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Medical product user instructions

Magnetic medication

MAGNETOPLAG® is an auxiliary therapeutic medication for lasting, gentle and extended stimulation of the rectal passage in the treatment of hemorrhoids, after prior exclusion of carcinoma of the large bowel.

MAGNETOPLAG® comprises 2 independent multi-polar magnets, enclosed within a T-shaped casing, made from hard plastic, white in color, with a limiter, on which a green or orange marker is placed.

The insert body is profiled in such a way as to obtain maximum bodily tolerance to rectal therapy and ensure the patient comfort for the duration of the treatment process. The magnets comprising the MAGNETOPLAG® set are multi polar magnetized, with defined distribution of magnetic poles. One magnet is magnetized with poles forming a ring, and the other with poles in a straight line, thanks to which during therapy the magnetic fields close, ensuring even effect of the magnetic field in the rectal area.

The concentration of the magnetic field at the surface of the MAGNETOPLAG® reaches 30-40 mT (300 – 400 Gauss), which is completely within recommended doses for permanent magnetic field strength, in the stimulation of the human body.

MAGNETOPLAG® regulates blood circulation in vessels within the venous system of the large bowel’s final part with the extended effect after its use, reduces painful discomfort and severe itching (pruritus) in the rectal area.

Acute hemorrhoidal diseases, uncontrolled rectal wetting and itching in the rectal region.

Carcinoma (including past disease), acute infectious illness, clinically active tuberculosis, bleeding from the digestive tract.

Therapy with the use of MAGNETOPLAG® is not recommended for persons with: cardiac diseases, severe circulation disorders, pacemaker implants, metal implants in the lesser pelvis area (artificial joints, in uterus contraceptive devices), following surgical procedures (for a period of one month from surgery), pregnant and lactating women.

Magneto therapy may lead to increased libido, periodic lowered blood pressure and also intermittent diarrhea.

may be applied in treatment of hemorrhoids only after exclusion of large bowel carcinoma.

MAGNETOPLAG® is intended for personal use only. It should never be given to a third party for use as this carries a high risk of transfer of infectious materials and potential risk of infectious disease.

Persons scheduled to undergo any type of diagnostic tests should inform their doctor of current treatment with permanent magnetic fields.

Before each use MAGNETOPLAG® should be thoroughly washed with soap and lukewarm water, and dried.

Apply a layer of Vaseline to the active part of the insert to the limiter line. Carefully insert the prepared MAGNETOPLAG® into the rectum. In case of difficulty, insert the MAGNETOPLAG® gradually, with breaks in order to avoid damage to the mucus membrane.

After insertion of the insert into the rectal passage, the patient should remain lying on his side for a period of one to two hours.

After use, wash the insert thoroughly with soap and lukewarm water, and dry.

For first use, either of the pieces may be used. The next day, the unused insert should be used.

Treatment should be continued for minimum 10 days. Only at severe difficulties, MAGNETOPLAG® can be used twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. If necessary (if there are still haemorrhoids), the treatment can be repeated after one day of pause.

The insert must not be applied to the vagina.

MAGNETOPLAG® has an unlimited use date, however it is not recommended to use devices with mechanical damage (scratches, cracks). The device should be stored at a minimum distance of 10 cm from objects sensitive to magnetic fields (watches, calculators, magnetic tapes, pacemakers) in a dry place out of reach of children.

Mihajlo Pupin Institut, Volgina 15, 11060 Belgrade

This product has been tested and certified by Clinical Center-Zvezdara Belgrade.
It possesses CE 1434 certification.
All rights reserved with Patent no. 1608/83

Center: 6776-222;
Director: 6771-373, 6773-698;
Fax: 6774-720, 6774-623

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anticellulit Suit
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About biotherapy

There were always reports of "specially gifted individuals who establish contact with their enviroment in an unusual way, they can even influence it, with a mere strength of thought". The cause of those phenomena would have to be some still unknown kind of energy.

