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Become not only our customer but our friend also,
who will gladly meet us,
just like those people who already know us!

Production and installation:

Protection from the Sun
Outer Venetian blinds
vRibbon and Venetian curtains
PVC joinery 3, 4, 5 and 6 chambers
Aluminium and plastic blinds
Roman, panel and rolling curtains
Rolling mosquito nets
Rolling garage doors
Accordion doors
Closed terraces

"LG-MONT" is a workshop which was founded in 1993. For the whole time of our existence, we have never rushed after big jobs because of the realistic assumption that quantity ruins the quality of the service.

The fact that we are still existing, I suppose, speaks about the essence of our business. To respect deadlines, to give good quality and to fix the problem in the shortest period of time, doesn`t matter who`s fault it was. For these reasons we mostly work in the territory of Novi Sad, but if circumstances require, we make our working territory wider.

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accordion doors
accordion doors Novi Sad
aluminium door window
aluminium joinery
assembly ribbon curtains
awnings Novi Sad
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Beograd, 11000
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Stillmont stands out with its wide range of products, especially high quality of their products with affordable prices, long life guarantee, high quality and professional relationship with clients.

Our policy is based on a simple principle: quality not quantity. That is our endeavor to offer to our customers products that meets the highest quality, safety, comfort and aesthetics with minimal costs.


  • Industrial sectional doors

  • Garage sectional doors

  • Sliding and swing gates

  • PVC joinery

  • Aluminum joinery

  • Aluminum fences and railings

  • Roof and wall thermal panels

  • Other construction tins

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aluminum profiles
plastic chair table door window
pvc carpentry (table chair)
pvc joinery design and installation
PVC profiles
PVC slats
aluminum profiles
plastic chair
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Company Info ::::.
Batajnica,Šangajska 62.
Zemun, 11080
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