project documentations

    - Performance of architectural control of buildings

    - Obtaining approvals, conditions of the approvals of competent services

    In addition our office is offering consulting services.

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architecture and design
Building Design Documents
business buildings projecting
construction office
implementation public works
project bureau
    Company Info ::::.

    service description:

    Milinković Company d.o.o. is company for designing, engineering, construction and manufacturing.

    Activities of the company Milinkovic are:

    - Construction, installation and maintenance of telecommunications facilities, networks and systems
    - Construction, installation and maintenance of gas distribution networks
    - Construction, installation and maintenance of water supply and sewerage networks
    - Design and construction of prefabricated ferrocement elements
    - Design and construction of buildings such as:
    manufacturing plants
    residential buildings
    sports halls
    silos, etc.

    Strategic orientation of companies that employ their own resources and its business partners provide a complete and quality service on a "from concept to implementation objects".

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MC Sistem

assembly halls and warehouses
building Industry services
building operations
    Company Info ::::.

    Subotica , 24000
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    service description:

    Company Info ::::.

    Vinča, 11351
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    service description:

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