Through the centuries, individuals, different cultural communities and civilisations, have been developing and handing down healing methods, widening the comprehension of the possibilities of human conciosness, researching the marveluos functioning of human organism in order to achieve happiness and health.

There are many theories about the energy-flow in human body. The fact is that the energy continuosly transforms through the body, but it would be incorrect to identify life force with breathing, bloodstream or nervous system.

Life force, as a transformation of cosmic energy is above all physiological functions in an organism, for without it they could not exist. Although we arent used to seeing a human and his essence as an energy, we have to know that it keeps the body in health, its unrestricted flow through the organism is crucial for human health.

Knowing that the human organism is the largest known pharmacy, and by bringing the cosmic energy to it, we are waking up the imune system (that universal doctor within) to cure the affected body.

If we would eliminate the posibility of familiar energy sources, which we feel and experience through five of our classical senses, we would be talking of a phenomenon, not yet explained by any of scientific disciplines or known physical laws.

This phenomenon exists!!!

But, up to this day the science is unable to explain its nature, harness it and put it to use.

The traditional ways of healing, represented in a line of therapeutical techniques (bioenergy, shiacu acupressure, chiropractics, phytotherapy, acupuncture..) justified the need for its activities and have been recognized by the World Health Organisation in 1976. In this way, the growing influence and reputation of the new approach to the human health, with the staring point in the energy concept of medicine, was officialy confirmed. This approach covers the wide area of activities, whether as preventive measures, or healing methods, and the biotherapy or healing plays a significant role here.

Biotherapy - psychoenergotherapy , in cooperation with classical rehab programs, eliminates numerous diseases, and health problems.

The man who wants to be healthy, to monitor his health condition, can accomplish that by turning himself towards man and nature, by opening his heart to life and love. A positive attitude like this is integral part of helping the ill, energetically unbalanced organism.

Bioenergetic treatment is a reinstatement of energetic balance in a human organism. It is established that directing bioenergy toward the organism has a highly therapeutical effect.

The energy induced in the healing process is stimulated on a physical level through all energetic centers. Those energetic centers are primary points for biotherapeutical impact.

They are placed along the spine, and by stimulating their activity, we can affect the energetic body.

The interrelation of mental and physical functions creates the conditions for bioenergetic influence, which is specifically directed at the therapists mind.The healer or biotherapist uses the unlimited possibilities of creative thought and thereby performs a top-level transformation of energy into a healing state.

At the same time, that is the life foundation itself, the condition and the only possibility of human existence and influence. When one speaks of energetic structure of human organism, one is aiming at his mental world, the form of consciousness defining him.

The lack or surplus of bioenergy disturbs the harmony of bioenergetic body and creates prerequisites for the beginning of disease. The stories of the surplus of bioenergy, warmth in hands, and the uncontrollable need or urge to give that surplus away to the ill, caused a lot of misconceptions and also monopolized one of the more valuable methods - hand method.

In other words, every organism, if healthy, that is, in balance, has neither more nor less but the amount of bioenergy it needs for a living.

In the moment of healing, the healer (biotherapist) doesnt give away anything of his own - he is merely a transmitter of cosmic or divine energy which he is conducting into the affected organism.

The body, as an energetic structure is in constant interaction with its enviroment. We are all able to sense and recieve the forces and energies that surround us.

The all of our physical, mental and sensible body is stocking up with these energies, without which the survival is impossible. This energetic charge from the Earth and outer space, the flow of that (unseen) energy, enables the life on this planet. When we stand up, our vertical position allows the dynamic flow of the energy. All the powers of Universe, including the power of human conciousness, are the transformations of cosmic energy.

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alternative treatment
ASD - Atrial septal defect - Heart Disease
cancer tumors cysts
cerebral Palsy
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New from Vitalimport!

HRI GINGER đumbir kapsula

Đumbir je prirodno baktericidan i visoko efikasan protiv gljivičnih infekcija. Deluje uspešno protiv infekcije Candida. Đumbir ima veoma snažno antioksidativno i protiv upalno dejstvo, pomaže u sprečavanju nakupljanja toksičnih supstanci u telu.

više o preparatu >>> HRI Ginger

HRI SOFT GLOW krema "Mekani sjaj"

Krema za lice sa uljem semena badema je intenzivno hidratantna sa pomlađujućim efektom. Može se koristiti na licu, vratu i dekolteu, ujutro i uveče. Prilagođena je svakom tipu kože. Sadrži visok nivo vitamina E koji ima svojstva ćelijske zaštite

više o preparatu >>> HRI Sofr glow


HRI-VITALION Tableta protiv osteoporoze i ateroskleroze

Za bolju cirkulaciju i regeneraciju krvnih sudova! Senzacionalni efekti, iskustvo više od 15 godina! Usporite proces starenja arterija. Pospešuje funkcionisanje mozga i rasterećuje rad srca. Pozitivno deluje na povećanje koštane mase. Pomaže detoksikacionu ulogu jetre i bubrega
više o preparatu >>> HRI-Vitalion

HRI Water Balance tablete za ravnotežu tečnosti

Water Balance optimalizuje i održava ravnotežu tečnosti u organizmu, omogućava oslobađanje od spoljnih i unutrašnjih vodenih cisti, izuzetan je preparat u borbi protiv celulita, pospešuje izbacivanje nagomilanih otrovnih materija i time olakšava funkcionisanje jetre i bubrega.

više o preparatu >>> HRI Water Balance

HRI Golden Spear kapsula za dobro varenje

Namenjen je osobama koje imaju problem
poremećaja metabolizma odnosno varenja, kao što su: gorušica, peckanje u želucu, oboljenja žuči, pojava zatvora, candidiasis. HRI Golden Spear kapsule za varenje delotvorno otklanjaju navedene simptome

više o preparatu >>> HRI Golden Spear

HRI Green Base bazne kapsule

Povišeni nivo kiselosti je čest uzročnik problema probave, gojaznosti, šećernih bolesti, visokog krvnog pritiska i drugih oboljenja. Green Base tableta uspostavlja ravnotežu pH-vrednosti organizma, poboljšava energetski nivo i imuni sistem.

više o preparatu >>> HRI Green Base

HRI Garlic beli luk tablete

Beli luk štiti organizam od infekcija i povećava otpornost na prehlade. Preventivna i ravnomerna upotreba belog luka znatno umanjuje alergijske tegobe. Garlic utiče na rad organa za varenje i prirodan je lek protiv candidiase. Smanjuje zgrušavanje krvi i rizik na aterosklerozu.
više o preparatu >>> HRI Garlic

HRI Red Beet cvekla tablete

Prirodni lek protiv malokrvnosti i oslabljenog imunetata. Cvekla je bogata gvožđem i mineralima, pospešuje stvaranje hemoglobina u krvi i jača srčane mišiće. Značajan je antioksidant, doprinosi stvaranju kiselinsko-bazne ravnoteže organizma.
više o preparatu >>> HRI Red Beet

HRI Haridra kurkuma tablete

Delotvorne su u lečenju artritisa i reume. Prirodni je lek protiv bolova i upala. Poseduje antibakterijsko dejstvo, jak je antioksidant. Olakšava rad jetre i pomaže njeno pročišćavanje i podstiče funkciju žučne kese. Deluje umirujuće na nervni sistem.
više o preparatu >>> HRI Haridra

HRI Celeriac, celer tableta

Kao prirodan E-vitamin celer ima izuzetna lekovita svojstva. Sprečava štetno delovanje slobodnih radikala. Održava vitalnost zglobova, u značajnoj meri usporava proces starenja. Delotvoran je u lečenju astme, reume, gihta, mokraćnih puteva i bubrega, jer je dobar diuretik.
više o preparatu >>> HRI Celeriac

HRI Clear Complexion tablete za čistu kožu

Kao dodatak ishrani, preparat pomaže kod problema koji najčešće zaokuplja mlade, tinejdžerske bubuljice, miteseri, ekcemi. Dok kozmetički proizvodi nude površinsko i prelazno rešenje a da uz to često oštete prirodne životne funkcije kože, pH kiselosti, provetravanje, HRI tablete za čistu kožu direktno...
više o preparatu >>> HRI Clear Complexion

HRI Good Mood tableta za dobro raspoloženje

Tableta od ekstrakta kantariona obezbeđuje mir tokom celog dana. Smanjuje panične simptome, preporučuje se osobama koje su izložene nadprosečnim napetostima i stresu. Kantarion je “biljka mira”. Korisno je protiv nervoze i nesanice. Važna napomena: ne preporučuje se za depresiju.
više o preparatu >>> HRI Good Mood

HRI Green Velvet tečni sapun

Sadrži ekstrakt zelenog čaja, nevena i kamilice, koji obezbeđuju koži mekoću i zaštitu od dehidratacije. Sastojci tečnog sapuna nežno odstranjuju nečistoće sa površine kože, lako skidaju masnoću a istovremeno i dezinfikuju kožu.

više o preparatu >>> HRI Green Velvet sapun

HRI Green Velvet krema za ruke

Aktivni sastojci nevena i kamilice pružaju negu suve i osetljive kože. Ekstrakt nevena smanjuje iritaciju i regeneriše, dok kamilica umiruje kožu svojim protivupalnim dejstvom. Sastojci omogućavaju trenutnu apsorpciju.
više o preparatu >>> HRI Green Velvet krema

HRI Teeny Weenies za jačanje imuniteta dece

Žvakaća tableta za jačanje imuniteta dece sa tri ukusa: jagoda, ananas i kivi. Dva najbitnija sastavna elementa, šipurak i pasji trn, doprinose optimalnom funkcionisanju odbrambenog mehanizma deteta.

više o preparatu >>> HRI Teeny Weenies

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alternative medicine
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alternative treatment
Anti Osteoporosis
atherosclerosis-closure of blood vessels
blood pressure
blood vessels
closure of blood vessels
complex supplements
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Proxeed Plus

Proven success in male infertility and improve semen parameters.

Proxeed Plus
-Increases sperm count
-Improves sperm mobility sperm motility
-...sperm count and morphology

The only product that contains a form of acetyl L-carnitine in order to improve semen.


Basic metabolic support for sexual activity of men with erectile dysfunction of various causes.

In order to achieve an erection, it is necessary that the endothelium of blood vessels of the penis is preserved.

Ezerex works by:
-protects endothelium against harmful effects of free radicals
-restores the integrity of the endothelium and its function
-improves blood flow in blood vessels
-allows relaxation of smooth muscle cells of blood vessels of the penis


Nutri-Mag prevents the formation and growth of crystals of calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate which are the most common form of kidney stones and urinary tract.

-Magnesium prevents aggregation (sticking) of calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate crystal growth.

-Nutri-Mag stops the growth and accumulation of crystals of calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate.

-Nutri-Mag leads to increase pH in urine which adversely affects the salt of uric acid.


Improves the integrity of the lining of the bladder

- It enhances the function of the bladder
- Improves the symptoms of chronic pelvic pain
- Improves the symptoms of chronic non-bacterial prostatitis

Cysta-Q is the brand name for a specially organized bioflavonoids. This complex is clinically proven, that it has a very successful effect on the disease of interstitial cystitis and bladder hypersensitivity.


Q-UROL helps in:
Chronic non-bacterial prostatitis
Pelvic pain syndrome
Lower urinary tract symptoms

Our new preparations:


5-MTHF 1mg (EXTRAFOLATE-S®) is an active form of folic acid that enters the circulation directly and its bioavailability is complete.
  • It is very important in the process of cell development (DNA, RNA), especially in the first weeks of fetal development, neurotransmitters and in many metabolic processes in the body.
  • It is important in pregnancy planning and the first three months of pregnancy because the deficiency adversely affects the development of the fetus, leads to developmental defects (nonunion of the neural tube, spina bifida, cleft lip and upper palate)
  • It is important for the synthesis of neurotransmitters in the brain (serotonin, dopamine, melatonin, epinephrine, norepinephrine) by positively affecting mood, sleep, memory, behavior.

3/5 of the population does not have the enzyme 5-mthf reductase - (usually due to genetic predisposition) the organism does not have the ability to convert folic acid into an active form that it can use. Therefore, additional supplementation with the active form, 5-MTHF, is recommended.


Biotin-8 provides a high concentration of biotin (8 mg), vitamin B group (vitamin B7, also known as vitamin H)
It improves the quality of nails and supports the health of the skin, hair and nerves, as well as a healthy metabolism of blood sugar.

Biotin helps create amino acids and keratin that make up 80% of our hair

Biotin contributes to nails being strong, beautiful, well-groomed, without peeling and cracking. It affects the appearance of the skin, its elasticity and hydration. Helps with cracked and dry skin by soothing redness. In order for hair, skin and nails to look healthy, radiant and shiny, it is very important to use quality products that will contribute to their care from the inside.


Thyrocsin™ is a preparation with a unique formula for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland. Non-hormonal formulation.
  • Normalizes thyroid function
  • Necessary in hypothyroidism
  • Regulates the synthesis of thyroid hormones
  • Complete thyroid support
  • Normalizes metabolism
  • Improves the conversion of T4 to T3
  • Exclusively natural ingredients
  • Increases energy balance
  • Improves metabolism

It is a mixture of carefully selected vitamins, minerals and nutrients, enriched with ashwagandha plant extract. The combination of these elements prevents the dysfunction of the thyroid gland (subclinical hypothyroidism) and restores the normal work of the thyroid gland.
It is especially intended for people with signs typical of hypothyroidism: chronic fatigue, bad mood, constant feeling of cold, gaining weight even in case of normal food intake.
It is recommended for poorer laboratory findings, and for normal values, but which are borderline, which indicates a weakening of the function of the thyroid gland and it needs support in order to normalize its work.

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alternative treatment
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Web Shop orders:
Visit our stores
New Belgrade Bul. Mihaila Pupina
YUBC 10ž, high ground floor, shop 59u

☼ Novi Sad, Jevrejska 14, local 11 in the passage
tel. 021 66 22 116 // mob. 065 61 64 343

More than two decades of experience of our experts has grown into a unique company whose priorities are research and quality of products in the field of quantum information worldviews. Omega is a unique enterprise that deals with quality of life in accordance with the latest holistic approach and philosophy, and as such, it has a pioneering role in this region. We cooperate with experts in the EU, America, Canada, Russia and Australia. Omega pays special attention to new technologies and intellectual property. The company possesses several recognized patents and the European Bisnode Business Certificate.

We have highlighted from our offer


Detailes / order: Anti hair loss serum


Detailes / order: Kartalin ointment against psoriasis and dermatitis


Detailes / order: Biogel pads for under eyes bags, dark circeles and sweelings

For more organic products visit our web shop here
WEB shop OMEGA alternativni centar

Everything at one place



order: Tesla plate

Dr Hulda Clark Zapper and Frequency Generator

Detailes / order: Dr Hulda Clark Zapper and Frequency Generator


Detailes / order: Orgonites



order: Bio-energy Chip


Detailes / order: Health without chemicals

Tourmaline program


Detailes / order: Water alkalizator with tourmaline


Detailes / order: Tourmaline soap

Dowsing and dowsing tools

PENDULUMS Classic, ISIS, Super Isis, Mini, L-Rods, Double L-Rods, L-Rods with brass sleeves...

Detailes / order: Dowsing and dowsing tools


Genadij Petrovič Malahov, Georgij Nikolajevič Sitin, Pjatras Šibljiskis, Georgij Nazarov, Aleksej Tihonov, Dr Hulda Reger Klark, Piter Rouz, Dejvid Vagner, Dr Valerij Sinjeljnikov, Lujza Hej, Dr Vejn Dajer, Dr Erik Perl, Mr Čeri Kalbom, Dajen Stajn, Dejvid Hamilton, Frenk Dž. Kinslou, Džon Holand, Grejs Vilson, Jongi Mingjur Rinpoš, Marija Treben...

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alternative treatment
Bioenergy Chip
dowsing pendulums
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Center for a balanced and quality life

In solving problems and situations, which in most cases are neither simple nor pleasant, we try to consider all aspects of the person, physical, psychological, mental and spiritual, so we would not look the problem ad hoc and / or tried to be solved separately from the whole.

Honesty, rich work and life experience in many areas, helps us on our way to value human life through its highest value - HEALTH.

We hope that many people on the path of spiritual and physical transformation, will realize that the power of our conscious mind is immeasurable, but it does so much, that we can change our life for better, for common joy.

Set ATLAS and improve your life

Back pain, lumbago, dizziness, fainting, migraines ... are your past.

Life without pain

Mushrooms for a stronger immune system and health

Use mushroom products and improve your immunity, speed ​​up your metabolism, help the pancreas.

Vocational guidance

Vocational guidance helps to us and gives us support in making vital decisions like choosing a school, college, profession.
It can resolve many dilemmas of many parents and children.
Vocational guidance answers the question whether a person has characteristics that are recognized by the leader, artist, scientist, solo player, a media personality.

Strengthens and stimulates the immune system
Beat the flu and colds

FACE LIFTING Beauty without scalpel
(Acupuncture FACE LIFTING)

The most modern methods

Treatment with leeches to rejuvenate and revitalize the body. For the glamorous look of Demi Moore are used leeches.

Beauty - naturally

Beauty in a natural way means natural regeneration, as a process or part of the process that affects to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. The aim of natural rejuvenation is to be successful, happy, positive, and to radiate with optimism. To relaxed express your feelings of wonder, worry, fear ... enthusiasm, cheerfulness, happiness... That is why we are with you to live your life fully, joyous.. NATURAL.

Physiotherapist for feet.

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 011/322-68-26 , 
  • Tel.: 064/551-50-50, 

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alternative medicine
alternative methods of treatment
alternative treatment
antistress programme
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What is Ajur-veda

Ajur-veda is the oldest, comprehensive health care system which is still used around the world. In India ajur-veda still has an advantage over allopathic medicine and it is studied in state schools and universities. World Health Organization, at its congress in Almaty in 1977. has officially recognized Ajur-veda sciences and recommended its implementation.

Our goal is offering the best Ajur-veda products in the field of herbal and mineral supplements, cosmetics and personal hygiene. We want to represent some Yoga Techniques, Meditation, Breathing, Physical exercises and all other theoretical and practical knowledge what offers Ajur-veda for creating harmonious, healthy and long life.

Why Ajur-veda?

As the heat is close to fire, so close is ajur-veda to humanity.

  • Because ajur-veda is the oldest, most complete and most accurate system for health, beauty and long life.

  • Because it is 100% natural and harmonized with nature at every point of the globe.

  • Because it is scientifically proven, systematic and efficient.

  • Because it does not produce any harmful side-effects (treating one problem, dont creates a new one).

  • Because it has been verified thousands of years of practice (documents on which the modern ayurveda old are up to 5000 years).

  • Because it is a logical, understandable and easily applicable in every climate, every human being regardless of gender, race, religion and psycho-physical characteristics.

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herbs products 
natural cosmetic product
natural cosmetics
natural cosmetics
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natural therapy
preparations of medicinal herbs

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REN is constructed strictly on the basis of physics, falls into the group of tehnical inventions and does not require any external power source ( batery or electrical ) as it has its own, natural power supply based on the difference of potentials of the human body and the in-built oscillatory circuits.

REN is used for protection from:

1. Geophysical radiations ( underground waters, ground fissures, geological faults, ore and mineral deposits),
2. Hartmann and Carrey’s global network,
3. Cosmic rays (solar spectrum and galactic rays that pass through ionosphere ),

TECHNICAL-ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION caused by power lines or high and low frequency, power stations, electrical installations, electrical machines and apparatuses such as household appliances, radio and TV sets, computers, cellular telephones, wireless and fixed telephones etc. which all together create a saturation of enviroment with electromagnetic fields, also known as “electrosmog”.

RADIATION OF SHAPES of different objects which may be intensified by the combination of shape and material.

COMBINED RADIATION, such as combinations of harmful geological radiation and knots in Hartmans and Carreys global network.

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alternative treatment
elimination of negative energy
energy balance
harmful radiation
health from nature
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The transnational company produces herbal products, which help the organism to come to a higher energy level, thanks to the chosen cellular diet.

According to the way of their effect, the products of FOHOW (Phoenix) Company are divided into four groups:

1. Group of cleaners for the detoxification of the organism
* "Liuwei Phoenix" tea
* "Gaoqian Phoenix" nutritive pills
* Fruit paste "Rose Phoenix"
* Elixir "Sanquing Phoenix" - Fohow Sanquing Oral Liquid
* "Siuchinfu Phoenix" capsules

2. Group of regulators
* Elixir "Cordiceps Phoenix"
* "Linchzhi Phoenix" capsules

3. Group of products for body function restoration
* Elixir "Three Treasures Phoenix" - Fohow Sanbao Oral Liquid
* Calcium from sea algae Haicao Gaj - Soft capsules Haicao Gaj

4. Group of products for care and recovery
* Pearly princess - Phoenix
* Functional hygienic curative pads
* Phoenix toothpaste
* Pharadotherapeutical protective belt for the neck, waist and knees
* High technology product of FOHOW company for facial regeneration "CGF"
* Functional FOHOW bedding sets for healthy dreams
* Functional FOHOW healing pillow
* Functional corrective underwear

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alternative treatment
atherosclerosis-closure of blood vessels
beauty and health
chinese medicine
Chinese traditional therapy
floral medicines
floral products
health and beauty

service description:

Bioenergetic massage salon "OKO KOSMOSA 5 (AROUND THE COSMOS 5)" was registered on 28 November 1995 in Novi Sad, Serbia.

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alternative medicine
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beauty and health
body massage
folk medicine
Foot Massage
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Subotica , 24000
Interest on the map

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Company Info ::::.
Bul. Mihaila Pupina, YUBC 10ž, vp 59
Novi Beograd, 11070
Tel.: +381 64 549 68 65
Fax: +381 11 311 53 64
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service description:

Order through our Web Shop:

VIBER: +381645496865

Visit our store
New Belgrade Bul. Mihaila Pupina
YUBC 10ž, high ground floor, shop 59u

Novi Sad, Jevrejska 14, local 11 in the passage
tel. 021 66 22 116 // mob. 065 61 64 343

More than two decades of experience of our experts has grown into a unique company whose priorities are research and quality of products in the field of quantum information worldviews. Omega is a unique enterprise that deals with quality of life
in accordance with the latest holistic approach and philosophy, and as such, it has a pioneering role in this region. We cooperate with experts in the EU, America, Canada, Russia and Australia. Omega pays special attention to new technologies and intellectual property. He is the owner of number of recognized patents and possesses European Bisnode Certificate of Quality of Business.


Detailes / order: Ergo seat


Detailes / order: Tachyions

Complete assortment


you can


WEB shop OMEGA alternativni centar

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alternative treatment
Company Info ::::.
Gogoljeva br. 13a
Novi Sad, 21000
Interest on the map

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Resavska 27/1
Beograd, 11000
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Beograd, 11000
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Beograd, 11000
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Beograd, 11000
Tel.: 065/668-7778
Fax: 065/668-7778
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